She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 148 - Yes, I'm Bullying You. So What?

Chapter 148 - Yes, I'm Bullying You. So What?

Chapter 148 - Yes, I'm Bullying You. So What?

Angela immediately held her hand over her head in pain and took a step back. "What are you doing, Nora?!"

While Angela was still in shock, Nora quickly put the strands of hair into a plastic bag. After putting it in her pocket, she raised her eyebrows and replied, "I didn't do anything."

Angela said angrily, "You obviously hurt me just now! You're bullying me!"

Impatience flashed across Nora's eyes. "Yes, I'm bullying you. So?"

So? So, what?

Angela had never been able to beat her sister in fights. When they were children, she was fat and strong. However, after they grew up, she had beaten her up whenever she saw her because she really wanted to.

She took a step back with her eyes all red.. "I'm going to tell Dad! Don't be so smug just yet, Nora!"

Nora waved nonchalantly and turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Angela panicked again when she saw her leaving. "Dad told you to take me to Director Shaw so that we can talk about my postgraduate studies application! Didn't you hear what he said?"

Nora, however, got into her car and drove off as if she really hadn't heard about it.

This time, Angela didn't dare to stand in her path.

Forced to helplessly watch as she left, Angela stamped her foot in anger.

She looked at the office building again. She wanted to go in but was stopped again. She was so mad that she immediately blamed it on Lisa. She snapped, "Why didn't you stop her just now?"

Lisa kept her head down and said nothing. However, her delicate brows knitted together.

Angela became angrier at the sight of her reaction. "You're such bad luck. Whom are you trying to show that long face you're pulling every day? C'mon, let's go. Are you just going to continue standing there and embarrass yourself?"

Lisa sighed and followed behind Angela. When the two were about to leave, they suddenly heard a voice coming from behind them.

"The two of you, please wait a moment! Director Shaw is asking you to go upstairs."


Director Shaw was astonished when he saw through the windows that the big boss had returned in her very wild-looking jeep.

Then, he saw her saying a few words to the two girls downstairs before she left again. At once, Director Shaw couldn't sit still anymore.

Anti was an internationally-renowned master surgeon. She had done him a huge favor when she agreed to perform the operation, so he was currently troubling over how he could return the favor.

That was why he had hurriedly told his assistant to invite the two of them upstairs.

The usually stern and serious man was currently looking at Lisa and Angela with a big smile. He asked, "How are the two of you related to An… I mean, Ms. Smith?"

How they were related?

Angela's eyes lit up.

In Angela's opinion, Nora must have met Director Shaw through the Andersons. She immediately smiled and replied, "I'm her younger sister!"

Sure enough, Director Shaw became more kindly. "Her younger sister? Are you a medical university student?"

Angela quickly shook her head. "No, I'm not, Director Shaw. I finished my undergraduate studies at the California University of Medicine. These are my exam results. I came to New York because I'm planning to apply as a postgraduate student under your tutelage this year."

She was planning to apply as a postgraduate student under him?

Director Shaw became even happier. He picked up Angela's results and took a couple of glances.

Angela's grades were very solid, and she was always among the top scorers every year. Otherwise, Henry and Wendy wouldn't have treated her like a precious treasure. Neither would the Grays have agreed to her becoming Anthony's fiancée instead of Nora, either.

Director Shaw praised, "Your grades are very good! How are your written exam results in the postgraduate entrance exams?"

Angela became even more excited at once. She replied, "I've passed the exam, so I'm waiting for the interview notice now!"

"Okay, I'll keep you in mind!"

Director Shaw then looked at Lisa. "You're…"

Before he could finish, Angela stepped in front of her and said, "She's my classmate who accompanied me here. Director Shaw, if you can give me a chance, my sister and the Andersons will definitely repay you for your kindness."

Repay him for his kindness?

A horrified Director Shaw replied, "Not at all, not at all."

Anti needed only to say the word and he would take in as many postgraduate students as she wanted him to!

Angela's eyes flickered when she heard what he said. She couldn't help feeling like the Andersons' social status was even higher than she had imagined… She smiled and said, "Director Shaw, if there's nothing else, we'll leave for now?"

Director Shaw nodded. "Sure. You can go home and wait for the interview notice!"

After that, Angela led Lisa out after glaring at her.

As soon as they exited, Angela, at the sight of Lisa dilly-dallying, sneered, "What are you moving so slowly for? Are you planning to ask me to introduce you to Director Shaw? Hah, weren't you behaving pretty loftily just now? Didn't you say that people shouldn't use such connections for their benefit?"

When she was calling Henry just now, Lisa had tried to persuade her against it. She had said, "Let's work hard on our own instead, Angela. Let's not give Nora any trouble… Besides, one should apply for postgraduate studies based on their own merit, after all…"

Lisa lowered her head upon hearing what Angela said. She said, "Y-you said that you're Nora's younger sister just now. It's not very nice to use the Andersons' name without their permission, is it?"

Angela immediately looked at her. "I'm Nora's biological younger sister. What's the big deal even if I make use of her? However, you're just a cousin, so of course, you can't do the same!"

She picked up her cell phone excitedly at this point. When she did, she happened to see someone on Facebook at-mentioning her and asking her how the exam went, how her interview was going, and whether she was confident or not.

Angela hadn't mentioned anything at all prior to this. After all, when Anti had exposed her lie in front of everyone back in California the other time, the school had punished her and left a blemish on her record. They had also canceled her eligibility to receive recommendations during postgraduate studies applications.

However, she could finally hold her head up high and brag on her social media now. She wrote: 'Director Shaw said that my grades are very good when we met just now. He wants me as his postgraduate student very much.'

A furor went through her social circle at once.

'Director Shaw? Is it the same Director Shaw I'm thinking of? F*ck!'

'Angela is just so impressive! She was already a hotshot when she was in school. Now that she's in New York, she's become a hotshot again! Dear Ms. Smith, please don't forget your old classmates when you make it big in the future!'

Everyone showered Angela with compliments, making her feel as if she was on cloud nine.

Lisa was the only one standing there and looking at her hesitantly as she thought, 'I think Director Shaw told her to wait for an interview notice just now rather than an enrollment notice, right…? But if I remind her about it, she'll definitely scold me again. In that case, I'd better just not say anything.'

After the two girls left, the nearly fifty-year-old professor took off his glasses and massaged his temples.

For some reason, he didn't quite like that girl just now.

After teaching so many postgraduate students, one could say that he could already see through these children's thoughts at a glance.

There was too much going on in that girl's eyes, and her attitude toward medicine was impure.

Director Shaw picked up his cell phone and sent Nora a text message detailing the time and location of the young patient's operation.

The big boss replied very quickly this time: 'Got it.'

Director Shaw stared at her message. Then, he suddenly sent another message: 'Do you have a younger sister named Angela? She says that she's planning to apply to become my postgraduate student.'

One mustn't stay quiet after doing a good deed.

He mustn't let Anti think that he was useless.

However, the next moment, he received a reply from her…