She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 151 - The Admission Results Are Out!

Chapter 151 - The Admission Results Are Out!

Chapter 151 - The Admission Results Are Out!

The black all-terrain vehicle was big and bad-ass, and looked especially conspicuous parked there.

However, what was even more eye-catching than the vehicle was the person casually leaning against it as she used her cell phone with her head down.

Nora, who was fully dressed in black, leaned lazily against the car as she busied herself with her affairs abroad. She was completely unaware that she had become a sight to behold.

Students coming and going, as well as passers-by walking past the university gates, found their gazes glued to her.

Fair-skinned, tall, slender, and curvy, people couldn't help but turn their heads.

Lisa was also a little surprised to see her. She called out, "Nora?"

Upon hearing her voice, Nora finally lifted her head lazily. Her cat-like eyes stared at Lisa's red and swollen eyes first.. She leisurely finished what she was typing on the phone, sent it out, and finally asked hesitantly, "What's wrong?"

The two words, however, made Lisa feel as if she was an aggrieved child who had finally found her parents.

She could no longer control her emotions. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she said, "I… I lost my ID card and admission ticket, Nora!"

Nora, "?"

She had come over to take a look because Lisa was having an interview today. She hadn't expected such a situation at all.

She had been abroad all these years, so she didn't know much about how Lisa did in school.

She'd originally wanted to have her be admitted into graduate school on her own, but she hadn't expected her to run into trouble. Since she had lost both her ID card and admission ticket, this was undoubtedly not just an accident.

Lisa looked totally deflated after she said that. She hung her head and her shoulders slumped downward. Before she came to New York, her mother had told her not to give Nora any trouble. Thus, she had put up with everything all this time.

However, she couldn't help it anymore. She wanted to ask Nora for help. Not to help her get in through the back door, though; rather, she wanted her to help her fight for a chance to attend the interview.

But before she could say that, Nora walked over. As she passed her by, she said, "Come with me."

Those three coolly-uttered words, however, made Lisa's eyes redden.

She lowered her head and followed Nora.

Angela frowned. "What are you doing, Nora? The staff member has already refused to let her attend the interview. Are you intending to get in through the back door? It's not gonna work!"

Nora rubbed her ears and uttered in annoyance, "You're so noisy."

Angela, "…"

She flushed and said, "You—"

Nora suddenly looked at her frostily. "If you don't shut up, I'll make it such that you can't speak ever again."

Her eyes were cold and menacing, and tinged with impatience when she spoke. However, her slight display of irritability was actually because she hadn't gotten enough sleep.

Angela, however, didn't dare to say any more and shut up for real.

She followed behind them unwillingly and the few of them returned to the interview site.

On the way there, Nora took out her cell phone and tapped on it a few times. When they arrived at the interview site, Angela couldn't stop herself from muttering, "Isn't it a bad idea to trouble Director Shaw for something as trivial as this, Nora? Director Shaw's not going to take me as his student if you do that. You should just use whatever conveniences the Andersons' name can get you on getting me admitted into the school instead! …"

The staff member, who recognized them, stopped them resignedly. "Please show me your ID card and admission ticket."

Angela lowered her voice and said, "I told you it won't work, yet you guys simply have to insist on trying. Now that we can't get in, it's going to be so embarrassing. You…"

At this point, Nora took out her cell phone and showed the screen to the staff member.

At the sight of whatever he saw, the staff member was instantly in awe.

His attitude became much more respectful and he asked, "Is there something that requires you to come over in person?"

Nora took back the phone.

What she had shown the staff member just now was her position as an honorary professor in the university. The titular position was actually pretty useful.

What Nora didn't know was that this would never work in other professors' cases. However, Anti had already become a legend to any medical student a long time ago!

The staff member in charge of maintaining order here was also a teacher in the school, so he naturally knew of her.

Nora pointed at Lisa. "Can an e-ID card act as proof of her identity?"

The staff member immediately replied, "I'll go and consult the higher-ups."


The three of them continued standing there in the meantime. A frowning Angela couldn't help asking, "What did you just show the staff member just now?"

"… Nothing much," replied Nora.

Angela shut her mouth huffily.

She reckoned that it was probably a business card or something from Director Shaw. As expected, the Andersons were in contact with him. After all, Director Shaw was the only one in the entire medical university that staff members would treat so respectfully!

Nora couldn't be bothered about her, but she was surprisingly quite attentive toward that little dimwit.

Five minutes later, the staff member returned and said, "You can go in for the interview now!"

Lisa entered the interview room.

Angela leaned toward Nora, who was leaning against the wall outside, and said mockingly in a low voice, "It's still useless even if you help her. Do you know that she actually wants to focus her research on cranial nerve damage reparation? Are there even any surgeons who would do that? Most people with brain issues are already at risk of death; who would care about insignificant problems like that? Besides, I've already done my homework—very few people focus on that in the States. Director Shaw once wrote a paper on it, but unfortunately, it didn't get anywhere in the end…"

Nora raised an eyebrow.

She had never thought that Lisa's research would focus on that.

A contemplative look flashed across her eyes.

The interview didn't take long. Lisa walked out of the room about ten minutes later. She had a rather awful look on her face.

She had been in a panic after she lost her admission ticket and ID card. To make matters worse, the examiners' questions during the interview just now had made her even more flustered, so she felt that she hadn't answered well.

Angela looked at her smugly. "I told you not to attend the interview, yet you just had to insist. Aren't you embarrassed now?"

Lisa didn't say anything. She heaved a huge sigh instead.

Medical university interview results were usually announced on the same day, so the two of them didn't leave after the interviews. They continued to sit outside instead.

The wait was boring Nora, so she said, "I'll come back in the afternoon."

Lisa nodded.

Angela pursed her lips and looked at Lisa. "Go and buy something for me to eat at noon. You definitely won't pass anyway, so you're not that anxious about it, right? I have nothing to worry about, either. After all, Director Shaw and I have already reached an agreement…"

Her mention of Director Shaw made the examinees around them look over with envy.

Upon becoming the object of everyone's envy, Angela lifted her chin smugly.

Mutual selection between candidates and professors was allowed in postgraduate studies applications. This wasn't considered rigging—after all, everyone did it.

However, people nevertheless still found those who could contact Director Shaw and reach an agreement with him—impressive.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, all the candidates finished their interviews.

Another half an hour later, the final admission results were released!