She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 150 - The Familiar-Looking Jeep

Chapter 150 - The Familiar-Looking Jeep

Chapter 150 - The Familiar-Looking Jeep

Both of them had received interview notices.

To apply to become a postgraduate student, one had to pass a preliminary exam and then an interview. Before the interview, they should also make contact with their tutors, so that they would pass the interview more easily.

If Director Shaw and Angela had really hit it off, with Director Shaw escorting her, the interview would just be a procedure.

Therefore, Angela wasn't nervous at all.

Lisa also breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at the interview notice. Their interviews were on the same day, and results would basically be out shortly after the interviews.

Once she passed the interview, she would be able to stay in New York and intern at a hospital. However, Lisa wasn't intending to leave even if she didn't clear the interview.

New York had one of the highest standards of medical care in the country. The city also had the most advanced equipment here, so she wanted to stay and learn more.

While she was mulling over it, Angela suddenly looked at her. She walked over and said, "I want to use the desk for a while."

Lisa, "?"

Her brows drew together as she stared at Angela whose arms were outstretched, but she still stepped aside in the end and went to the sofa with her books in her arms.

The sofa in the five-star hotel room was very narrow, so she couldn't move at all whenever she was sleeping on it. After the last few days, her back was already sore and aching. She leaned against the dining table and continued to read.

She had only just taken a couple of glances when she heard loud voices.

Angela had turned on her cell phone and was watching a variety TV show on it.

She had turned the audio very loud and was also guffawing. It was so noisy that she couldn't read at all. Lisa took a deep breath, put on her earphones, and continued reading.

At nine o'clock in the evening.

When Lisa stepped away from the table, Angela switched off the lights in the room.

Lisa panicked. "I'm still studying my materials about patients with severe head injuries. I'm planning to go in that direction tomorrow for the interview. Why are you switching off the lights?"

Angela raised her eyebrows and said, "What does your interview have to do with me? I'm going to sleep. You'll only have the energy to go through the interview after a good night's sleep!"

She laid down on the bed after that.

Lisa, "!!"

She took a deep breath and went to the bathroom angrily with her books. She turned on a dim lamp, sat on the toilet bowl, and continued her studies of the subject.

In the room, Angela was resting on the bed. As she was used to staying up, she couldn't sleep, either, so she started using her cell phone instead.

Wendy sent her a text message: 'How's Lisa?'

Angela replied: 'She's okay, I suppose, but I don't want her to pass. It'll make me look bad if word gets out that she also passed.'

Wendy wrote: 'Isn't that easy? You can just hide her admission ticket.'

Her words made Angela's eyes light up.

She sat up from the bed and secretly peeked into the bathroom.

She wasn't actually the highest scorer in the California University of Medicine for the postgraduate written entrance examination this time. The highest scorer was Lisa.

She had never expected that little bitch to outshine her.

Therefore, she mustn't give her the opportunity to attend the interview.

Especially when… Angela had discovered that Lisa had also filled in Director Shaw's name in the Preferred Mentor field when she took a look at her application form earlier that day.

Didn't that make her a competitor, then?

Director Shaw only accepted four to five postgraduate students a year. Every spot taken was a spot gone!

Angela got off the bed and quietly went over to Lisa's schoolbag. She rummaged through it, took out her ID card and her admission ticket, wrapped them up, and hid them in her own bag.

That evening, Lisa made sufficient preparations for her interview the next day.

By the time she went to sleep on the sofa, it was already one o'clock in the morning. She rested on the sofa and slept until the sun was up.

After waking up, she hurriedly washed up. Then, she picked up her bag that she had already packed a long time ago, and went out with Angela.

The hotel was very close to the university, so it only took them ten minutes to walk there.

After entering the university, they went to the interview venue.

Angela took out her admission ticket and ID card and waited to be called in for the interview. The interview included a self-introduction and a self-evaluation.

While she was silently reciting her self-introduction to herself, Lisa suddenly stood up. "Where's my ID card? And my admission ticket? Have you seen them, Angela?"

Angela pursed her lips and retorted arrogantly, "Why are you asking me about your missing ID card? It's not like I stole it!"

"That's not what I mean…" Lisa was in such a panic that she was about to burst into tears. She rummaged through her bag again but still couldn't find her ID card. Finally, she said, "Give me the hotel's key card, Angela. I'm going back to look for it."

Angela raised her eyebrows and handed her the key card.

Lisa took the key card and ran to the hotel anxiously.

After she ran off, Angela suddenly stood up and went to the bathroom. Then, she took out Lisa's admission ticket and ID card from her pocket and tossed them into the trash can.

When she was done, she left the bathroom feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Soon, it was her turn for the interview.

Angela entered the room, only to realize that Director Shaw wasn't among the four interviewers today. Well, that made sense. After all, why would a doctor of Director Shaw's level attend interviews like this?

Angela nevertheless sat down obediently. When asked if she had a preferred mentor, Angela smiled and replied, "Yes, I've already talked to Director Shaw."

Everyone present could tell what she was implying.

Interviews were generally simple and easy to clear. Although Angela's answers weren't satisfactory, the four teachers still cleared her in the end.

When Angela came out of the room, she happened to see an out-of-breath Lisa running back from the hotel.

She was talking to the person in charge of the interview. She said, "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, but this interview really means a lot to me. Can you allow me to go for the interview first?"

The staff member sighed and replied, "If you had lost just the admission ticket, I could still have used your ID card to print one at the last minute for you. But since you've lost even that, I can't help you. Please don't make things difficult for me, miss… You can still try again next year…"

Lisa's eyes were all red. "But that means I would've wasted a whole year. Please, mister, can you help me ask the higher-ups if they can make an exception? I really like this school. I came all the way from California to New York for this…"

At the sight of her crying so pitifully, the staff member relented. Just as he was about to say something, Angela walked over and said bitchily, "Lisa, the most important quality a doctor should possess is meticulousness. What are you making a fuss here for when you can't even keep your admission ticket and ID card with you properly for an exam? Will you also only realize that you've forgotten your scalpel when you're already at the operating table?"

Her words made the staff member harden his heart again.

Angela grabbed Lisa's arm and dragged her away. "Stop embarrassing yourself here and come with me instead!"

A despondent Lisa followed behind her. However, when she walked to the entrance, she suddenly noticed a familiar-looking jeep parked there…