She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 154 - Sell It!

Chapter 154 - Sell It!

Chapter 154 - Sell It!

Nora leaned against the window and gazed at the campus scenery outside.

She had never experienced college life before. Neither had she experienced life as part of a community much before. She found the sight of students walking about outside in twos and threes rather novel.

She picked up the call and said softly, "Hello."

Lily's voice reached her through the phone. "I've received the samples. I'll do the DNA test myself. Results will be out in three hours at the earliest."

For international express mail to be delivered the next day, it meant that they had already expedited the delivery process.

Nora said unhurriedly, "Okay."

She hung up and glanced at Lisa, who was still surrounded by people, again. Despite what had happened, the girl remained neither arrogant nor anxious. Her eyes were still as innocent as before.

Nora smiled and turned to go to Director Shaw's office.

Director Shaw was selecting postgraduate students in school today, so he hadn't gone to the hospital. He was about to knock off from work when one of his postgraduate students suddenly said, "Director Shaw, Anti has actually taken a postgraduate student by their own initiative!"

Director Shaw was stunned. "What?"

"It's true! My goodness, Anti was already a professor in name here two years ago. By right, they should have made time to conduct a lesson here, but for two whole years, we didn't even see what they looked like. Yet they've accepted a postgraduate student the moment they appeared? I'm so envious of that student!"

"Sob, would I have stood a chance to be selected by Anti if I had taken the postgraduate entrance examination this year instead?"

While the few of them were talking, Director Shaw coughed and said coldly, "Hah, I see. So, none of you wanted to be my postgraduate students?"

The students, "…"

Director Shaw coughed again. In order to protect his dignity as a department head, he said, "Anti isn't actually that amazing, either. What's mainly impressive about Anti is that they have steady hands! If I had my current level of medical insight when I was their age, I could also do a few perfect operations!"

As soon as he finished bragging, he heard a soft and low voice saying, "Really?"

Director Shaw, "??"

His head whipped around. At the sight of Nora, the corners of his lips couldn't help but spasm.

He hurriedly walked over and asked with a smile, "Why are you here?"

Nora couldn't be bothered to continue the topic just now, so she shuffled toward his office. Director Shaw wisely followed after her. After he closed the door, he asked, "Are you going to hold lectures in the school this year?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "No."

Director Shaw was surprised. "Then that means you're intending to take on projects?"

"… No."

Director Shaw was confused. "Then why did you accept a postgraduate student? How are you going to teach her and impart knowledge to her?"

That was exactly why Nora had come over. Her cat-like eyes looked at him calmly and she said, "Didn't you say that you owe me a favor?"

Director Shaw looked at her, speechless for a moment.

Three years ago, when he was abroad for a medical exchange, Anti had utterly impressed him. He'd also been troubled by something academically related and hadn't had any breakthrough in it for many years. It was Anti who had given him a few random pointers that had given him inspiration.

Director Shaw had stuck to her and refused to let her go ever since. He also insisted on giving her a titular professor position in the school.

Director Shaw said, "So?"

"Guide Lisa for me."

Director Shaw, "…"

He just knew it wouldn't be anything good!

He was actually very busy, so he recruited very few postgraduate students these days. He only accepted a token four or five per year. Additionally, it was mostly his assistants who were giving them lessons on his behalf and helping him to guide the newbies.

Having one more student to teach didn't make any difference, though, so Director Shaw nodded and said, "Okay."

Seeing that he had agreed to her request, Nora stood up and got ready to leave. She was about to walk out of the office when Director Shaw asked, "Why did you accept that young woman? Is it because she's your relative?"

To be honest, if she was going to have him guide her like this, she might as well have just given him a phone call and asked him to accept one more postgraduate student. It'd have been more convenient that way.

Nora, however, lowered her gaze at his question. She suddenly curled her lips into a smile and replied, "No, it's not because of that."

She would never let anyone get in through the back door if their skills weren't up to par.

The reason why she had accepted Lisa was that the research topic she proposed happened to be one that she had been thinking of tackling recently.

Besides, Lisa had pure eyes; people like that were great for academics.

She waved as she walked casually to the door, and said, "She's my postgraduate student. I'm just letting you guide her a little for now."


After leaving Professor Shaw's office, she returned to where she had been just now and found that everyone was still discussing the subject as enthusiastically as before. Lisa had already become their favorite person.

Nora sent a text message to Lisa and asked her to meet her the next day for a talk. Then, she went home.

Having been held back a little today, it was already some time after six by the time she got home.

When she parked the car, she happened to see Logan coming out of the house.

The twenty-year-old boy had a stubborn and untamed look in his eyes. His fair and attractive visage was filled with irritability at the moment. He snapped, "I'll just mortgage the car to you, okay? What are you pressing me so much for?

"That car's original price was 18.5 million dollars. It's not too much of me to lower it to 12.5 million, is it? What? Nine million? What you're doing is no different from kicking me while I'm down, Winston!"

The other side then said something that made Logan so angry that he hung up on them right away.

When he lifted his head, he happened to see Nora. He glared at her, stormed straight into the garage, and drove the ugly poop-yellow sports car out.

Even though he had tried his best to hide it while he was walking, one could vaguely still tell that his sprained ankle from the other time still hadn't recovered…

However, Nora didn't give the matter much thought and entered the house.

Logan bore with the pain in his ankle as he drove, and he made another call.

"Spread the news for me. Aren't a lot of people interested in my Ferrari? I'm willing to sell it…"

The person on the other side sighed and said, "That's not a problem, but what are you going to do about your ankle? You still have another competition. If you also lose that one, you won't have a car to sell anymore!"

Logan clenched his fists.

The few of them were unofficial racers and had set up a sportsbook.

He had been firmly ranked first in the country all these years, but a few days ago, someone had secretly assaulted him… He had broken his ankle in the process.

The doctor had said that he must undergo surgery in order for the bones to heal!

Yet, if he underwent surgery, they couldn't guarantee that he would be able to maintain the same nimbleness in his ankle as before.

The person on the other end said, "You only have two options now. The first is to find the master surgeon Anti to operate on you and treat your injury; otherwise, you won't be able to ever race again! The second is to find the international racer Yanci and get him to race in the competition on your behalf. Otherwise, you'll really be finished this time!"

Neither of the options was achievable.

Logan lowered his gaze. A brief moment later, he took a deep breath and said, "Let's just find a buyer first!"

"… Can you really bear to sell Little Yellow? You usually can't even bear to let me touch the car. It's one of the most notable limited edition sports cars in the world, you know. If you sell it, you may not be able to find another car that suits you in the future even if you have the money!"


Logan stopped the car at the roadside when he heard what the other party said.

He stroked the steering wheel and the seat…

Everything in the car was once what he loved the most. Selling it was no different from cutting the flesh off his body.

But there was no way he could implicate the Andersons in his affairs.

Logan slowly closed his eyes and uttered, "Sell it!"


At the Andersons, Nora sat at the desk after she went upstairs. Her fingers tapped lightly on the desk as she waited for Lily's DNA test results.