She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 152 - The Most Awesome Mentor!

Chapter 152 - The Most Awesome Mentor!

Chapter 152 - The Most Awesome Mentor!

Inside the interview room.

After contacting the professors of each respective specialization, the four examiners would collate the candidates' interview reports, arrange them by the professor they had selected, and then pass the reports to the respective professors. The professors would then pick the candidates they wanted.

Candidates who weren't selected would then be passed to their next choice of mentor and be reallocated, and so on and so forth.

As the newest professor at the New York University School of Medicine, Tina York was one of the examiners today. When she was going to the bathroom halfway through the interviews, she had happened to see Nora with Lisa and Angela. She had immediately narrowed her eyes at the sight.

Angela's interview was already over at that time.

When it was Lisa's turn, she had deliberately asked a few tough questions to make things difficult for her. Sure enough, it had messed up her answers even further..

However, the research topic that Lisa had proposed during her self-introduction had been a refreshing change from the usual.

After she went out, the four examiners had held differing opinions when they were discussing whether or not they should clear her for the interview.

Some of the teachers were more pragmatic. One of them said, "Although the research topic is a relatively unpopular one, her written test results are good, and can completely make up for a shortcoming like that. Besides, we can just discuss with her and have her change her research topic, and it won't be a problem anymore."

Tina, however, sneered, "As a surgeon, meticulousness and calmness are the most important qualities one should possess. But not only did she lose her ID card, but she even lost her admission ticket. Her answers were also rather sloppy when she came in for the interview and felt as though she wasn't prepared. It's obvious that she panicked. Her mental resilience is clearly not up to par!"

The teacher frowned and said, "I happen to feel the exact opposite. She was able to complete the interview and accurately express her thoughts even after so much had happened. You can tell that she's still rather orderly even amid confusion and panic."

Another teacher said, "Yes, I think Mr. Shaw will like her!"

Seeing that all three teachers were speaking in favor of her, Tina cast her eyes down and said, "Then we'll let her pass."

People that passed the interview might not necessarily be admitted to graduate school, either.

After all the interviews were done, Tina was responsible for sending Director Shaw the data of the candidates interested in becoming postgraduate students under him.

She sent Angela Smith's immediately when she came to hers.

She was all form and no function. Even though she spoke boastfully, she had no substance at all. Director Shaw definitely wouldn't be interested. Besides, she had said just now that she had already contacted Director Shaw. In that case, he would definitely inquire about her if he didn't see her information anyway.

Lisa Black, though…

Tina lifted her head and glanced at the other three teachers—she could hold her data back for a few minutes.

When Director Shaw replied with his candidate choices, Tina finally feigned surprise and said, "Director Shaw, there's still another candidate here. Here, have a look…"

However, Director Shaw said, "The ones I've selected are candidates whom I've already spoken with. The one you're talking about probably didn't approach me beforehand, right? I won't take them in, then."

This was what it was like in postgraduate entrance examinations. One must definitely touch base with popular professors in advance. Otherwise, they would easily be cast aside.

Tina looked at Angela's data that had been rejected, and then at Lisa's that she didn't even submit, and the corners of her lips curled upward.

Her gaze fell on Angela's again. She thought of what she had secretly just dissed her about…


Outside, Nora, who had finished her work, slowly walked over.

The door opened practically at the moment she reached the entrance. Then, someone came out to announce the interview results.

"William Lewis, Dr. Sullivan has accepted your application…"

"That's great!"

A young man jumped to his feet excitedly.

Some rejoiced and others grieved after that.

After nearly half of the candidates' names were called out, Lisa clenched her fists even tighter and craned her neck nervously to look inside.

Next to her, Angela sneered, "It won't be of any use even if you stick your neck right in!"

At this point, someone came out with Director Shaw's student admission list. "Next up is the admission list for those applying for Dr. Shaw as a mentor. There are five successful candidates in total. They are…"

Director Shaw!

Angela sat up straight and looked over cheerfully.

After leisurely reading out four names, the teacher smiled and said, "There's one last one."

Angela smiled triumphantly.

Lisa lowered her head in disappointment.

Director Shaw was the only one who would be interested in her research topic. She had gone out on a limb on this and was hoping that the research topic would attract Director Shaw's attention. It seemed like a lost cause now, though.

At the sight of her hanging her head, Angela's lip corners curled upward and she patted her shoulder. She said, "It's okay. I'll show you my notes when I attend Director Shaw's classes in the future. I can teach you everything you want to lear—"

At this point, the teacher announced, "The last candidate is… Zack Lee!"

Angela jumped to her feet and looked at the teacher excitedly, but right after that, she suddenly realized something didn't seem right?

Her eyes widened in shock and she looked at the teacher in disbelief. Her voice was shrill as she asked in surprise, "Who did you say it is? Did you get it wrong?"

A young man suddenly stood up. "It's me! Hahaha, when I sent Director Shaw an email, his reply only contained the word 'Received'. I'd thought he didn't notice me, but…"

During his excitement, the teacher looked at Angela and said, "By the way, I've allocated all the candidates who weren't selected but are eligible for reallocation to Professor York. She's a new teacher and full of drive. I'll announce her list of students now… Angela Smith… Clara Lopez…"

Angela didn't expect to hear her name there.

It was Director Shaw whom she had wanted! Not Tina York or whoever she was! How famous could a newcomer get in the industry?

"It's pretty good to be under Professor York, too, Angela."

In the midst of her fury, Lisa's comforting words reached her ears. She turned over. When she saw Lisa's small and pale face, she suddenly vented all her anger on her. "Of course, it's pretty good. At least I was accepted, but you didn't even pass!"

Lisa turned even paler.

Angela blasted Lisa with ruthless words again and again as though she was venting her frustrations. "I was mistaken; not just any random Tom, Dick, or Harry can become Director Shaw's postgraduate student, yet you still applied for him as a mentor. You sure think really highly of yourself!

"You're too ambitious for your own good, Lisa! Why don't you take a good look at your capabilities instead? There are fewer than ten people who failed the interview today! Why are you so stupid?"

Around them, the candidates who had been admitted into the university looked at Lisa with pity, making her wish she could bury herself in a hole…

Nora's sharp gaze flickered as she stood in the distance and listened to what Angela was saying.

Suddenly, the corners of her lips curled upward and she put down her cell phone. The email that she had just sent was still on the screen.

Almost instantly after she sent the email, the teacher announcing the results suddenly exclaimed, "Wait a minute! There's one more candidate who has been accepted!"

Tina was taken aback when she heard what he said. She asked, "Who accepted the candidate?"

The teacher was so excited that he almost couldn't speak clearly anymore. He replied, "It's Anti! This is the first time Anti has accepted a postgraduate student in the university!"

As soon as the name Anti was mentioned, the entire hallway fell into silence. All the candidates looked at the teacher who was speaking.

Someone asked, "Who is it?"