She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 179 - We Can Do A DNA Comparison Now!

Chapter 179 - We Can Do A DNA Comparison Now!

Chapter 179 - We Can Do A DNA Comparison Now!

There was actually another reason why Nora had deliberately revealed in Roxanne's live-stream that she wasn't Henry's daughter, and that was—the man who had shared an intimate relationship with her mother back then would surely become suspicious, right?

With the existence of a daughter like her, he would surely give himself away at some point. Therefore, she had been extra vigilant the last few days.

The pain in her shoulder during the collision just now was clearly used to disguise the pain from plucking out her hair. Unfortunately for them, her senses were very keen.

As everyone would know, the hair itself was useless in DNA tests. Rather, the part that was used in DNA tests was the hair follicle attached to the strand of hair.

The young man currently had two strands of her hair carefully pinched between his fingers as if he was afraid of contaminating the hair follicles. Obviously, he was intending to use them in a DNA test.

At her question, he seemed to panic and started to struggle.

Nora looked at his face—he was a plain-looking man whom one might not even notice in a crowd.

Even his age was very strange.

At first glance, he seemed like a 20-year-old college student, but if one were to observe him carefully, he might also pass as a 30-year-old…

In the midst of Nora's thoughts, the man suddenly reached out his other arm and thrust it at her heart with speed and precision!

Nora's eyes widened a little. The man showed no mercy whatsoever in his attack. Had she reacted even just a little slower, she would almost have been stabbed.

Additionally, because she had to let go of him when she was dodging the attack, the man took the opportunity to run. Nora paused for a brief moment before she went after him once more.

Her speed was very fast, but he was even faster. With the dagger in his hand, he yelled, "Get out of the way!"

Some students started to scream while some took out their cell phones and called the police.

Soon, a security officer in the school rushed over. Unfortunately, the man seemed very experienced. He weaved through the swarm of college students that had just left their classrooms when classes ended, and ultimately disappeared.

"Don't move, everyone!" The security officer calmed the terrified students and said, "I've already called the police. The police on patrol nearby will be here soon!"

Nora stood where she was with her gaze lowered.

She'd originally thought that the man was sent by her biological father for the purpose of having a DNA test done, but why did it seem like he was full of hostility toward her?

It was just like it didn't matter even if she was killed.

In that case, it definitely wasn't her biological father.

But if it wasn't her biological father, then who was it?

Nora suddenly thought of how Yvette had instructed her to keep a low profile because if she didn't, it would bring her trouble.

Her eyes flickered.

Soon, the police on patrol nearby arrived. As everyone had seen that the assailant with the dagger was originally intending to kill Nora, the police approached her straightaway.

Nora, however, was surprised when she saw the officer that approached her.

"Captain Ford?"

Morris Ford nodded. Dressed in plain clothes, his big and tall figure made one feel very secure. He had an upright air around him, and his demeanor was solemn and awe-inspiring, making everyone around him subconsciously regard him with profound respect.

His voice was very deep and he was expressionless as he asked, "Do you know who the assailant is, Ms. Smith? Why does he want to kill you? Is there any feud between the two of you?"

Nora cast her eyes down and remarked, "Tasks like patrolling don't seem to suit you very well, Captain Ford."

The police had arrived as soon as the incident happened. It was so fast that it made one wonder if he had been nearby the entire time. Moreover, Morris had a special identity. There was no way he would be carrying out tasks like that.

In that case, there were only two possibilities—either Morris was tracking the assailant from just now, or he was tailing her!

Additionally, the second possibility was likelier because he had simply appeared too quickly.

Nora narrowed her eyes a little. If Morris really was tailing her, then that would make him very impressive, indeed—after all, she hadn't noticed anything despite her keen senses!

Morris, however, didn't exhibit any awkwardness or embarrassment at being discovered. Instead, he said coldly, "As far as I understand, you have been shut away in a room ever since you were a child, Ms. Smith. It doesn't seem like you should be a doctor, either."


His words made Nora choke for a moment there. However, she broke into a smile the next moment and retorted, "Is it against the law for me to be a doctor, Captain Ford?"

"Well, no." Morris didn't make any effort to conceal the fact that he had looked into her background. "After all, you have saved many lives over the years."

Nora shifted the topic to the man from just now. She said, "I don't know who he is, but perhaps Captain Ford does?"

"I do have a clue or two." Morris said, "You'll be in some danger the next few days. I'd advise you to avoid crowded places."

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Isn't it a rather bad idea to let small risks stop us from doing what we have to, Captain Ford? Besides, I have an important operation scheduled tomorrow."

Morris kept quiet for a while before he nodded slightly at her and said, "I will try my best to ensure your safety, Ms. Smith."

"Feel free to do what you have to."

The man's identity wasn't an ordinary one; even if she were to reject their protection, it probably wouldn't work anyway, right?

Nora got up and walked over to her car. Before she got in the car, she looked at him and asked, "Do you want to check the car, Captain Ford? Just in case it's been tampered with."

Morris kept quiet for a moment. Then, he actually really stepped forward and inspected the car from the front, back, left, and right. After that, he said, "It doesn't seem like that man was really after your life, Ms. Smith. What exactly did he do to you just now?"

Nora lowered her gaze when she thought of the man plucking out her hair. However, she intuitively chose to hide the truth. She held her hands up in a shrug and replied, "I don't know, either."

She didn't know whether Morris believed her or not, but he turned and stepped aside.

Nora left the New York University School of Medicine in her car after that.

When she returned to the Andersons', she glanced at the back while she parked the car. It seemed like there were quite a few groups of people following her while she was on the way back.


Quentin Smith felt like he had just encountered the equivalent of the Battle of Waterloo in his career!

He, the great Quentin, a Smith and even the nephew of Ian Smith himself, had always been very reliable when it came to handling shady affairs and dealings. However, he had actually met his downfall at the hands of a little girl this time!

Why was it so difficult to get her DNA sample?

He hadn't rested for a whole 48 hours since he received his mission, causing him to even have dark circles under his eyes now. After much difficulty, he had finally waited until she left her home.

He followed Nora all the way to the New York University School of Medicine and even changed into a student-like outfit, planning to bump into her later and collect some samples along the way.

But unexpectedly, some guy had actually swooped in out of nowhere!

Quentin stared at the fleeing man in anger. There were serious consequences to be had when he got mad!

He stopped following Nora, put on the hood of his black hoodie, and went after the man.

As Nora was afraid that she would accidentally bump into the students, she hadn't gone after the man. However, Quentin happened to be right in the direction in which the man had escaped, so he easily followed after him.

The man was obviously a professional, turning at several corners along the way.

Quentin sneered. When it came to things like tailing someone, he was definitely the number one in New York!

How dare he play such tricks in front of him! He was totally underestimating his abilities!

Quentin, who didn't take his gaze off the man even once, followed him out of the school. At last, when they came to a quiet corner, the man breathed a sigh of relief, and carefully placed the two strands of hairs he had just tugged off Nora's scalp into a plastic bag.

The next moment, Quentin darted over like a hurricane and snatched the hair samples.

At last, he had completed his mission!

They could do the DNA comparison now!