She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 124 - The Carefree Pills' Ownership Rights

Chapter 124 - The Carefree Pills' Ownership Rights

Chapter 124 - The Carefree Pills' Ownership Rights

Afraid that Dr. Lincoln would realize something, Tina became terribly nervous. After looking at it left and right for a long while, Dr. Lincoln finally smiled and said, "This pill that Jon made sure is amazing. I actually can't tell how it's made."

Tina, "??"

She clearly remembered that it was Dr. Lincoln who had recognized the Carefree Pill at the medical conference back then.

How come he didn't recognize it anymore?

She didn't have the leisure of paying that much attention to it, though. She smiled and replied, "Yes, this pill that my teacher made has a very troublesome manufacturing process, so it's understandable that you can't tell how it's made."

Dr.. Lincoln nodded and said no more. He returned the pill to her.

Tina heaved a huge sigh of relief. She took the pill from him and had Ian consume it, thereby extending his lifespan again.

When she left after the routine checkup, Joel personally saw her out the door. This made her ecstatic. The head of the Smiths had actually given her such an honor!

The Smiths lived in a large manor. Joel saw her to the door in the living room and said, "Feel free to approach me if you run into any trouble in the future, Dr. York."

This was a weighty promise from him.

Tina hesitated for a moment and said, "Mr. Smith, there is indeed something… To tell you the truth, I've graduated with a doctorate from the New York University School of Medicine and am currently applying to be a professor in the school…"

She wasn't even thirty years old yet. If she became a professor at a medical university and was allowed to train graduate students, she would become a legend in the field of medicine on par with Anti!

Sure enough, Joel said dispassionately, "I see."

'I see'…

Tina got into the car. While she was still thinking about what he had meant by that, she received a call from the medical university's HR department.

"Dr. York, your application has been approved. Starting today, you're our school's youngest professor~"

Tina, "!!!"

She looked in front of her in astonishment.

The Smiths had sent a Rolls-Royce to pick her up when she was coming over for the checkup. Then, she looked to the side—the people at the guardhouse had opened the gates respectfully and were even bowing to her.

This feeling of having people show her great respect made her feel as if her ego was about to inflate.

So, this was what it felt like to be in power.

The Smiths were already this powerful even though they were second to the Hunts. Should she really succeed in getting Justin to fall in love with her… Suddenly, she thought of Nora again and a contemplative look appeared in her eyes.

After leaving the Smiths, Tina suddenly looked at the chauffeur and said with a smile, "Can I trouble you to take me to Mr. Myers' place? I have something to talk to my teacher about."

The chauffeur replied respectfully, "Okay, Dr. York."

Jon Myers was shouting angrily in the living room when Tina arrived at the small villa where he lived.

"How did I give birth to an animal like you?! How can you go gambling again?! You'll spend all our savings sooner or later!"

His son, Winston Myers, was sitting on the sofa with a cheeky smile on his face. He said, "Hurry up and make Tina marry me, then. This way, you can get her to manage the family."

The footsteps of Tina, who was about to enter, paused slightly.

She lowered her head, a look of annoyance flashing across her eyes.

That's right, she and Winston were classmates in college. He had courted her the whole time when they were undergraduates. When she discovered that Winston was a letdown and Jon didn't have a reliable successor, she had feigned affection toward Winston. That was why Jon regarded her as his direct successor.

Otherwise, why would Jon treat her so well?

Tina entered the living room.

Sure enough, Jon looked at her and said, "Try and talk to him when you have the time, Tina! He's just loafing around all day!"

Upon being reprimanded in front of Tina, Winston couldn't take it lying down anymore. He said, "Don't listen to his nonsense. He's just venting his anger on me because he couldn't figure out the Carefree Pills! Will you only stop thinking that I'm 'loafing around all day' if I steal the Carefree Pill formula for you?"

Jon was so angry that he took a step back and pointed at him incredulously!

Tina hurriedly stepped forward and held him. She said, "Winston, how can you talk to him like that? What's the big deal about the Carefree Pills? It's not like the Carefree Pills are necessarily the Andersons' anyway!"

Jon frowned and looked at her. "What do you mean?"

Tina smiled and replied, "Even though Yvette Anderson was the one who developed the Carefree Pill, it's her daughter who brought the formula back here with her. In other words, the formula belongs to her daughter, Nora Smith. Well, Nora eventually has to get married, right?"


Something suddenly clicked in Jon's mind and he looked straight at Winston, but right after that, he looked back at Tina again. He looked hesitant and didn't know what to say.

Tina lowered her gaze and sighed. "Mr. Myers, there's actually something that I've never mentioned before. I've always regarded Winston as my brother all these years…"

Jon immediately understood what she meant. He said with a smile, "I've also only regarded you as my goddaughter all these years, Tina!"

Tina broke into a smile. She said, "In that case, what are you still waiting for, Mr. Myers? If you don't hurry, other people may approach them once they think of the same idea…"

Jon said, "I'll get someone to talk to them about marriage right away!"

When Jon took out his cell phone and went off to deal with the matter, Tina looked at Winston and sighed. She said, "Winston, it's Mr. Myers' wish to let the Myerses flourish. If bowing out of the picture can make you guys happy, I'll definitely be happy to do s—"

However, Winston suddenly stood up excitedly and said, "Nora Smith… Is it the same Nora Smith who impressed everyone with her dancing at the dance party? I remember her! She's super pretty!"

Tina, "?!"

At the sight of the adoration in Winston's eyes, she suddenly felt rather offended!

When Jon returned after the phone call, Tina suddenly asked, "How is your relationship with Dr. Lincoln, Mr. Myers?"

Jon sneered, "Lincoln uses his seniority to put himself on an equal footing with me. Hah, he thinks too highly of himself!"

Did he mean that they weren't on good terms?

In that case, this meant that Dr. Lincoln covering up the matter about the Carefree Pill for her wasn't because Jon had asked him to.

If so, who had asked him to?


At the Andersons.

Neither Melissa nor Simon expected that they would receive a guest at nine o'clock in the evening. It was Mrs. Levin, the wife of Dr. Levin, a famous surgeon in New York who was also well-known in the medical field.

The Levins were on good terms with the Myerses. However, the Andersons were competitors with the Myerses, so the Levins rarely visited them during all these years.

Melissa and Simon were rather surprised to see her.

Mrs. Levin, however, wasn't a shy woman. She held Melissa's hand and said, "Mrs. Anderson, where's your niece Nora? I heard she beat up your sister-in-law and even stopped you from joining the Lowes' real estate investment?"

Melissa: "?"

Mrs. Levin went on. "I also heard that she insisted that you invest in stocks? Isn't that too insensible and frivolous of her?"

Simon's expression darkened. He found her too noisy, so he turned on the TV and switched to the financial news channel.