She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 174 - Is Narcissism Hereditary?

Chapter 174 - Is Narcissism Hereditary?

Chapter 174 - Is Narcissism Hereditary?

Justin's gaze suddenly became scorching hot.

He had thought of a set of lines between lovers:

'Can I borrow something from you?'


'So that I can owe you a lifetime.'

Could it be that… that woman was also into things like that?

After all, Cherry was really good at talking…

Justin, whose imagination was running wild, curled the corners of his lips up slightly into a smile. He stood up straight and asked with a smile, "What would you like to borrow?"

"Two strands of hair."

Justin, "???"

He gazed at Nora with a bit of confusion but saw her looking at him seriously instead. She said, "Mm, as a memento, I guess."

Justin, "!"

He stared at the woman in front of him. Suddenly, he bent over a little, placed his hands on his knees, and lowered his head. "Okay. Go ahead and pluck them, then."

The man's actions, when he suddenly lowered his head and came close to her, gave Nora a shock.

Then, she looked at the man's hair.

His shampoo was vanilla-scented, which smelled very refreshing. There wasn't any greasy smell, either. The man's hair texture, like him, was distinct, black, and hard.

Nora stretched out her hand, located a spot where it wouldn't hurt as much, and plucked out two strands of hair.

His hair jabbed her skin a little. When the man's head was lowered, his slightly curved neck and Adam's apple were exceptionally obvious. He looked up slightly—the deep and bottomless look in his eyes, as well as his obedient and docile appearance at the moment, made him look like a little puppy… waiting for its owner to adopt it… Cough. Her imagination was running a little wild.

Nora took a couple of steps back after she was done. She said, "Okay, I'm done."

Justin chuckled. "Do you need some more?"

"Aren't you afraid of going bald?" Nora retorted. Right after she said that though, she felt that the remark sounded too intimate, so she withdrew her gaze again.

Justin slowly stood back up. When he saw her carefully putting the strands of hair into a bag, he seemingly finally understood something.

He let out a low chuckle and said, "In that case… Goodbye, Ms. Smith?"

"Mm. Bye."

Justin only got in the car after he saw Nora turn around and enter the villa. After getting in the car, he felt even more amused.

That woman must be planning to do a DNA test with his hair, right?

After all, her son was with him, so she must want to confirm it one last time.

It looked like she indeed cared a little about his identity as the child's father… This at least showed that she did care about him, right?

After consoling himself a little, Justin turned and left contentedly.

Unbeknownst to him…

Nora went upstairs and called Lily immediately after she entered the villa. When Lily picked up, she said, "I have the children's father's DNA sample here. I'll send his and the children's DNA samples to you later."

"What for? Do you want to check whether they are parent and child?"


It wasn't like Justin was an idiot. If he hadn't already confirmed that Pete was his son, why would he take care of him all the way till now?

It wasn't like he had a hobby of raising other people's kids for them.

It was just that…

A disdainful Nora said, "Check his IQ genes and see if it'll lower Cherry's IQ. After all, my daughter inherited half of her IQ from him!"


"Also, check whether the narcissism gene is hereditary or not."


"By the way," Nora, whose gaze was lowered, her expression calm, and her eyes cool and clear, asked, "Did you immediately destroy all my DNA data after the comparison?"

"Yes, I did!" A resigned Lily said, "Anti, your IQ genes are indeed a bit peculiar, but such mutations exist in ordinary people too. Why must you always keep yourself under wraps so securely? No normal person would check your genes. I suspect that you have a serious case of persecution complex!"

Nora didn't pay any attention to her teasing.

To be honest, she actually also wanted to complain about the whole situation. She wasn't the one with a persecution complex; rather, it was her mother, Yvette! That audio recording was also constantly reminding her to be careful at all times!

Therefore, she would just stay low-profile as much as she could.

Lily then asked, "About the suddenly arranged operation you mentioned, does it need our professional team to go over?"

Surgery wasn't as simple as just making a few cuts with a knife. One must make various preparations before the operation, carefully consider all the situations that might occur during the operation, and come up with corresponding strategies for them.

Generally speaking, assistants who had worked with the chief surgeon for many years would be able to understand the chief surgeon's intentions better.

Lily was Nora's assistant during most of her operations. She was her most capable assistant.

At her question, Nora suddenly thought of something. Her lip corners curled into a smile and she replied, "No, it's fine. I've looked through the medical records that Shaw sent. It's just a minor operation that he can even do himself. It's just that his hands aren't stable enough, that's all."

Operations were a piece of cake for Anti. Seeing her confidence, Lily didn't refute her and she hung up.

At night, Nora mailed Justin's DNA sample out.

When she went to bed, she saw a new text message on her phone. It was from Justin The Narcissist: 'I actually don't believe in getting married, either, Ms. Smith. I was originally very troubled that I couldn't take responsibility for you despite your feelings for me. However, after talking to you and interacting with you earlier this evening, I discovered that you and I coincide in opinion on this. It seems that we both only like to date but not to get married.'

'After my inspection, you have passed my review. From now on, we can start dating.'

Nora, "??"

She couldn't help but wonder if she was reading the messages right!

What kind of messages did that scumbag just send her?

Dating? When did she ever say that she was going to date him?

Nora's lip corners spasmed. She was about to ask when the man sent another message: 'Are you free for lunch at noon tomorrow, girlfriend?'

Nora: 'Girlfriend?'

Justin The Narcissist: 'You were the one who said earlier today that you only want to date and didn't want to get married. I've agreed to it. Since we're dating, then doesn't that make you my girlfriend?'

Nora: "…"

She stared at her cell phone and was silent for a very, very long time. For some reason, when she saw the word 'girlfriend', she actually felt a teeny-weeny bit of sweetness in her heart?

She replied: 'I'm not free tomorrow.'

In four days, she would have to operate on the child that Director Shaw had mentioned. Thus, she needed to get enough sleep for the next three days, and also get all the plans ready.

After sending the message, she lay down, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Pete, who had finished his homework, entered the room quietly and covered her with a quilt. Then, he climbed up the other side of the bed, lay down, and picked up his cell phone.

The little fellow stared at the ceiling. What he was thinking, however, was that he had dance lessons again the next day. When exactly was the tyrant going to send Cherry to the Quinn School of Martial Arts? When exactly would he be able to switch back with her?!

He didn't want to dance anymore!

Also, didn't they say that Mia had already recovered from her allergic reaction? Why was she still not in school yet? If she didn't attend classes again the next day, should he call and ask about her?


A day later at the Smiths.

Joel stared at his subordinate, who was wearing a black hoodie, and asked, "Have you gotten Ms. Smith's DNA sample?"