She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 161 - DNA Paternity Test!!

Chapter 161 - DNA Paternity Test!!

Chapter 161 - DNA Paternity Test!!

Mrs. Anderson's irritation calmed down when she saw how calm and collected Nora was.

She asked, "Do you have a way of dealing with them, Nora?"

Nora nodded. She sat calmly beside her, picked up her cell phone, and checked the time.

Lily should have already received the hair samples by now and was likely doing the DNA comparisons at the moment.

She sent a text message to Lily and told her to send the results immediately after they were out. After sending the message, she exited the chat app and opened Roxanne's live-stream.

The corners of her lips curled upward at once and she started to read the comments in the live-stream with relish.

She laughed as she read. It was as if she wasn't the one being called shameless, materialistic, and a leech.

Mrs. Anderson, "?"

The elderly lady watched the girl sitting in front of her. She was ridiculously calm and collected as if she didn't take the hurtful words on the Internet seriously at all!

Or perhaps it was because that family had hurt her so much since she was a child that she didn't care anymore?

While Mrs. Anderson was thinking about it, she suddenly heard Nora's cell phone ring—Lily had called.

"Anti, the DNA test results are out! The results are pretty surprising!"


Could it be that she was Henry's daughter while Angela wasn't?

Nora raised her eyebrows. Lily said, "I've emailed you the results."


Nora opened her email inbox after she hung up.

She raised her brows when she saw the two DNA paternity test reports.


They were in for a good show later!

She waved her phone at Mrs. Anderson and said leisurely, "I'll go over for a sec, Grandma."

Afraid that she would be attacked, Mrs. Anderson also got up shakily with her walking stick as support and followed behind Nora.

As soon as the two of them went out, they saw Henry and Wendy holding each other's hands like a pair of star-crossed lovers. There were tears in their eyes.

Wendy said, "Back then, Nora's mother never mentioned anything about your family, so we didn't know. After she died, Nora needed someone to take care of her. That's why I married Henry…"

Henry, who had a look of resignation on his face, looked at Wendy and said to Simon, "Simon, I know all of you are treating me this way because you're unhappy that I remarried, but a man like me really can't take care of a baby well by himself… Especially when Nora is so frail and sickly. We still remember that one time when Nora fell ill. Late at night, I piggybacked her and walked for so long in the rain before I finally managed to stop a car and take her to the hospital. Wendy also put aside her own child and went to the hospital. In the end, my second daughter was so hungry at home that she tried to cook something to eat and ended up scalding her thigh…"

Wendy started to cry again. "Yes, I felt especially sad and guilty at that time that I cried for a really long while."

Nora paused in her footsteps.

She let out an icy scoff. Henry's lies simply came so easily. He had gotten the protagonists the other way round, though?

Back then, it was obviously that family of three who went out on a holiday trip and locked her up at home. Although she was only five at that time, she had already become very calm and steady.

When she went to the kitchen to cook some noodles, as the pot was too heavy, her grip was too unsteady and she had dropped it on the floor. She had scalded herself all over that time, and there was still a scar on her inner thigh even now.

That couple sure had a rapport. Would they still be so loving once they knew the DNA test results, though?

She curled her lips and walked out the door.

Roxanne spotted her the instant she came out. She shoved the microphone in her face and said, "Ms. Smith? Are you Ms. Smith? Did you just wake up? Do you have anything to say to your father and stepmother?"


In the study on the second floor of the Andersons' villa.

Pete leaned against the window and looked at the commotion downstairs anxiously.

They were bullying Mommy! It was a shame that he couldn't reveal his face. How he wished he could go downstairs and kick that couple right on their faces!

For the very first time, Pete wished avidly that he could grow up. Once he grew up, he would be able to protect the people he wanted to protect.

He took a video of the commotion downstairs and sent it to Cherry.

In the Hunts' family home.

Cherry, who was playing with her Barbies with Justin, heard her cell phone beep. When she picked it up and took a look, she immediately became furious.

After bullying her elder brother, that grandpa of hers was now bullying Mommy! He was too much!

The little girl went to the bedroom with her cell phone and sent Pete a voice message: "That's the grandpa who threw you away, Pete! Open the window and pour a cup of hot water on him! Pour it all over his face!"

Pete, "??"

At the door, Justin, who was constantly paying attention to her, frowned upon hearing what she said.

He sent a text message to Lawrence and told him to check what was happening to Nora.

Soon, Lawrence sent him the link to a live-stream.

Justin tapped on the link and entered the live-stream. When he saw the contents, he flew into a rage and ordered, "Investigate this! Find out how that live-stream became so popular! Who paid to make it trend?!"

Lawrence replied, "Yes, sir!"


At the same time in the hospital.

Ian had already regained consciousness. However, for safety purposes, the doctor had recommended that he be hospitalized, so he had been staying in the VIP ward all this time.

There were a few pillows behind Ian. He leaned against them comfortably as he held his cell phone and waited quietly for Cherry's live-stream in the evening.

As he had slept too much while he was in a coma, he couldn't get to sleep at the moment and was very bored.

As Cherry hadn't started any live-streams, he kept opening the live-streaming app. In the end, he randomly entered a live-streamer's outdoors live-stream, intending to watch it casually.

There were already more than a million viewers watching the hottest live-stream at the moment.

As soon as he entered the live-stream, he saw Simon and Melissa. Ian's grip on the phone instantly tightened.

Ever since Yvette had abandoned him, he had never met any of the Andersons again.

Simon looked a lot older after so many years. He was no longer the ignorant boy who had run rampant and only knew how to hide behind his eldest sister.

Ian looked at the comments while thinking about it.

There were constantly new viewers entering the live-stream and asking in the comments what was happening. Some kind viewers helped to explain the situation, so Ian quickly understood what was happening.

As it turned out, Yvette's husband had gone over to take his daughter back?

Ian was an astute and farsighted man who understood human nature very well. Through the comments, he had already understood the ins and outs of what was happening a long time ago.

His jaw tensed when he saw Henry.

So, he was the man whom Yvette had married in the end?

He really wasn't very impressive at all!

For the sake of money, he had actually come all the way to his daughter's doorstep and was driving her into a corner like this… If Yvette knew, she would turn in her grave!

The light in Ian's eyes dimmed when he thought of that.

He felt a sharp pain in his heart again.

If… If he had a daughter with Yvette, he would definitely love and cherish her more than life itself, and would never allow anyone to hurt her…