She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 126 - Making Mrs. Levin Eat Her Words!

Chapter 126 - Making Mrs. Levin Eat Her Words!

Chapter 126 - Making Mrs. Levin Eat Her Words!

Simon had never been someone good at arguing. He had found Mrs. Levin very noisy when she came in, so he had turned up the TV's volume and made it very loud.

The financial news channel was currently reporting the latest news: "… new regulations have been announced… to control housing prices… inelastic housing prices…"

These phrases made their way faintly into the few people's ears.

Everyone's heads turned as one toward the TV and they watched the news report seriously. However, all they caught was just the last few words: "… brought to you by this channel."

Mrs. Levin was dumbfounded. "What did they say just now?"

Although Melissa had already known about it a long time ago, she was nevertheless still a little surprised when she actually heard the announcement.

Why had the policy been announced so quickly?

By right, word would always vaguely get out prior to any announcements. However, they hadn't heard anything at all this time.

As expected of the man at the top of the world, indeed. To think Justin had actually received the news so early!

However, this was no time for her to be shocked. Melissa looked at Mrs. Levin and smiled. "Didn't you hear just now? They are going to control housing prices now! The real estate industry is not going to be lucrative anymore…"

Mrs. Levin's eyes widened in horror.

Melissa's lip corners curled upward.

"Sigh, Nora is such a lucky star. If she hadn't kicked up a fuss and stopped us from investing, I might have just invested $3,000,000 into it! Speaking of which, it's also thanks to the fuss that Nora kicked up, that my elder brother didn't invest in real estate!"

She put on a show of gratitude and held Nora's hand. She said, "Nora, come to think of it, it's rather strange but the Andersons have really received a new lease of life and been revitalized ever since you came! No matter what we encounter, everything always turned out fine in the end. You're really a lucky star! It's your future husband's honor to be able to marry you!"

Mrs. Levin felt like she had been given a tight slap across the cheek when she thought of how she had called Nora a jinx just now.

Although wealthy families weren't superstitious, they did believe in destiny. For example, some people brought luck to their husbands, some people brought luck to their wives; some people were lucky, and some people were unlucky…

Because of Miranda, everyone in the circle now knew about the incident. Originally, everyone had been calling Nora a jinx who brought chaos to the family the moment she came, but Melissa's statement had completely reversed the situation now.

After deliberately saying that, Melissa raised her chin and looked at Mrs. Levin. She feigned surprise and exclaimed, "Eh? Why are you still here, Mrs. Levin?"

Mrs. Levin, "!"

Her visit to propose marriage today was actually a deliberate move by Jon and herself.

Otherwise, with the way she had gone about it, what was the difference between that and asking for a fight?

Jon's intention was to have her utterly demean Nora so that the Andersons would take the initiative to offer the Carefree Pill as a wedding gift when they got married later.

Although he had envisioned a lot of different scenarios, he hadn't seen this coming at all!

Mrs. Levin left with her tail in between her legs, following which she called Jon and explained the situation. After thinking about it carefully, Jon actually felt that Melissa was right.

Wasn't it exactly after she had returned that the Andersons produced the Carefree Pill?

The Andersons had originally already been completely suppressed in the pharmaceutical industry, but thanks to the Carefree Pill, they were gradually expanding now!

If they could get Ms. Smith to marry into the Myerses, they might just prosper, too!

With that in mind, he looked at Winston and said to Mrs. Levin over the phone, "How about this? Pay them another visit and…"

At the Andersons.

Melissa had deliberately painted Nora as a lucky star, thereby adding another bargaining chip for her in her marital prospects.

Although Nora saw through it, she didn't say anything.

She didn't have any intentions of finding a husband anyway. After all, how could finding a stinky man compare to sleeping?

She stretched and went upstairs nonchalantly.

By the time she went up, Mrs. Levin had returned.

However, Melissa didn't let her in this time. She had on an elegant dress and her delicate visage was full of pride as she said, "Mrs. Levin, I'm sure you must be very clear on how we feel about this by now. Please leave!"

Mrs. Levin smiled sheepishly and said, "Mrs. Anderson, that's not what I mean. The Myerses are actually very sincere in their proposal. It was me who misunderstood them, so please don't hold it against them."

Melissa cast her eyes down and said, "I have nothing to blame them for. It's Nora's honor to have so many suitors. It's just a shame that she and Mr. Myers are not meant to be."

Mrs. Levin's lip corners spasmed.

Cultured people sure have a way of speaking. She had turned the way she came over to provoke them into her paying them a visit to ask for Nora's hand in marriage instead. With that, once news of the incident today spread, they would be adding a lovely story to Nora's name instead.

She gave her an embarrassed smile and said, "Mrs. Anderson, I'm just here to relay a message for the Myerses. Mr. Myers fell in love at first sight with Ms. Smith. I was in the wrong just now. The Myerses would like a chance to talk face-to-face with Ms. Smith. After all, what if the two youngsters hit it off, right?"

Melissa raised her eyebrows and replied, "I'm afraid Nora doesn't have time for that."

"Why wouldn't she? It doesn't hurt to make a bit of time to meet, after all. How about this? We'll set the meet at Club Prism tomorrow. Mr. Myers has already said to be there or be square!"

Fearing that Melissa would refuse, Mrs. Levin left immediately after saying that.

After she left, Simon looked at Melissa. "Is Nora going to meet him?"

"What for?" Melissa said, "Is a wastrel who only knows how to have fun worthy of Nora? No, she's not going!"

After speaking, she entered the house and instructed Simon, "Let's not tell Nora about this."

Simon also nodded. "Yeah, okay."

Winston's reputation in the circle was simply too horrible. Who would want to meet him?


The next day, Nora got out of bed lazily at 7:40 sharp in the morning. After brushing her teeth, she put on a baseball cap and drove her kid to school.

Pete was sitting in the back seat. The little fellow was wearing the school uniform dress. He was pulling a long face and looked very displeased. "Mommy, why do I have to go to school?"

Nora yawned. As she looked ahead, she replied casually, "Because Cherry will be exposed if you don't. Be good and wait a couple of days, Pete. We'll switch you guys back when Cherry goes to the Quinn School of Martial Arts."

Pete sighed helplessly. "… Fine."

After sending Pete to school, she went home and slept until the afternoon. After lunch, she drove to Club Prism.

It wouldn't do to keep hiding the twins like this either.

Cherry was such an active child. It was just a matter of time before Justin would discover it. Therefore, while Justin hadn't realized anything, she'd best just talk to him more, have him clarify what had happened back then, and resolve the misunderstanding!

When she arrived at Club Prism, she stretched and handed the car to the parking valet. Then, she walked into the club lazily.

Five minutes after she entered, another car stopped at the entrance.

Justin got out of the car with Cherry in his arms and entered Club Prism.

As soon as he entered, he noticed the romantic decorations in the hallway… Was someone proposing?

How tacky.