She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 125 - The Lowes Go Bankrupt!

Chapter 125 - The Lowes Go Bankrupt!

Chapter 125 - The Lowes Go Bankrupt!

Melissa frowned. "Are you here so late at night just to say things like that, Mrs. Levin? If so, I'm afraid you're not welcome here!"

Mrs. Levin hastily shook her head and said, "Of course not. I'm here because I have great news for you!"

Melissa was taken aback. She was a guest after all, so she resisted the urge to kick her out and asked, "What is it?"

Mrs. Levin let herself into the living room and sat on the sofa. However, she changed the subject and said, "I gave your sister-in-law a call when I was on my way here. I actually wanted to persuade her to go home. Isn't it awful that she's still at her parents' home?"

Melissa had also heard that Miranda refused to go back to the Woods after she moved back to the Sonnets.

Farrell was determined to teach her a lesson, so he simply refused to bring her back home. However, he didn't expect their two children to also go to the Sonnets after Miranda incited them to.

Miranda even threatened him by saying that unless he brought Melissa to the Sonnets and made her apologize, he could forget about ever bringing her and the children back home!

Miranda had also, unintentionally or otherwise, revealed to outsiders that the Sonnets had invested 30 million dollars in real estate, causing everyone in the circle to be full of envy toward the Sonnets for landing such a great opportunity.

Mrs. Levin said, "The Sonnets are about to strike gold and make a fortune with the Lowes. It won't look good on your elder brother if he waits until then to go over! I'd advise you to go over to the Sonnets with him and bring them back home first. After all, the children are also there!"

Melissa heaved a sigh.

What made her think that she hadn't already tried talking to Farrell about it?

Unfortunately, he refused to listen to her. On top of that, he even said that if the children couldn't even distinguish between right and wrong, then they might as well not come back for life!

As Farrell was still angry, her only option left was to call Miranda.

No matter how unpleasant Miranda was, Farrell's family would only be complete if she was there!

However, not only did Miranda give her a huge scolding again, she even said that she would make Farrell regret what he had done.

It seemed like everyone was confident that the Sonnets were about to make it big…

In the midst of her thoughts, Mrs. Levin pursed her lips again and said, "Mrs. Anderson, you're a knowledgeable, intelligent, sensible, and considerate person. Your sister-in-law is also a good person. Everyone in the circle knows this, so how did you guys even get to this point? It seems like Nora was the cause of it all, right?"

"Sigh, looking at it that way, Nora is totally a jinx!"

The word 'jinx' caused Melissa's expression to change dramatically. She was about to retort when Mrs. Levin added, "Nevertheless, she isn't entirely without any merits—she's good-looking after all. And would you look at that, because someone has asked me to come over and propose marriage!"


Political marriages between wealthy families were linked to the rise and fall of the families, so children of wealthy families were generally not allowed freedom in their romantic relationships. Therefore, having matchmakers visit families to propose marriage was still a popular practice.

After all, if the two families were keen, they could just reach an agreement straight away.

Melissa frowned and asked, "Who did?"

"The Myerses, of course!" Mrs. Levin laughed and said, "It's Jon Myers' son, Winston Myers! He said that he fell in love at first sight with Ms. Smith after seeing her at the dance party! He kicked up a huge fuss and insisted on taking Ms. Smith as his wife after he got home. Jon didn't agree to it initially because he felt that not only did she come with baggage, but she also had a bad reputation and was even a very tough woman. But Winston Myers was very insistent. Jon simply couldn't make him change his mind, so he could only ask me to come over and propose a marriage between the two!"

Melissa stood up angrily. "Winston Myers? No way!"

Simon also said angrily, "How can an ignoramus like him be worthy of Nora?!"

At the sight of their reactions, Mrs. Levin pursed her lips derisively and said, "Winston Myers is certainly a little more playful than most, but Nora doesn't have a good reputation, either! Not only did she cause the Andersons to miss out on the Lowes' investment, but she also did the same to the Woods. On top of that, it's even said that she does stock trading. She must have lost a lot of money, right? Looking at it that way, Ms. Smith sure is lucky. Winston Myers is actually interested in her despite how ridiculous the things she does are. This must be a blessing for her, right?"

"To hell with your so-called 'blessing'!"

Even Melissa, who had always been cultured and held herself with propriety, couldn't help but swear. She pointed at the door and shouted, "Get lost!"

How could Mrs. Levin possibly leave?

After all, Jon had said that he would give her a huge present as thanks if she could make them agree to the marriage!

She stayed right where she was and said with a smile, "Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Anderson. What's the meaning of this? I came here to propose marriage. Even if you're not interested, that's no reason to drive me out, right? Or is it because Ms. Smith's expectations are too high?"

It indeed wasn't right to drive the matchmaker out of the house when they came over to propose marriage.

Even so, the things that Mrs. Levin said were simply too aggravating!

A surly Melissa said, "I've never seen anyone belittling the woman as the first thing they do when they go to someone's place to propose marriage, either! Mrs. Levin, we're all distinguished individuals here. If you refuse to leave, then it's not our fault if we don't show you any courtesy!"

Simon also said, "Don't blame me for throwing you out if you still don't leave!"

Mrs. Levin had come alone, so it was needless to say that she was afraid of the two of them. She walked toward the door in embarrassment, cursing as she did so.

"Hah, what right does an uneducated and unlearned woman have to look down on Winston Myers? At the very least, he didn't produce any kids, right? Nor is he trading stocks! By the way, Mrs. Anderson, how much did she lose when she was trading in stocks?"

'Trading stocks', 'losing money'…

These phrases caused Melissa to stop in her tracks. She suddenly said, "Wait a minute."

Mrs. Levin stood still, looked back, and sneered, "What? Have you thought it through? That's more like it! The Myerses are still respectable people in the medical field, no matter what. It looks good on you if you form a union with them, right? As for the child…"

She let out an icy chuckle and said, "The Andersons will have to take care of her, I suppose! Winston Myers will never take her in. You shouldn't have kept a little bastard like her around. Why didn't you just send her to the orphanage?"

The things she said were simply getting more and more ridiculous!

Melissa said coldly, "Nora didn't lose any money in stocks!"

"She didn't?" Mrs. Levin was taken aback. "The stock market has been in turmoil lately and most stocks have fallen sharply. There's no way nothing would have happened."

Melissa went upstairs straightaway and got Nora to come down. She said, "Nora, show Mrs. Levin over there the stock that you bought!"

Nora, who was about to go to bed but was instead summoned downstairs for some reason: ?

She yawned and lazily took out her cell phone. She opened the stock trading app and went to the section listing the stocks in her possession.

Mrs. Levin mocked, "What? Is she really in luck and didn't lose any money?"

Practically right after she said that, she saw the profits section on the cell phone.

The stocks that she had invested $300,000 into had already risen to $1,500,000.

Profit: $1,200,000

And this was just after a few days!

Mrs. Levin's eyes widened big and round as she stared at the screen in disbelief.

When she confirmed that she really wasn't seeing things, she clenched her fists. Nevertheless, she still sneered, "So what even if you've made a million dollars? You were just lucky. Can you beat the Sonnets' investment in real estate?! How shortsighted of you!"

Practically right after she said that, a report suddenly appeared in the financial news!