She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 116 - Saving The Damsel In Distress!

Chapter 116 - Saving The Damsel In Distress!

Chapter 116 - Saving The Damsel In Distress!

Fantasia was taken aback. She asked, "What's the matter?"

In the comments:

'I actually witnessed a 1.5 million dollar transaction while I'm alive!'

'If this doesn't prove that she's from a wealthy family…'

'A big boss has appeared!'

Fantasia's eyes widened in shock. She didn't have the luxury of paying attention to the fact that she was still in the midst of a live-stream anymore, and entered sweetcherry's live-stream on her cell phone right away.

As soon as she did, a swarm of tip notifications bombarded the comments, and virtual gift visual effects filled the entire screen.

At the Hunts' villa.

Justin was still standing at the door to Pete's study.

Pete had been observing him after he sent the text message to Cherry.

The tyrant was staring at the live-stream with a sinister and unpredictable look on his face. Even Pete couldn't quite tell what he was thinking at this instant.

Going by his harsh and domineering character, Pete had imagined that he would definitely take her away forcefully once he knew that he had a daughter.

So, why was the tyrant standing motionless here and looking a little as if he was caught in an internal struggle?

The clever Pete entered the live-stream and scrolled upward through the comments. In no time, he got a clear picture of the dispute between the tyrant and Cherry.

Pete: "…"

He found himself rather speechless.

What was the matter with the tyrant?

Why was a man in his twenties arguing with a five-year-old?

In particular, was the big and bold 'Your father is such a scumbag' really something that the tyrant had said?

Why did it feel so weird?!

Justin was also feeling extremely embarrassed after he got over his shock, when he thought of what he had said.

He'd always had the illusion that he had a daughter whenever Pete turned into a little princess. Whenever he thought of himself having a daughter, the cold-hearted man's heart would inexplicably soften.

Besides, sweetcherry was so cute. She was someone who really existed and not just the familiar feeling and longing he felt whenever his son had a relapse.

This was why he had been jealous for some reason when sweetcherry said that her father was ignoring her.

How could someone who had a daughter not cherish her?

That was why his brain had short-circuited for a moment, causing him to say something as childish as 'Your father is such a scumbag'!

At that time, he had thought that no one on the Internet knew who he was anyway…

But now!

His expression changed again and again. He lowered his dark eyes and cast a dispassionate glance at Pete, his gaze subtly sweeping across his cell phone.

Lawrence was still fussing next to him. He exclaimed, "What exactly is going on, Boss?"

Justin's thin lips parted and he replied icily, "This is my daughter!"

Lawrence, "!"

Pete, "!"

It was all over! The tyrant sounded so sure of himself; he must have already discovered Cherry. While he was thinking about what he should do, the tyrant ordered, "Investigate immediately. Find her, even if you must search high and low for her!"

Lawrence stood up straight and replied, "Yes, sir!"

When he turned to leave, Justin suddenly added, "Do it in secret."

Lawrence nodded.

Pete, "…"

His lip corners couldn't help but spasm. Daddy was so stupid! It was already so obvious. Not only had he and Cherry switched identities with each other in California, but Mommy's intentions had also been so obvious after they came to New York. He hadn't figured it out or understood what was going on previously only because he didn't know that he had a daughter. That was why he hadn't thought of it at all.

But now that he knew, did he even still need to investigate?

Wasn't it obvious where his younger sister was?

With that in mind, Pete, whose lip corners were spasming, asked, "Daddy, do you really have an IQ of 301?"

Justin, "…"

He looked down at Pete with a deep, dark, and bottomless look in his eyes. The beauty mark at the corner of his eye was also flashing with a sharp look. He asked, "Why? Have you seen your sister before?"

Pete replied, "… No."

Since the tyrant hadn't realized anything, then all the better it was. They absolutely mustn't betray Mommy!

Justin didn't seem to be suspicious of his answer. His gaze merely returned to the live-stream with a frown.

Pete had seen the comments in the live-stream just now, so he knew that Cherry was currently at a disadvantage in the face-off match. As someone with a sister complex, this was absolutely unforgivable!

He paused for a moment and suddenly said, "Daddy, you'll be a hero saving a damsel in distress if you send my sister virtual gifts and help her win the match. It'll definitely help to defuse the situation with her!"

Justin, who was topping up his account, paused his finger movements for a moment. Then, he coughed and said coldly, "Our relationship doesn't need any defusing. But now that I know she's my daughter, how can I let a child of the Hunts lose?"

Pete, "…"

He obviously cared about Cherry, yet he just had to make it sound so laudable instead.

He sighed silently and lowered his head again to look at the live-stream. Suddenly, he found himself stunned and he immediately called out, "Uh, Daddy?"

Justin, who had just finished topping up his account, was about to save his daughter in her moment of distress when an overwhelming amount of virtual gifts suddenly filled up the screen!

Elsewhere, Cherry's little heart was pounding madly after she turned off the camera. She didn't understand why the camera had suddenly turned on—had she accidentally pressed something?

While she was wondering about it, she suddenly saw a huge amount of virtual gifts coming in.

Rows and rows of airplane icons drowned out everything in the comments, taking over the entire screen bossily and domineeringly!

Cherry was stunned. She scrolled up to the beginning of the virtual gifts barrage to see that it was actually Sponsor Grandpa!

There were ten sets of 9,999 airplanes, which made it a total of 1.5 million dollars!

It was only after the airplanes' visual effects disappeared that he finally wrote: 'How come you started the live-stream in advance?'

Touched, Cherry felt that Sponsor Grandpa looked so tall and dashing at this moment. It was as if he was shining with a dazzling light.

Although she didn't care about the face-off results, when she saw so many fans supporting her, she did still want to win. However, Ika had a whole $300,000 worth of tips more than her. Mommy would definitely know if she spent $300,000 of her pocket money.

She was already prepared to lose, but Grandpa had unexpectedly come!

Cherry's eyes shone brightly. She smiled and said sweetly, "Thank you, Sponsor Grandpa!"

Grandpa replied: 'Talk to me on Messenger the next time someone bullies you. I'll come to you immediately.'

Cherry said, "Okay! Are you feeling better today, Grandpa? Did you have any meat for lunch today? …"

Justin had an icy-cold look on his face. He gave off a chilly aura all over as if he were dry ice.

It was too late… He was actually a step too late!

He had missed a crucial opportunity to restore his image in his daughter's heart.

Justin stared at Grandpa's name. If looks could kill, there would probably already be holes in the cell phone!

Next to him, Pete was speechless.

Someone pushed the door open at this moment. Chester the dimwit entered the room. As soon as he did, he said anxiously, "Can I borrow 1.5 million dollars, Justin? My boss sweetcherry is being bullied really badly in her live-stream. I have to help her out!"

Justin's eyes suddenly narrowed when he heard what he said, and he asked dangerously, "You're friends with sweetcherry?"