She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 153 - I'm Her Father!

Chapter 153 - I'm Her Father!

Chapter 153 - I'm Her Father!

To be able to become a postgraduate student under Anti—and the very first one she had ever accepted at that—Lady Luck must have been practically beaming at them!

Everyone's gazes were fixed on the teacher announcing the results, hoping that he would announce who the lucky fellow was.

For some reason, Angela couldn't help but swallow hard. She turned her head to see Lisa also watching the teacher nervously. At once, she sneered, "What are you looking at him for? It'll never be you anyway!"

Anti had always ignored some of the emails sent to her within the country. Moreover, she only took on two operations a month. How many connections must the accepted candidate have made use of before they finally found her?

In the midst of Angela's thoughts, the teacher announced, "The student is Lisa Black!"

A furor went through all the candidates in the hallway, and everyone looked at Lisa.

Angela also looked at her in disbelief, her eyes slowly widening bigger and bigger. She suddenly grabbed Lisa by the wrist and demanded, "How did you know Anti?"

Lisa shook her head—she was so astounded that she couldn't even speak..

Angela was about to press the subject when someone ran up to Lisa and asked, "Ms. Black, do you know Anti? How did you manage to get them to accept you as their postgraduate student?"

"Oh my god, no wonder Director Shaw didn't accept you. It's because Anti already has their eye on you!"

"Hello, Ms. Black. My name is William Lewis. We're in the same batch of students this year. I hope we'll get along in the future."

More and more people swarmed toward Lisa. Even the staff member couldn't help but walk over and ask, "Ms. Black, do you really know Anti? What do they look like?"

Lisa, "!"

Lisa, who was still reeling from shock, felt as if all these had just fallen into her lap. It was as if she was in a dream where everything in front of her was unreal.

Everyone surrounded her, causing Angela to be pushed back a few steps out of the circle.

Her visage was close to contorting from jealousy as she stood outside the crowd and stared at Lisa, who was within.

How did this happen? How could this happen?!

Why did Anti suddenly select Lisa?

In the midst of her doubt, she heard a gentle voice. "You're Angela Smith, right?"

A dazed Angela turned and saw Tina standing behind her. Tina looked at her with a smile and said, "You'll be doing your postgraduate studies under me from now on. Mm, okay, you're in charge of contacting the rest of the students for now. By the way, I have some forms that have to be filled up. Come with me so that you can take them and distribute them to the others later…"

Although Angela wanted to rush over to Lisa and get the whole story from her, she had no choice but to follow Tina at the moment. The two went to the office building together.

On the way, Tina asked ambiguously, "What's your relationship with Lisa Black?"

Angela balled up her fists. There was hatred in her eyes as she replied bitterly, "She's my cousin."

Tina smiled again. "Oh, in that case, what's your relationship with Nora Smith?"

Angela became even more irritated when she thought of that woman. Didn't she already reach an agreement with Director Shaw to accept her as his student? Why was she suddenly dropped?

She lowered her head and replied vaguely, "She's my elder sister."

"Your elder sister?"

Tina looked at her in surprise. "Isn't she Lisa's elder sister?"

Angela, who sounded a little irritated, snapped, "We both have the last name Smith, so of course she's my sister. Lisa's last name is Black!"

Tina narrowed her eyes. Then, she smiled and said, "Oh, it's because of the admission exercise this time… Those who didn't know better would have thought that she's Lisa's elder sister instead…"

Tina immediately clapped her hand over her mouth at this point as if she had accidentally just said something she shouldn't have.

Angela, who had always been one to come up with all sorts of sneaky little thoughts ever since she was a child, noticed her unusual behavior. She asked anxiously, "What do you mean by that, Ms. York?"

Tina smiled and replied, "Oh, it's nothing…"

The more she refused to say anything, the more curious Angela became. She stepped forward, held Tina's arm, and said, "Ms. York, you can just give it to me straight if there's something you want to say!"

Tina glanced at her and heaved a sigh. "Never mind. Since we look like we'll get along… How about this? Let's go to the office together. I'll slowly tell you everything there."


In the office.

"Did you just say that Nora is able to get in contact with Professor Anti?"

Angela's voice was so shrill that it almost sounded as if it could pierce through the ceiling. She stared at Tina incredulously. "Is that really true, Ms. York?"

Tina raised her eyebrows. "Well, I only saw them together once before…"

Back when Justin got Anti to operate on the elderly Mrs. Hunt—though it was not known through whose connections she had managed to—Nora had also entered the operating room to study and observe the operation.

Even Tina hadn't been allowed to enter…

Later, when she realized that Justin was treating Nora a little differently, she had immediately understood—she must have pestered Justin to let her study Anti's operation back then!

Anti was a legend in the field of medicine, after all. Very few had ever seen her during all these years.

Even when she was peeking at them the other time, she had only seen the few people from Anti's team. She couldn't tell which one among them was the big boss at all…

Angela clenched her fists tightly upon hearing Tina's ambiguous statement.

At the sight of the menacing look on Angela's countenance, Tina cast her eyes down again and let out a sigh. She said, "I'd thought that you were on good terms with your elder sister, but… Well, it makes sense too. Not only did she not introduce Anti to you, but even Director Shaw… I accepted you as my student because I took pity on you. Otherwise, you would have failed the admission exercise!"

Angela's eyes widened at once. "Director Shaw? What does this have to do with him? Is it also because of her that Director Shaw didn't accept me as his student?"

Tina didn't say any more but only gazed at her with pity in her eyes.

Angela was shaking all over. She suddenly screamed, "Nora! Smith!"

She rushed out of the classroom while shouting her name.

Once she was out, she burst into tears and called her parents in California at once.

Henry and Wendy answered the call together. A crying Angela told them that not only did Nora introduce Anti to Lisa, but she even stopped Director Shaw from accepting her as his student. The two of them were livid when they heard what she said.

Wendy sighed and said, "That's too much of Nora… No matter what, Angela is still her younger sister!"

Henry smacked the table and said, "I'm going to book a plane ticket right away! We'll go over and kick up a fuss tonight! What an unfilial daughter! I'm not going to rest until I make her give me a pretty sum of money this time!"

Wendy sighed again. "Is there any use in you going over, Henry? What if Nora ignores us? She has always resented us, sigh!"

Henry sneered, "It'll work! It has to! I'm her father! If she abandons me, I'll sue her! And the Andersons, too! We'll see which one of them is willing to embarrass themselves!"

At the same time, Nora's cell phone rang, and she picked up the call from Lily, who was far away in a foreign country.