She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 162 - She Looks Almost Exactly The Same As Yvette!

Chapter 162 - She Looks Almost Exactly The Same As Yvette!

Chapter 162 - She Looks Almost Exactly The Same As Yvette!

Ian lowered his gaze and looked at the comments again.

When he was young, Yvette's betrayal had caused his entire world to collapse. Later, when Yvette gave birth, he had decided not to ever meet her again for the rest of his life.

He had ignored and paid the matter no heed even when he heard that the Andersons had brought her daughter back home.

He didn't expect to actually see in the live-stream the person whom he had been deliberately avoiding.

He was originally planning to just exit the live-stream after taking a look, but he could no longer do so anymore.

Someone was bullying Yvette's daughter. How could he just sit back and ignore it?

His brows drew together tightly.


At the entrance to the Andersons' villa.

Roxanne and the cameraman were staring at Nora in astonishment.

When Henry was talking about his daughter, he had described her as fat, lazy, and someone who got herself pregnant before marriage. Therefore, they had thought that Ms. Smith must be either a hideous fatty or someone who looked mean and vicious. Unexpectedly, she was instead such a clean-looking young woman.

The girl was tall and slender. Her almond-shaped eyes originally should have made her look docile and well-behaved, but on her, they instead made her look a little cold and distant.

For a while, the cameraman neglected to shift the camera to her.

As soon as Roxanne spoke, a large number of negative comments bombarded the live-stream.

'The woman in question has finally appeared? Quick, show us what she looks like!'

'I'm curious, too! What exactly does the woman who abandoned her father look like?'

'She must be really ugly!'

'I can already imagine how she looks—messy hair, dark circles, and weird clothes! Although you can't judge a book by its cover, sometimes the inside is so bad that their appearance can't get any much better!'


Amid the crowd's persecuting voices, the cameraman finally seemed to realize something, and he raised the camera and aimed it right at Nora's face!

The next moment, a stunning little face, even more beautiful than a celebrity's, appeared in front of over a million viewers watching the live-stream!

For a while, the comments quietened somewhat.

Everyone let out sighs of admiration:

'Has a goddess herself descended into the mortal realm?'

'What the f*ck? Isn't her makeup-less face too gorgeous? Her complexion must be fake, right? If it weren't because the skin condition of the person standing next to her is so obvious, I would really have suspected that she has turned on a max-level filter!'

'Is that Ms. Smith? Oh my god! If I had a daughter like her, I would definitely spoil her to bits!'

'Aaaaahhh, I've been conquered by the little missy's looks!'

Amid the sighs of admiration were also malicious comments:

'What's the use of being so pretty? She's still a callous and heartless person despite her beauty!'

'Exactly! Can you live on just looks? No, you can't!'

'How can that little missy be so vicious? How can she fall out with her father just because he didn't allow her to give birth to a ruffian's kid… Besides, she's so good-looking. Why can't she just find some kind of job? Any would do! Why must she leech off her parents and refuse to work?'


In the hospital, Ian was shocked into a daze.

He stared at the screen in astonishment, at the clear and vivid visage that he could hardly remember even in his dreams…

In the past, he had heard people say that time could heal all wounds.

He hadn't believed it at that time.

But later, he did.

After a separation of more than twenty years, he really had nearly already forgotten how Yvette looked.

However, in this instant, that young woman was as if Yvette had come back to life. He felt as if he had been brought back twenty years in time, and was looking at how she had looked back when they had gone their separate ways!

Even the strong and tenacious spirit she carried was somewhat similar to the one that Yvette had. It was just that hers felt colder as if she didn't possess any emotions, whereas Yvette's felt mostly bold and sassy.

Ian stared at the video avidly. He didn't even dare to blink, lest the person in front of him disappeared while he wasn't paying attention.

As expected, her daughter… really looked like her!

There was no hint of that man at all…

For some reason, Ian actually suddenly felt a little comforted.

At the Andersons.

Nora wasn't aware of the changes in the comments. She was currently looking at Roxanne.

Seemingly because she saw that she wasn't saying anything, Roxanne asked again, "Ms. Smith, you look very cultured and well-educated. Now that things have reached this point, do you really have nothing you'd like to say to your father and stepmother?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. The next moment, the audience watched as she replied detachedly, "I do have one thing I want to say."

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief. She said, "I just knew you'd still have feelings for your parents. After all, one mustn't just ignore their parents' kindness for bringing them up. May I know what you'd like to say to your father?"

Nora's lips curled into a smile as she said, "Stay the hell away from me."


The six words made Roxanne choke, and the ranting and raving in the comments worsened even further.

Roxanne's lip corners spasmed as she said, "There's no greater kindness than the love and care that one receives from their parents when they're growing up, Ms. Smith. You also have a child yourself. Do you also want your child to abandon you when you're old?"

Nora thought about it carefully. Then, she answered, "They can do whatever they want."

Roxanne, "?"

Nora seemed half-amused. She hadn't washed up yet, and she looked a little dopey from having just woken up. Her hair was also a little messy. She didn't look sufficiently exquisite, but it made her give off even more of a careless and sloppy feeling. She added unhurriedly, "I'm not relying on them to provide for me in old age."

Upstairs, Pete, "…"

Far away in the Hunts' family home, Cherry, "…"

Sob! They had been rejected by Mommy!

Roxanne frowned and said, "It's not about the money. It's about spiritual companionship!"

Nora, "?"

She looked at Henry and Wendy. "Oh? So, what you're lacking is just your spiritual needs?"

Henry hurriedly said, "Of course… but the children are still young, so they should try and strive for success now. I can't always take up the children's time, either. Also, your stepmother and I are getting old, so we aren't in good health anymore. We're thinking of having health checkups done, but you and your sister have used up all the money."

Nora laughed. "In the end, aren't you still just demanding money anyway?"

Henry immediately retorted, "This isn't a demand for money! This is something you should be giving me in the first place!"

Practically right after he said that, they heard activity at the entrance again. A moment later, a few policemen walked in. The policeman at the forefront wore a police uniform. His posture was straight, and he looked tough and handsome. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle's. He fixed his gaze on Nora when he entered, his eyes full of scrutiny. Then, he asked unhurriedly, "Did someone make a police report?"

"Yes! I did!" Melissa said as she stepped forward. She pointed at Roxanne and Henry, and said, "These people are trespassing on private property without consent. Please drive them out, sir!"

The policeman leading the team took a look at the situation. After it seemed like he had understood what was going on, he said, "Please leave! If not, we will have to make use of the police's authority!"

Roxanne's brows knitted together—she hadn't expected the Andersons to take such an aggressive approach. She looked at Henry and suggested, "Why don't we come again next time instead…?"

Henry, however, knew that if it would probably still go nowhere the next time if he didn't settle it once and for all today. Thus, he immediately shouted, "Sir, I'd like to make a police report, too! That unfilial daughter of mine refuses to provide for the two of us!"