She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 172 - A Discovery

Chapter 172 - A Discovery

Chapter 172 - A Discovery

Henry had done some illegal business in California over the years. Although he had made a loss in the end, it was a fact that he had broken the law.

Should Wendy really report him, Henry would have to go to jail!

Henry was successfully deterred.

Wendy then said, "We were married for so many years, after all, so I didn't just leave you with nothing. There is a small bag in the left pocket of the suitcase with your ID card and $30,000 in it. You can take that as my way of paying homage to our friendship during all these years."

Henry panicked. He shouted into the phone, "Get off the plane, Wendy! Get off the plane now! I want to see you! You can't just leave me behind!"

His eyes were red, and he suddenly found himself in a total panic.

Never had he thought that he would end up betrayed and abandoned at midlife…

His voice choked as he said into the phone, "Wendy! Wendy, I was wrong. I shouldn't have made those mistakes when I was young. I've really realized how wrong I was. Come back to me! Come back!"

Wendy's voice was very soft but determined. She said, "The plane is about to take off, Henry. Goodbye."

She hung up on him right away after saying that.

Henry stared at his phone and frantically called her back, but all he could hear on the phone was "The person you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later."

Henry then rushed over to the side. Through the windows, he was just in time to see the plane bound for California taking off…

How he wished he could go through the glass and jump right into that plane!

Wendy had taken care of him and taken charge of everything at home all these years. Henry had always thought that the woman loved him.

After all, back when he made the deal with Yvette in his youth, he actually had a girlfriend. However, for the sake of wealth and glory, he had made Wendy wait for him.

Yvette had said that she didn't want someone with a girlfriend because she was afraid that it would set them back in life.

Thus, he had never made any mention of Wendy.

But Wendy didn't want him anymore…

This wasn't just physical abandonment but also spiritual betrayal!

Henry flung himself onto the window and cried his heart out like a child who had lost his way home.

No, he absolutely mustn't let Wendy off just like that. With his ID and bank card in hand, he ran to the counter to buy a ticket for the next flight to California, so that he could go after her.

However, the tickets for the earliest flight were sold out.

While Henry was panicking, someone walked over from the side and asked, "Are you looking for a ticket for the flight that departs in an hour? I have one here."

Henry was taken aback.

The man said, "I've booked one. Let's go online later. If you book the ticket immediately after I cancel it, you'll be able to buy it…"

Wendy had always been the one who booked the flight tickets whenever they went out of the city, so he wasn't clear about details like these. This made him believe what the man said, without thinking twice.

The two went to the bathroom and busied themselves on their phones for a while inside. A hesitant Henry asked, "Does this mean I've successfully booked the ticket?"

However, when he looked up, the man from just now had already disappeared. His ID and bank card had also been stolen.

Henry, "!!"

He left the bathroom in a panic, but he could no longer see where the conman had gone or where he was in the crowd!

Henry was in a total panic.

Not only was he stranded in New York with his money and bank card stolen, but he had even lost his ID! What was he going to do now?! Surely he couldn't beg on the streets, right?!


Outside the airport.

The man who had just conned Henry got rid of his wretched appearance, stood up straight, and made a call. He said, "All done, Boss."

Justin's voice reached him from the other end of the call. "Okay. You're in charge of keeping an eye on him after this. I want him… to wish he were dead instead."

The man shivered all over and silently said a prayer for Henry. He didn't know how that man had offended Boss to make him give such ruthless orders, but he nevertheless answered obediently, "Yes, sir!"

At the Hunts'.

Murderous intent burst forth from Justin's deep, bottomless eyes after he hung up.

During the last few days, through his own investigations as well as from sounding Cherry out, he had roughly gotten an understanding of what had really happened back then. Nora hadn't abandoned Pete—it was Henry Smith who had buried him alive!

He thought back to that day. If he hadn't been afraid when he heard what the other party said; or if he had been just a little more conceited—and felt that he had never bedded any woman, so there was no way he would have any children—and ended up not rushing over… Pete would no longer be in the world now!

Therefore, it was very easy for him to make the decision to kill Henry.

However, that would be letting him off too easily!

Since he had tried to kill his son, he would make him spend the rest of his life in pain and agony!

After putting his cell phone in his pocket, Justin walked out of the room, his footsteps relaxed. Since he had done something good, he had to claim the relevant credit, of course.

For example, he had found out that two people had paid to make the live-stream trend on social media. One of them was Miranda, whom he had already talked to the Woods about.

The other one was at the New York University School of Medicine—Tina York. She was a woman, so he would let that woman decide what to do with her instead!

Of course, there was no need to tell her Henry's fate.

Justin exited the manor's gates and got in the car to go to Nora.

That woman would surely be very sad now, right?

He should go and comfort her a little.

However, as soon as he got in the car, his phone rang again. His subordinate's voice reached him from the other end of the call when he answered.

"Boss, as it turns out, we aren't the only ones whom that Smith fellow had offended! I just saw someone secretly beat him up."

Justin raised his eyebrows. "And then?"

"Heh, they took him away after that. I'm tailing them now. Try guessing who they are?"

"Who are they?"

"The Smiths."

The Smiths?

In all of New York, the ones calling the shots were either the Hunts or the Smiths.

Even Justin would show the Smiths a bit of courtesy on the surface when he was going about things. That was why he hadn't bypassed the Smiths to directly pressure the kindergarten during the Tanya incident back then—that would have been discourteous to the Smiths!

The Smiths didn't have any feud or grievances with Henry, though. Why did they kidnap him?

Could it be that…

Justin didn't say any more.

On the phone, his subordinate asked, "Boss, should I catch up to them and save him? It would be terrible if the Smiths tortured him to death."

Justin stayed silent for a while before he said, "Forget it. We'll show the Smiths some courtesy."

If the situation really was like what he was guessing it was, then he'd better maintain a good relationship with the Smiths!


At the Andersons.

Nora went upstairs lazily after she came back from the police station. However, she simply couldn't get to sleep anymore after lying down on the bed.

What Morris Ford had said in the police station made her frown.

Why exactly had her mother run away from home for no rhyme or reason back then?

She placed her hands behind her head and stared at the ceiling, thinking about how she could hide herself to sleep in peace and quiet… and stay away from all these ridiculous affairs altogether.

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She picked it up and glanced at it. She only chose to answer because she saw that the caller was Lily.

Lily's voice reached her from the other end. "Have you settled all of your domestic affairs, Anti?"

Nora let out a 'yeah'.

Only then did Lily say, "Then I can tell you a piece of news now. Guess what I discovered when I was doing the DNA tests for you?"