She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 121 - A Soft And Squishy Daughter!

Chapter 121 - A Soft And Squishy Daughter!

Chapter 121 - A Soft And Squishy Daughter!

As soon as Whitney said that, a low and deep voice reached her. "I don't know if she's the Lord himself or not, but I do know I can help you go to Heaven and speak to the Lord himself."


Whitney suddenly froze. As though she had been petrified, she slowly turned her head to see Justin standing right there.

Dressed meticulously in a black suit with his tie fastened tightly, he was the very picture of a cold and unfeeling man without any desires. He was tall and slender, and had a strong and commanding aura around him. His countenance was also cold and solemn, and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to be exuding an icy chill.

The air at the kindergarten's gates instantly solidified.

Whitney had seen Justin before.

It was at a business dinner in New York that she had attended with her husband, Bob Lowe. Mr. Hunt was sitting in an area far away that time, and all around him were people who wanted to go up to him and curry favor but didn't dare to.

He was very young and was only in his twenties. As though a divine being who had descended into the mortal world, he was very handsome and carried himself extraordinarily well.

It was at that time that Whitney had finally witnessed what an aristocratic aura and background were truly like.

As such, he had left a very deep impression on Whitney.

Even so, why was he here right now?!

Just as she was wondering about it, Cherry exclaimed in surprise, "Daddy?!"

Whitney, "!!"

She looked at Cherry incredulously before looking at Justin again. She pointed at Cherry and stammered, "I-is this your child, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin looked at Cherry with love and affection in his dark, bottomless eyes. His voice was low, it was shaking a little—though outsiders would never notice it.


He had said 'yes'…

Whitney felt thunderstruck!

Cherry's father really was Justin Hunt!

Her legs went limp and she almost fell onto the ground. She tried her best to control herself, barely managing to avoid embarrassing herself in front of everyone. She felt as if she couldn't quite breathe anymore.

Justin stepped forward, bent down, and picked up Cherry.

He was tall and long-legged while Cherry was cherubic and adorable. They formed an exceptionally harmonious picture. No one, however, noticed that the arm that Justin was carrying Cherry with was actually a little stiff.

It was as if he was afraid that he would hurt her if he exerted too much force.

After getting Cherry into a comfortable posture, Justin looked at Whitney and asked, "Who is your husband?"

Whitney didn't want to answer, but she didn't dare not to, so she replied, "… T-the Lowes."

"Bob Lowe?" Justin snorted softly. "I see."

'I see'…?!

What was that supposed to mean?!

Whitney knew that Justin was a gentleman who didn't bully women. Should a woman offend him—in the case of single women, he would approach their fathers; in the case of married women, he would approach their husbands!

So, did this mean that Justin was planning to make things difficult for Bob?!

Whitney couldn't keep herself together anymore. She staggered and fell onto the ground.

Ms. Lynn didn't know Justin. She merely thought that Cherry's father was very handsome. Seeing that he had taken the child with him, she finally looked at Whitney and asked, "What's the matter, Mrs. Lowe?"

Whitney, "…"

She got up, hastily got into the car with Sinead, and ran off as if she was fleeing for her life.


Cherry, who was in Justin's arms, widened her eyes big and round. Her bright and shiny eyes were full of shock.

Daddy was so cool just now! No, wait, had he recognized who she was?

Just as she was wondering about that, Justin looked at her and asked very gently, "What are you doing here instead of being at the Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Cherry, "?"

Justin continued and said, "I passed by the area during work. I thought it looked like you when I looked over from afar, so I came over to take a look. Why are you wearing the kindergarten uniform? And even a dress at that?"

Cherry understood now—stinky Daddy still hadn't recognized who she was!

He had mistaken her for Pete!

Cherry immediately nodded and said, "Daddy, Grandpa Quinn brought me here, yeah!"

There was nothing she could do aside from pushing the blame onto Grandpa Quinn for now! Should Daddy press further, she would just get Grandpa Quinn to make up a decent excuse.

Or so Cherry thought, because she completely didn't notice the big smile at the corners of a certain somebody's lips.


Yes, that was exactly the feeling.

Justin couldn't suppress his smile. So, this was… how an adorable, soft, and squishy daughter was like!

As expected, she was completely different from that little brat.

Just as Cherry thought he was going to press the matter, Justin instead said, "Let's not go home yet. Shall we go and buy you some toys?"

Cherry, "?"

She blinked and blurted out, "Huh?"

Justin's heart melted into a puddle of goo. He asked, "What do you like?"

"Barbie dolls!"

And so, Justin took Cherry to a toy shop that sold Barbies. She looked at the dazzling array of dolls, holding on to one excitedly while also refusing to let go of another.

Which should she get? Oh, what a tough choice this was!

Just as Cherry found herself awfully troubled, she heard her stinky father say, "Pack all of these up and send them to my house."

Cherry, "!!"

Aaahhh!! All of a sudden, it seemed like she had forgiven stinky Daddy just a little!

No, she, little Cherry, mustn't bend over backwards just for a few dolls!

At the sight of how his daughter was obviously not as mad anymore, Justin breathed a sigh of relief.

At the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Pete had already waited for over half an hour, but the tyrant still wasn't here to pick him up. The bored little boy sat at the doorstep with his chin in his hands.

A jeep stopped at the entrance at this point. Nora got off the car and strode over. "Come with me, Pete."

Pete, "?"

Nora touched her nose and said a little embarrassedly, "Your father happened to see Cherry and mistook her for you, so he took her with him. I only knew about it after I went to the kindergarten but didn't find Cherry there, so I was late picking you up."

Pete, "…"

Pete couldn't help but feel like the tyrant had abandoned him.

He already knew he had a daughter though, so why didn't he think that Cherry was his daughter when he saw her?

He heaved a sigh, deeply worried about his father's IQ.

Luckily, he was a boy, so his IQ was completely inherited from Mommy…

A silent Pete followed Nora into the car. On the way home, he suddenly asked, "Mommy, what will you do if Daddy realizes Cherry's existence?"

Nora's long, slender fingers rested casually on the steering wheel. A sharp look flashed across her almond-shaped eyes and she replied, "I'll take Cherry and you with me and flee for as long as we can, I guess."

Pete, "…"

Nora pursed her lips and said lazily, "To be honest, it's not that we can't tell him the truth, either. It mainly depends on why your father hates me."

She didn't feel that she had done anything abominable at all!

The two of them reached the Andersons' very quickly. Pete went upstairs after greeting Melissa coolly. After entering the bedroom, he picked up his cell phone and gave Cherry an emergency call.

Cherry was currently immersed in the sea of Barbies and unable to extricate herself.

At the door.

Justin smiled when he saw her cheering happily.

At this point, Lawrence suddenly came over and said, "Mr. Hunt, I've found some information about Ms. Smith."

The look in Justin's eyes turned serious. He glanced at Lawrence and indicated for him not to say anything. It was only after they went into the study that he ordered, "Tell me."