She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 163 - Might She Be His Daughter?

Chapter 163 - Might She Be His Daughter?

Chapter 163 - Might She Be His Daughter?

The police were taken aback when they heard him. They asked, "Who exactly was the one who called the police just now?"

Before Melissa could speak, Wendy started to cry. She said, "Now that you're here, sir, you have to help us! Henry and I are her parents, but she refuses to acknowledge us! The Andersons have robbed us of our daughter!"

The police frowned and looked at the Andersons again. They asked, "What's going on?"

Nora, however, didn't answer them in a timely manner.

She was staring at the policeman heading the team. Dressed in a police uniform, his posture was tall and straight like an upright spear.

Nora felt that he was no simple person.

Although the policemen behind him also conducted themselves very professionally, they felt a lot more laid-back compared to him. The difference was like that of soldiers who had gone through life and death on the battlefield, and soldiers who had been kept in privileged conditions.

The policeman heading the team had a tight jaw and looked exceptionally resolute and determined.

The people behind him followed his lead. Someone said, "Captain Ford, I think these are family affairs. A bit of persuasion should suffice…"

Before he could finish, however, the man addressed as Captain Ford broke into a frown, causing the other policeman to immediately shut up in fright.

At the sight of this, Henry immediately shouted, "Sir, are one's children obligated to provide for their elderly parents?!"

Ford pressed his lips together tightly. He spoke very little, but he nevertheless answered calmly, "Yes, they are."

Henry went on. "In that case, if the children do not carry out their obligation to provide for their elderly parents, am I allowed to make a police report?!"

Ford looked at Nora again. He lowered his gaze and answered, "Yes, you are."

Henry pointed at Nora and said, "She's my daughter, but she refuses to acknowledge us anymore. What should we do about this, sir? Shouldn't she be brought in and ordered to undergo counseling?!"

Ford's lips were pressed tightly together and his tough visage was full of uprightness. He didn't just listen to his one-sided claims and instead looked at Nora. "What do you have to say?"

Nora couldn't help but find the so-called 'Captain Ford' a little strange.

She lowered her gaze dispassionately and replied unhurriedly, "It is only right for children to provide for their parents!"

Henry breathed a sigh of relief when she said that.

From the look of it, she must have finally become scared when she saw the police, right?

Henry let out a contemptuous laugh inwardly.

Wendy also breathed a sigh of relief. This was New York, after all; they had no contacts here. To be honest, she was actually also afraid that the Andersons would use their power to bully them. Thus, she smiled and said, "It's for the best that you see it like that, Nora."

Roxanne also breathed a sigh of relief. She said, "In that case, why don't we have a seat and talk about how Ms. Smith, as their daughter, should provide for her parents? Let's make everything clear today, so that things can be done more conveniently after that."

Melissa and Simon didn't expect Nora to suddenly give in.

They exchanged a look. However, they felt that since this was Nora's choice, they should respect her decision. After all, when it came to things like family ties, those who weren't the actual people involved would never be able to really know for sure how they felt.

Henry was still Nora's father, after all. If she truly couldn't let go of their blood ties, then it couldn't be helped.

Everyone had different ways of thinking. Even though they didn't agree with Nora's decision, they couldn't make the decision on her behalf, either. After thinking through it, Melissa simply said, "If that's the case, then let's talk about it inside."

Since even Nora had given in, then they must also change their attitude accordingly.

Henry and Wendy exchanged a look. Then, they started to walk toward the door. When they reached the door, they couldn't help but look at Melissa and say, "If you'd known this was coming, then why bother being so aggressive and driving us away yesterday?"

The couple's eyes were full of triumph.

However, Nora blocked them at the door the next moment. The corners of her lips curled upward and she said, "The two of you can't go inside."

Henry and Wendy, "?"

Even Roxanne was dumbfounded. she asked, "What is the meaning of this, Ms. Smith? Didn't you just say that it's only right that children provide for their parents? Are you going back on your word so quickly?"

Nora cast her eyes down. She replied, "Children should indeed provide for their parents. However, why should I provide for someone who has no blood ties with me whatsoever?"

As soon as she said that, Henry's eyes abruptly widened in shock.

Wendy was also stunned. She, who obviously didn't know about this, looked at Henry incredulously. "What is Nora talking about, Henry?"

Henry swallowed. He said, "Y-you no-good daughter! How could you tell such a lie just so you can escape providing for us? You really are my daughter!"

Nora kept her gaze down. She didn't waste her breath on him any further. Instead, she opened the electronic DNA test report file on her cell phone and held it up in Henry's face!

Henry, "!!"

He stared at the report in shock. Suddenly, he thought back to the sharp pain he had felt on his scalp when he was leaving the Andersons the previous night… Could it be that…

How could it be, though?!

Why would she have doubts about it?! Yet if she hadn't, was there any normal person who would have a DNA test done?

He absolutely mustn't admit to it, though.

He hastily yelled, "The report is fake! It's definitely fake!"


Nora's lips curled into a smile, and she ignored him. Instead, she looked at Roxanne and said, "Roxanne, you're a reporter, so you must be very knowledgeable and know a lot. You should know of this DNA testing lab, right?"

Z&S was the most well-known DNA testing lab abroad. Its qualifications were beyond doubt because it was Anti's property!

Roxanne looked at Henry immediately when she saw the lab's logo.


In the hospital.

Ian had been watching the live-stream closely the whole time.

When the girl said 'It is only right for children to provide for their parents!', he couldn't help but curl his lip with distaste.

In the end, she was just a daughter that Yvette had with someone else. Even though she looked like her, she wasn't her. She ultimately still had her father's cowardly nature in her and had actually compromised at a time like this.

Ian broke into a frown and decided to exit the live-stream.

However, it was at this moment that Nora said 'Why should I provide for someone who has no blood ties with me whatsoever?'. Thinking that this was Nora's way of dodging the topic, he even admired her cleverness.

After all, by saying that, the focus of the incident would change from a daughter refusing to provide for her elderly parents, to whether she really was their daughter or not.

Like Yvette, she was very sly and crafty.

Ian lowered his gaze. The thought had only just formed in his mind when Nora brandished a DNA test report!

The cameraman aimed the camera right at the cell phone, allowing everyone to see the screen clearly!

Nora Smith… indeed wasn't Henry's daughter!

Ian suddenly sat up straight. His eyes looked as if they were glowing in this instant as he stared hard at the live-stream on his cell phone!

If… If she wasn't Henry's daughter…

Then who did Yvette have her with?!

Could she be…

Ian suddenly flipped open the quilt covering him and made a move to get out of bed. However, the nurse outside the door rushed in and pressed his shoulders down. "What are you doing, Mr. Smith?"

Ian was so agitated that his eyes were turning red and moist.

He said, "Joel! Get Joel!"

The nurse immediately nodded. "Okay, we'll look for him right away. Can you lie back down first, please?"

Ian lay back down.

He stared at the ceiling. There was only one thought in his mind at the moment:

Might she be his daughter?!