She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 117 - Bossy CEO In Da Room, Yo~

Chapter 117 - Bossy CEO In Da Room, Yo~

Chapter 117 - Bossy CEO In Da Room, Yo~

Chester had already received the news when Cherry started her live-stream and immediately got terribly outclassed by her opponent.

Alas, he didn't have any money in his bank account, so he had to drive over to Justin's to ask him for money. As a result, he wasn't aware of what had happened after that in the live-stream.

At Justin's question, he immediately nodded and replied, "Yeah! sweetcherry is my boss. We often play games together."

The look in Justin's eyes darkened. "Have you ever seen her in person?"

Chester quickly answered, "N-no…"

Pete, "…"

Uncle Chester, you'd probably have been more convincing if you didn't avoid looking the tyrant in the eye, or fidget so much like coughing and scratching your head!

He raised his head and silently looked at the tyrant again. However, Justin seemed to believe what he said and didn't press him for any information.. He walked past him and said, "She doesn't need it anymore."

Chester: "?"

He turned on his cell phone. It was then that he discovered that sweetcherry had given her opponent a crushing defeat.

Although Ika was a rich second-generation heir, there was no way he could beat true blue top-notch rich second-generation heirs like Chester. Even Chester's pocket money didn't exceed 1.5 million dollars, let alone Ika's?

Therefore, Ika had given up the fight straightaway. He even joked in his live-stream, "Sigh, my family only has 15 million dollars, so we're not as rich as Sweetie's family who has 75 million dollars. I've lost…"

However, his refreshingly straightforward attitude also attracted many fans. Cherry's motherly fans, in particular, praised Ika for his gracious attitude.

After that, they stormed over to Fantasia's live-stream and demanded an apology!

Fantasia had immediately backed down the moment she entered sweetcherry's live-stream and saw the 1.5 million dollars tip. She merely sneered and said, "1.5 million dollars isn't really a big deal, to be honest~"

The comments were full of sweetcherry's motherly fans clamoring:

'It's not a big deal? Then why don't you buy something worth 1.5 million dollars and show us? Or tip yourself 1.5 million dollars?'

'Please apologize to Sweetie!'

'I finally understand now. Some people are going for the wealthy family image, so they were lambasting Sweetie's image just because their images overlapped.'

'Tsk, tsk. Fantasia live-streams every day saying that she's shopping for luxury goods, but she doesn't actually buy much each time. Take today's live-stream for example—we said that the third outfit looks good on her, so she asked about the price. But when she heard that it costs $15,000, she didn't buy it. Also, the bags that she buys cost only a few thousand dollars each. Of course, they aren't things that we can afford either, but do real wealthy people buy only bags? Besides, the outfit that she's currently wearing looks like it's from a fast-fashion brand emulating high fashion. In comparison, doesn't Fantasia look more like a fake princess?'

'Apologize, you fake princess!'

'Yeah! Apologize!'

Amid all the voices persecuting her, Fantasia's eyes reddened and she said fragilely, "Aren't sweetcherry's fans a little too malicious? Are they all so brainless?"

Everyone was utterly bewildered.

In the comments:

'What the f*ck! This is infuriating. Why didn't you say that when your fans came over to insinuate nasty things about sweetcherry just now?'

'You're mistaken. They weren't insinuating things but outright calling her names, okay?'

'This is a classic case of double standards!'


Fantasia sighed and said, "To be honest, it is not uncommon for management companies to spend 1.5 million dollars to make someone popular. Besides, there are also dividends to be had from virtual gifts. This means that the management company has only spent $800,000…"

Seeing how unrepentant she was, everyone was furious.

Chester also cursed and said, "How dare that bitch bully my boss! She must be tired of living! See if I don't… if I don't cry and ask Justin to teach her a lesson!"

Pete said, "… Very impressive, Uncle Chester."

Chester gave him an embarrassed smile. Then, as if he was asking for praise, he said, "Did you see that just now, Pete? I stubbornly insisted that I've never met sweetcherry before even when Justin was pressing me just now. You have to tell Cherry that. I managed to get into the local server's top ten players, but level and resource grinding is really too hard. Without a good gunner, it's almost impossible to get into the top three! Can you ask Cherry when she's free to carry me for a couple of rounds?"

Pete's lip corners spasmed as he asked, "Uncle Chester, are you sure he was pressing you for information just now?"

Chester waved dismissively and replied, "I get scared the moment Justin glares at me, so I end up coming clean about everything. This is the only thing that I've managed to maintain complete secrecy about. My loyalty to Cherry is absolute! I've never harbored any thoughts of betrayal!"

Almost immediately after he said that, Justin suddenly walked out and looked at Chester sinisterly. He said, "I recall you saying back then that I can also have a daughter? Where is my daughter?"

Chester, "?"

He watched Pete cast him a look of disdain that said "This is what you meant when you said that you've never harbored any thoughts of betrayal?".

Chester wiped the non-existent cold sweat off his forehead and said, "J-Justin, I… I was just making it up…"

Pete heaved a silent sigh.

It was all over.

If the tyrant asked even just one more question, his uncle would definitely betray their revolutionary friendship and give in to the tyrant. Or so he thought, because Justin actually seemed to believe him and merely uttered a dispassionate 'Oh'.

Justin walked over to the sofa to do some work. He said to Lawrence who was looking for information on sweetcherry, "Look up that live-streamer named Fantasia, too."

Lawrence looked up and asked, "Okay, Boss. What do I do with her after that?"

Justin said coldly and domineeringly, "Cancel her."


At the Andersons.

After Ika conceded defeat, the people in Cherry's live-stream started to enthusiastically talk about how Fantasia simply refused to apologize.

The fans were angry and indignant, but Cherry instead tilted her head to the side and said, "Even a three-year-old knows that they should apologize when they do something wrong, but don't force her to do it anymore, everyone. After all, she's still young~"

Rows of question marks suddenly appeared in the comments.

Cherry then added, "When she grows into a decent human being, she'll naturally come and apologize!"

Everyone, "!!"

Her words confused everyone, but when they saw the explanation in the comments, they immediately understood.

Someone wrote: 'F*ck! sweetcherry is simply awesome at dissing people! Where did you learn that from? She's saying that Fantasia is inhumane! After all, she hasn't grown into a human being yet!'

'You're too impressive!'

'I've learned something new today…'

'Although I feel great after I scolded her, I still can't help but be frustrated…'

Mixed with the comments was also Grandpa's comment: 'I'll ban her from live-streaming, then.'

Almost immediately after his comment, another comment in big and bold red font appeared:

JH: 'I've already banned her.'

Cherry was a little dumbfounded when she saw the comment.

Then, she immediately saw another comment from JH: 'Is the face-off over? I went to top-up my account just now, but it was a bit slow. There are already 1.5 million dollars in my account now. I'll give it to you during your face-off tomorrow.'

Cherry, "!!"

At this point, her cell phone suddenly beeped.

She picked it up and saw that she had received a friend request on Facebook from JH.

It also came with a message: 'I accidentally deleted you yesterday. Let's be friends again?'