She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 149 - The Interview Notice

Chapter 149 - The Interview Notice

Chapter 149 - The Interview Notice

Anti: 'I don't know who that is.'

Director Shaw, "?"

It suddenly occurred to him that even though the two of them had spoken to each other downstairs, if Angela really was Anti's younger sister, why would she choose to apply to be a postgraduate student under him rather than at Professor Anti's?

Anti was a neurosurgery professor at the New York University School of Medicine by the school's invitation. Many people were aware of this. During the last two years, there was no lack of people applying to become her postgraduate students. However, as Anti was out of the country, she had never accepted any of them.

But she had returned to the States this year!

At the very worst, she could have brought her sister with her instead!

This showed that her relationship with her younger sister must not be that great.

The shrewd Director Shaw immediately caught all these little details very sensitively, and he breathed a sigh of relief at once. It was fortunate that he had made the effort to bring it up and prevented his plan from backfiring on itself!

This was exactly why people shouldn't just do things for someone else's sake without saying anything about it. Without asking the other party about it, how would one know whether or not they truly needed it?

Nora had just sent the strands of hair, whose follicles were intact, and her own hair samples abroad a moment ago.

She called Lily, her assistant, and instructed, "Go to the most professional DNA testing lab and give me the results as soon as possible."

A puzzled Lily asked, "Why don't you do it in the States instead, Anti?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Because it's easy for others to falsify results here."


Lily fell silent—she actually found herself rendered speechless. A moment later, she said, "I strongly feel that you have a persecution complex. You've been hiding your identity for so many years because you're supposedly in mortal danger, but I've never seen anyone wanting to kill you."

Nora chuckled and replied, "Yeah, maybe you're right. Just get it done for me, though."

She didn't dare to let her guard down even after she hung up, however.

Her mother, Yvette Anderson, had told her to stay mediocre and avoid being too outstanding. If not, it would get her killed!

She still didn't know where exactly the danger would come from. However, she was no longer the same woman with a devil-may-care attitude from a few years ago, either.

She had two children now.

One would never go wrong being a little more careful.

After couriering the package, she drove leisurely to the kindergarten to pick up Pete from school.

Tanya was in a bad mood that day, so she had taken a day off and hadn't gone to the kindergarten. As a result, she had to pick up Pete from school before she could go to bed. If only Pete could drive home by himself!

She let out a yawn while thinking about it.

At the same time, a surly-looking Pete stood at the entrance of the kindergarten with his schoolbag. After his repeated protests, Mommy had finally allowed him to wear trousers instead today.

After all!

There were also other little girls in the kindergarten who wore the trouser version of the school uniform.

While he was waiting in boredom, Nora finally arrived.

After the little fellow got into the backseat and fastened his seatbelt, he heaved a silent sigh and asked, "Can I stop going to school, Mommy?"

Nora turned the car around and asked, "Why?"

Pete complained, "The kids in the kindergarten are too childish!"

Through the rearview mirror, Nora could see her son frowning helplessly. She asked curiously, "What happened?"

Pete replied, "The teacher told us the story about the tortoise and the hare today. Then, they asked us whether we wanted to be a tortoise or a hare."

Nora chuckled and asked, "And then?"

Pete replied, "… Why do the kids want to be hares instead of the humans that they are?"


Then, Pete lowered his head again and went on. "Also, Brandon drank a girl's yogurt drink today. The girl also drank it after that. Then, she became very scared and said that her mom and dad had told her that she would get pregnant if she kissed a boy. So, she asked what she should do if she became pregnant?"

Nora was no longer sleepy at this point. She asked, "And then?"

Pete sighed. "Brandon patted his chest and told her not to worry. He said that she can just give birth to the baby if she really becomes pregnant. After that, the three of them can attend kindergarten together!"


Pete looked at Nora. "Sharing a yogurt drink won't make anyone pregnant—you have to sleep together for that to happen. They are so ignorant!"

Nora, "…"

She held her laughter back and instead said approvingly, "I find Brandon quite a responsible boy, though. The Smiths have taught their children pretty well."

Pete, "?"

Was Mommy actually praising Brandon, that simple-minded boy who had almost castrated himself?

He pursed his lips and said, "I will also be a very responsible boy."

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Oh? Is there a kid you like?"

Pete tilted his head and answered seriously, "Yes!"


Unexpectedly, that stubborn block of wood, who was just like his father, actually had someone he liked?

But as soon as Nora thought so, he said, "I like Cherry."


Nora's lip corners spasmed a little. "What about people aside from Cherry? Do you have any friends you like?"

Pete was mildly autistic, so Nora had to slowly bring him out of it and encourage him to become more cheerful. Besides, since she was driving and couldn't sleep, she might as well tease him a little.

Pete originally wanted to shake his head, but a timid little figure suddenly surfaced in his mind.

He asked, "Mommy, what will happen if someone who's allergic to mangoes eats it?"

Cherry had told him that Mommy's medical skills were the best in the world.

Nora replied, "They'll be fine if they are sent to the hospital for treatment in time."

In that case, why didn't Mia come to school today?

However, he wondered about it for only a moment before he tossed the thought to the back of his mind.

When they reached the Andersons, Pete got out of the car by himself and waited obediently for Nora.

As for Nora, she saw a text message from Justin when she picked up her cell phone: 'How about visiting my son again this evening, Ms. Smith?'

Nora, "?"

Cherry was just having mild stomach flu. With the pills that she had fed her, she must be full of energy at the moment. Yet she was still in the hospital?

Weren't they going to go home?

The corners of her lips spasmed a little and she replied: 'He should be fine by now.'

After replying to the message, she brought Pete with her and entered the house.

In the hotel next to the New York University School of Medicine.

Angela had only booked one room, and it was a double-bed room at that. The bed could obviously fit two, but she cooked up an excuse that she wasn't used to sleeping with someone else on the same bed, and forced Lisa to sleep on the sofa instead.

After happily having a big feast, Angela was currently painting her nails with a mask sheet on her face and doing her skincare routine. In contrast, Lisa was bent over the desk and studying.

The interview was just a few days away. She wanted to do well in it.

When Angela finished painting her nails, she stretched out her arms and leaned back against the bed while sitting upright. At the sight of what Lisa was doing, she couldn't help but laugh. "What's the use of working so hard? Which professor are you applying for?"

Lisa ignored her.

Angela went on. "Is it Tina York? Not only did she just become a professor this year, but she's also young, so she's definitely inexperienced. But given your grades, you'll be doing pretty well if you can become a postgraduate student under her! At least you'll still be a postgraduate student at the New York University School of Medicine. It'll be easier for you to find a job in the future."

Right after she said that, their cell phones suddenly beeped at the same time—the interview notices had arrived!

A beaming Angela picked up her cell phone and opened the text message.