She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 173 - I'm A Female Hooligan

Chapter 173 - I'm A Female Hooligan

Chapter 173 - I'm A Female Hooligan

Nora couldn't be bothered to make any guesses, so she said coldly and mercilessly, "If you're not going to say it, then I'm hanging up."

"Hey, don't! Don't!"

Lily understood her boss very well, so she didn't dare to keep her in suspense anymore. She said, "Anti, you should know that the eight pairs of genes that determine a human being's intelligence are located on the X-chromosome. When I was testing your DNA, I discovered that your eight pairs of genes differ from other people's! No wonder you're so smart!"

Nora, "?"

She'd never once thought that she was smart. She merely found everything rather simple and was able to master anything right away. This led her to feel that life was quite boring. Fortunately, she was in poor health and needed more sleep than others. Otherwise, how bored would she be if she were awake all the time every day?

She yawned. "Is there anything else?"

Lily answered, "You should also know that because the IQ genes are located on the X-chromosome, the reason why you are so smart must be that both your mother and father are also smart!"

Nora stared at the ceiling, her mind already wandering.

As everyone would know, females have two X-chromosomes while males have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. The Y-chromosome comes from the father, which means that a son inherits 100% of his intelligence from his mother.

It was no wonder that Pete was so good in his studies and so smart at such a young age. When she was five, she was still fretting about filling her belly, yet the little fellow had already started to learn how to solve Mathematical Olympiad problems that ordinary people would only learn when they were in middle or high school.

Compared with him, Cherry's case, however, was kind of a long story.

Nora suddenly asked, "Surely Cherry's reluctance to study wasn't inherited from her father, right?"

Lily, "?"

Nora's cell phone suddenly rang at this point—another call had come in. Clearly displayed on the screen was a certain name: Narcissist.

After glancing at it, she said to Lily, "I'll hang up for now."

After ending the call with Lily, she picked up the other call. Justin's low and deep voice reached her from the other end of the call. He said, "I saw the live-stream, Ms. Smith."

He saw it?

Nora raised her eyebrows.

Most wealthy people were particular about their reputation and didn't like live-streams. In addition, Henry had behaved like a shrew and kicked up a huge fuss in someone else's live-stream earlier in the day. People had even started to attack Harmonia Pharmacy in the comments.

If she didn't clarify the truth in front of everyone, Harmonia Pharmacy would definitely have been affected.

That was why she hadn't requested that the reporter shut down her live-stream right away. Instead, she had publicly announced the truth in the live-stream in front of the camera, and in front of all the viewers nationwide.

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Does it have anything to do with you, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin coughed and replied, "Of course it does. After all, you are one of the candidates in consideration for the position of my fiancée."

"?? What?"

Justin slowly spoke again. He said, "Didn't you say you're interested in me, Ms. Smith? I also have a rather good impression of you. Therefore, you are among the candidates in consideration for my fiancée."


Nora fell silent, the corners of her mouth spasming a little.

In order to defend that onerous lie, it was necessary that she continued to cooperate with his narcissism.

Seemingly because she had fallen silent, Justin spoke again. He asked, "Do you want to know who the candidates for my fiancée are?"

"… "

No, she didn't.

Nora took a sip of water from the glass at the table beside her. She was about to speak when the other party—as though afraid that she might misunderstand—said eagerly, "You're the only one."

Nora, "!!!"

"Cough! Cough! Cough!"

His words caused her to choke on the water. Why was she suddenly feeling like his words didn't sound narcissistic anymore but a little like a confession instead?

She put down the glass and held her forehead with her hand a little as she leaned against the headboard. All of a sudden, she felt like she might have accidentally overdone things.

Justin then asked dispassionately, "Do you think 26 years old is too old?"


For the first time, her IQ couldn't keep up with the conversation!

Justin replied, "Getting married at the age of 26, I mean… After all, that leaves us with only less than a year to prepare for it. We should make our wedding a grand one."

Nora suddenly sat up straight. She was utterly astounded!

She swallowed. "Huh?"

"Do you find it too late? But if we hold it at the end of the year, it'll be too rushed…"

The few good wedding locations required advanced bookings.

On top of that, they had to choose an auspicious date, too.

"Stop!" said Nora.

Justin was taken aback. "What's the matter?"

Nora took a sip of water to calm her nerves, feeling as if she was being forced into marriage. She suddenly said, "Actually, I'm a female hooligan."

Justin, "?"

"A great man once said that engaging in romantic relationships without any intention of progressing to marriage is an act of hooliganism."

It was the other party's turn to fall silent this time.

Nora coughed and went on. "Mr. Hunt, I don't think I've ever confessed my feelings to you, right? Do you know why?"


"Because I don't believe in getting married." Nora easily made up a lie. To be honest, it wasn't really a lie, either. Given her trouble-averse character, she liked being alone the most. Free of all constraints and worries, she could sleep for eternity.

Nora went on. "Even though I admire you very much, Mr. Hunt, I don't want to waste your time. I will keep my distance and won't give you any more trouble in the future."

Justin, "…"

Had he failed in his proposal and gotten himself rejected?!

After falling silent for quite a while, he finally said, "Let's talk face-to-face instead, Ms. Smith."

Nora, "?"

"I'm outside the Andersons' now."


Nora had no choice but to get off the bed. She slipped her feet into a pair of slippers and shuffled downstairs. With her cell phone in hand, she glanced at the full-length mirror in the living room before she went out. Although the woman reflected in the mirror was wearing pajamas, and her long hair was loose behind her and looked a little messy, she—in an unusual move—didn't put on a baseball cap but instead neatened her hair a little before she went out.

Justin's black Hummer was parked nearby. He leaned against the car, his big, tall, and slender figure complementing the large Hummer beside him.

Nora slowly walked over. "Why are you here?"

Justin observed her with his deep, bottomless gaze, his heart feeling a little heavy.

She couldn't even be bothered to change before she came out. This showed that she really wasn't interested in him, right?

He cast his eyes down a little disappointedly before he slowly said, "I was worried that you would be unhappy and your mood would be affected by what had happened, so I came over to check on you."

Then, he started to ask for credit. He said, "Henry Smith and his family aren't the only ones behind the incident today. There were also others helping to encourage it. One of them is Miranda Wood; I've already talked to Mr. Wood about it for you. The other one is Tina York, a newly-appointed professor at the New York University School of Medicine. What do you want to do with that woman?"

Tina York?

Why was it her again…

Nora lowered her gaze and replied, "You can leave it to me."


Justin watched as she let out another sleepy yawn—it was already past her usual bedtime. He couldn't bear to see her like this, so he said, "Alright. Why don't you go back for now?"

He turned to leave after he spoke.. However, he then heard the woman ask, "Can I borrow something from you, Mr. Hunt?"