She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 122 - He Had Already Seen Through Everything A Long Time Ago

Chapter 122 - He Had Already Seen Through Everything A Long Time Ago

Chapter 122 - He Had Already Seen Through Everything A Long Time Ago

A respectful Lawrence gave him his report.

"We found out that when Ms. Smith became pregnant back then, the Smiths once said that her pregnancy had come about inexplicably and they didn't know who her lover was. However, no one believed them, and said that they were just making up an excuse to cover up her immoral conduct."

An inexplicable pregnancy…

Justin suddenly thought back to her asking him how he had come to have Pete. He had replied that he didn't know and asked her if she believed him.

She had said that she did.

He'd thought that it was because she was so in love with him that she believed everything he said. He didn't expect the truth to actually be like this!

Justin lowered his gaze.. "Anything else?"

Lawrence shook his head.

Justin instructed, "Investigate how come she gave birth to twins."

Lawrence was astonished. "Twins?"

His brows drew together and he said, "We haven't found anything about that at all! Moreover, there really isn't any information about how Ms. Smith spent those five years abroad."

Justin waved him off while saying, "Continue the investigation."

"Yes, sir."

Justin sat on the desk after Lawrence left. The look in his eyes was deep and unreadable as he listened to Cherry's laughter next door.

To be honest, all the mysteries had been solved the moment he saw Cherry in the live-stream. Everything had clicked at once.

His son's personality change, the special situation at the hotel in California… As well as Nora paying so much attention to him for some strange reason…

In that instant, apart from the joy of realizing that he had a daughter, there was also another complicated emotion in him—anger at being deceived!

That woman wasn't trying to get close to him because she liked him; rather, it really was because of his son!

The discovery made him exceptionally displeased.

As it turned out, from the beginning to the end, he was the one who had been flattering himself in this relationship.

He felt a mixture of joy and sorrow in that moment.

He was delighted that there were actually such ties between the two of them, and also happy that he actually really had a daughter.

But at the moment of discovery, a thought had also suddenly formed in his mind—he'd rather not have discovered the truth…

He had pretty much subconsciously pretended not to know who his daughter was, and had put up a show in front of his son by instructing Lawrence to investigate the matter. This was to confuse the other party and make them think that he hadn't found out yet.

Afterward, knowing that he had deleted his daughter from his Facebook account, he hastily added her back in hopes of repairing their relationship.

Then, he thought back to his interactions with that woman during this recent period of time…

That woman had once said that her child's father was an idiot. At that time, he had intensely disliked and even been a little jealous of that so-called 'idiot'. But as it turned out, that idiot was actually he himself?!

He knew that his daughter was studying at the Golden Sunshine Kindergarten because that woman had used his name to enroll her daughter in the school. That was how he knew that their daughter was there…

His thoughts had still been on this when he was waiting quietly at the kindergarten.

If it had been the old him, if he hadn't known Nora, and if he hadn't had in-depth interaction with and understanding of Nora—after stabilizing the situation with them, the first thing he would have done after he saw his daughter would likely have been to take her from her mother and bring her home!

His, Justin Hunt's child mustn't be left out in the wild!

But when he saw his daughter being bullied and came forward to back her up, his heart had softened again…

Should he really do that, they would fall out with each other completely, and it would probably be impossible between him and that woman anymore.

Justin lowered his gaze. His fingers tapped lightly on the desk as he tried to think of countermeasures.

All three of them didn't want him to know the truth. This showed that they must have already reached a consensus among themselves. It was likely because they were afraid that he would separate them from each other.

In that case, then he would just keep things as they were for now!

At least he had already brought his daughter back home.

It was just a shame that he had utterly offended his daughter when he was still in the dark. In that case, he would give her a taste of her own medicine!

He would restore his dignity as a father while his daughter was still unaware that he already knew her true identity!

Didn't that teacher bully his daughter?

In that case, he would make the Lowes go bankrupt immediately!

The Lowes were already on the verge of bankruptcy because of their investment in real estate anyway. He didn't mind doing a little something to speed things up!

Justin looked at the computer. His fingers flew across the keyboard at high speed and he entered the Imperial League's system…

After finishing what he wanted to do, Justin picked up his cell phone and looked at the time—it was time for his daughter's live-stream.

His daughter had told Sponsor Grandpa the day before not to tip her anymore.

But if he didn't, she definitely wouldn't make it through today's face-off. At times like this, he, Sponsor Daddy, would have to come forward!

Although saving the damsel in distress was an old and cliché trick, it undoubtedly worked well.

With that in mind, Justin stood up and walked out of the room. Sure enough, he saw his daughter secretly lock the door from the inside of the bedroom.

The corners of his lips curled upward and he returned to the study. Then, he entered her live-stream.

sweetcherry had already advanced to the top forty and would be advancing into the top twenty after the face-off today. Thus, one could consider this the semi-finals. As only those in the top ten would receive advertising opportunities, the top ten were considered the winners of the contest.

The further one advanced, the harder it would get.

The day before, she had been matched with Ika, a rich second-generation heir. Today, as luck would have it, sweetcherry was matched with a big-name live-streamer with eight million followers.

The other live-streamer's fans had already tipped him with three million dollars worth of virtual gifts at this point, so it was very difficult for sweetcherry to beat him.

sweetcherry said softly, "There's really no need to fight to win this match anymore! We only have less than a million fans. There's no way we'll win!"

Justin's lip corners curled upward.

The ordinary fans were still a little too lacking. In situations like this, what they were really competing was instead the live-streamers' big boss patrons' spending power.

Justin intended to wait ten minutes for the disparity in the two live-streamers' point count to become much greater before he made his move. When that happened, Cherry would definitely be very moved, just like how she had been with Sponsor Grandpa the day before…

Or so he thought. Unfortunately, he instead saw…

'Mia has given you 9,999 airplanes.'

'Brandon has given you 9,999 airplanes.'

'Seth has given you 999 airplanes.'

'XXX has given you 999 airplanes.'


A row of airplane virtual gifts appeared on the screen—they were all Cherry's kindergarten classmates. The children studying in the Golden Sunshine Kindergarten were all rich second-generation heirs, so they had no lack of pocket money!

It took a short while for Cherry to pull ahead of her opponent by five million dollars worth of points!

An excited Cherry exclaimed, "Why are all of you here?!"

Brandon even wrote: 'I brought all of them here, Boss. I'm cheering for you!'

Cherry nodded. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!!"

Justin, whose finger was already on the gift button but hadn't yet sent the virtual gifts: ???

His expression darkened.

Why did these little brats have so much pocket money?

It was time to have a talk with their parents and have them limit their children's pocket money!

Having lost another opportunity to please his daughter, Justin was so mad that he almost threw his cell phone away. However, it was at this moment that the phone beeped—Nora had sent him a text message. It read: 'Mr. Hunt, if I may be so bold to ask, why do you hate your son's mother so much?'

The look in Justin's eyes turned solemn when he saw the message.

It was time that they had a good talk about this.