She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 123 - A Kindly Father And An Obedient Daughter

Chapter 123 - A Kindly Father And An Obedient Daughter

Chapter 123 - A Kindly Father And An Obedient Daughter

After sending him the message, Nora couldn't help but feel like she had been too obtrusive. Who knew how that narcissistic man would interpret it this time…

Just as she was thinking about it, she received a reply from him: 'Let's talk about these things face-to-face instead.'

Nora also felt that some things were better said and clarified in person, so she agreed. She wrote: 'Okay. What time and where?'

Justin: 'When are you free?'

Nora: 'Any time is fine.'

Justin: 'How about tomorrow morning?'

Nora: 'No, I have to sleep.'

Justin: 'How about noon, then?'

Nora: 'No, I have to eat..'

Justin: 'We can have lunch together.'

Nora: 'No.'

The food was always served on tiny little plates whenever she ate with him. It made eating a real chore.

Nora had never been one to waste time. There was nothing better than being able to go to bed early. Rather than spending two hours having a meal, she'd rather get it done in two minutes. Wasn't an additional two hours of sleep a much better deal?

Justin: 'Then when are you free?'

Nora: 'Any time is fine.'

Justin: '…'

At the sight of the ellipsis, Nora scrolled upward through their chat log and was suddenly very amused. She replied: 'Let's meet at three tomorrow afternoon. I'll send the location to you.'

Justin: 'Let's meet at Club Prism, then. It's close for both of us.'

Nora: 'Okay, no problem.'

After confirming the time and location, Justin put down his cell phone and quietly walked out of the study. He walked carefully over to the door to Cherry's room. Through the crack, he could see the little fellow sitting on her elder brother's desk and playing games on her cell phone with her legs folded up.

Her little face with baby fat was exceptionally adorable. Her chubby fingers slid across the phone screen at high speed. She was so immersed in her game that she had totally forgotten where she was. The way she dissed her teammates and opponents loudly… was really very cute!

Justin looked around at Pete's room.

As his son was the room's occupant, it was designed in a more masculine style. The chairs and tables were mostly blue.

He glanced at the side…

The villa was relatively small; each floor was only about 2,000 square feet. Apart from Pete's and his own study rooms and bedrooms, there were still two other rooms.

Yeah, he supposed he could consider merging the two rooms and turning it into a princess-style room.

However, given how many Barbies his daughter had, as well as how he would definitely be buying her a ton of princess dresses in the future, a room that size was a little too small.

Since Pete's study was next to her room, he might as well just give it to her, too.

The three rooms didn't seem that big either. In that case, maybe he should allocate Pete's bedroom to her, too…

The little brat was always making him angry anyway!

While envisioning future renovation plans, Justin saw Cherry finally finishing her live-stream and winning another face-off. He pretended that he had just finished his work, opened the door, and entered the room.

At the sight of her handsome father, Cherry hastily sat up straight, put down her cell phone, and pretended that she was reading.

Justin asked, "Cherry… Pit, what do you like doing usually?"

'Cherry Pit'?

Daddy had been influenced by her.

A secretly thrilled Cherry wanted to reply with 'Playing games, of course~'…


Just as she was about to answer, she suddenly realized that she was supposed to be Pete right now! If it was Pete, then his hobby should be…

Cherry's eyes widened in fear. "I… I like solving Mathematical Olympiad problems the most…"

"Really?" Justin didn't expect that his cute and squishy daughter also liked studying so much. His heart immediately softened even further and he said, "Shall Daddy teach you, then?"

Everything the little brat knew was self-taught.

But now that he had the opportunity to improve his relationship with his daughter, how could he give it up?

He would definitely control his temper well and let his daughter have a taste of a father's tender loving care.

Justin, who was envisioning a scene of a kindly father and an obedient daughter, didn't notice that Cherry was pouting at all.

Sob! Daddy really is the meanest! I'm never liking Daddy anymore!

"What did you say? Mr. Hunt didn't get into an argument with his son but instead got along even better with him?" Tina, who had her cell phone in her hand, felt like she must have misheard.

Given Justin's personality, there was no way he would spoil his son and let him do whatever he wanted after realizing that he was live-streaming.

After all, as a doctor who'd had frequent contact with the Hunts, she knew that even though Mr. Hunt pampered his son a lot, he was also very strict on him!

Despite his age, the little Mr. Hunt was already an all-rounded talent by now!

Lawrence's annoying voice reached her through the phone.

"Yes, you have no idea how gentle the look in Mr. Hunt's eyes was when he realized that the 'little mister' was live-streaming, so why would they possibly get into an argument? Why, Ms. York seems very disappointed about the outcome?"

An embarrassed Tina replied, "That's not what I meant. I—"

"Don't worry, I get it. I totally do. You were just thinking of taking the opportunity to seduce Mr. Hunt, that's all. What a shame that he didn't add you as a friend on Facebook, or did as you wished."

Tina, "…"

She clenched her fists. Mr. Zimmer's words were simply too direct and too awful!

She was about to say something when Lawrence added, "Oh, right. Mr. Hunt has something he would like me to tell you."

Upon hearing that it was a message from Justin, Tina immediately asked, "What is it?"

"Hospital Finest doesn't need a head of department who harbors ulterior motives like you anymore. There's no place for you among the Hunts' private doctors anymore, either. You'd best hurry and look for your next employer, Ms. York!"

Tina, "!!"

She wanted to say something, but the other side had already hung up.

Tina clenched her fists as she listened to the disconnected tone on the phone.

It was the Hunts' support that had allowed her to become the head of the surgery department despite her age! Now that she had offended Justin, her reputation was probably going to be ruined!

No, she mustn't allow that to happen…

There were other people she could still rely on—the Smiths! They were on equal standing with the Hunts!

After all, it was the pills she had 'made' that were keeping Ian Smith alive.

Tina stood up and walked out of the room. It was getting late, so it was time for her to head to the Smiths to give Ian a routine checkup.

Tina took out the Carefree Pill that she had asked someone to buy. She removed its packaging and placed it in a small box that she had specially made.

The box was made of a special material and looked very luxurious, making it seem as if what was resting inside wasn't a pill but a gem.

Tina went to the Smiths with the pill.

But as soon as she entered, she saw Dr. Lincoln, a well-known traditional medicine practitioner in the circle, seated there. Her eyes widened in shock.

Next to him, the polite and mild-mannered Joel said, "Dr. York, Dr. Lincoln is here to give my third uncle a checkup. Please let him have a look at the pill that you usually give to my uncle."

Although he spoke politely, his tone brooked no refusal.

How could Tina possibly dare to refuse him? She bit her lip, took a pill from her bag, and handed it to Dr. Lincoln.

After glancing at Tina a couple of times, Dr. Lincoln picked up the pill and examined it. Then, he uttered hesitantly, "Huh?"

Joel looked up and asked, "What is it?"