She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 115 - Cherry, You've Exposed Yourself

Chapter 115 - Cherry, You've Exposed Yourself

Chapter 115 - Cherry, You've Exposed Yourself

The whole villa suddenly fell silent. Only sweetcherry's young and tender voice in the live-stream could be heard saying, "Don't give me any more gifts, guys~ It's too wasteful!"

The comments were filled with things such as:

'Poor Sweetie. Fight, Sweetie! You have Mom's support!'

'Sob! Why did Sponsor Daddy leave? He's horrible!'

'It's okay, Sweetie. Sponsor Daddy may have left, but we're still here. I'll top-up another $150.'

'We mustn't lose…'

Cherry had noticed the moment Justin left the live-stream. She was so sad that her eyes were all red and tears were brimming in them. Her little mouth was also turned up into a pout. As she was in the midst of a team battle, she wasn't looking at the computer screen.. Her head was lowered, making her eyelashes look like fans casting silhouettes on her cheeks.

She muttered angrily, "Stinky Daddy. I won't like you ever again…"

Justin, who was staring at the screen, didn't even dare to blink.

That face, as well that young and tender voice, made him tense up all over. He couldn't help but hold his breath, seemingly afraid that the little girl on the phone would sense something.

He was utterly shocked and stunned.

Apart from having a stinky son, he, Justin Hunt, also had… a daughter!

The realization made his mind go blank. However, his eyes that were fixed on the phone reddened a little and the corners of his lips curled up with excitement.

A completely stunned Lawrence looked at him.

He stared at the phone, then looked up and glanced at Pete. Even after comparing the two several times, he couldn't help but rub his eyes in disbelief. Toward the end, he still found the whole thing unbelievable. "M-Mr. Hunt, how can two children in the world resemble each other so much?"

'Resemble'? This was no 'resemblance'; they were practically identical!

Apart from twins, there was probably no one who could produce two children who looked so much like each other.

A confused Pete looked up in a daze to see the tyrant looking as though he wanted to both laugh and cry, whereas Lawrence looked shocked and horrified.

The two men stood at the door, occasionally looking at him and occasionally at the cell phone…

He could also hear audio from the game that Cherry played coming from the cell phone…

Pete was terribly alarmed. Had they discovered Cherry?

He hurriedly climbed down from the chair and trotted over to the two men. Then, he tiptoed and looked at Justin's phone…

Sure enough, it really was Cherry!

Pete's eyes widened big and round. What are they supposed to do about this now?

Going by how aggressive the tyrant was, he would definitely take Cherry away from Mommy and never allow them to ever see Mommy again.

From then on, he and his younger sister would be locked in a prison known as the Hunts and separated from Mommy…

The more Pete thought about it, the more nervous he became.

Previously, the tyrant had never noticed the peculiarities in his or his sister's behavior only because he didn't know that he had a daughter, but he did now…

He took a deep breath, hurriedly picked up his cell phone, and sent Cherry a text message: 'Cherry, you've been exposed!'

At the Andersons.

Cherry was playing games on her cell phone when a notification suddenly popped up.

Upon reading the message, she raised her head in surprise and found that the camera of the computer in front of her had actually turned on at some point!

Cherry received a huge shock and quickly turned off the camera. Only then did she breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Everyone in the comments was already exclaiming in amazement!

'Oh my gosh, how can there be such a cute child in this world?'

'Ahhh!! I was watching Sweetie's actions closely just now, and she's really the one playing! The distance that her fingers slid across the screen is exactly the same as in the game!'

'Her eyelashes are so long! I'm in love!'

'This isn't a child! She's clearly an angel! Isn't she too cute? She'll definitely be a stunner when she grows up! The kind that'll easily trash those in the entertainment industry!'

Amid the many comments complimenting her good looks were also frequent notifications of people tipping her.

'Don't be scared, Sweetie! Your Mommies are here!'

'Let's do this! After seeing how cute Sweetie is, I really can't bear to see her lose!'

'Let's work hard together!'

The fans surprisingly came together as a united front in the comments.

In Fantasia's live-stream.

Fantasia had just live-streamed herself trying on a couple of outfits, but she didn't like either of them. She complained, "Sigh, I didn't manage to find any clothes I like this time either, but I'll just buy a couple of bags anyway. I can't let myself make this trip in vain… It isn't nice if I don't let the service staff earn a little after they spent so much time and effort, either."

She sat on the sofa and got the service staff to fetch the bags.

It was at this point that certain comments started appearing in her live-stream:

'sweetcherry is really stunning!'

'It's a shame if she doesn't debut in the entertainment industry, given how pretty she is… No wonder she's gained nearly a million followers in less than a month.'

Fantasia had always been hailed as a classy beauty because of her self-confidence that stemmed from her coming from a wealthy background. She became a little unhappy when she saw people in her live-stream complimenting someone else.

She picked up her cell phone. After looking carefully at what was happening for a while, she scoffed and said, "She's obviously just changing the topic~ Look at how many tips she received after she turned on the camera. She's stooping so low.'

She rested her cheeks on her hands and said with a smile, "Didn't she claim that she's from a wealthy family with 75 million dollars? Why is she gathering fans here for just a few measly tens of thousands of dollars?"

She shook her head and went on. "sweetcherry has actually made a wrong move. It's not wrong of the management company to create an image for her; she's so cute, she could've totally gone for the adorable baby style instead. A five-year-old playing games is already a highlight in itself, but they were too greedy and tried to take everything they can instead…"

Her loyal fans immediately started to pay her lip service in the comments:

'Exactly. Is the image of a wealthy person something that ordinary people can go for? What a joke.'

'Everyone's going for a luxurious image these days. Apart from Fantasia, I haven't seen anyone who can really pull it off…'

'Fantasia's self-confidence is in her DNA. There's no way anyone can develop a charm like that without money. Sweetie is so ridiculous. She keeps telling people not to tip her anymore, but what is she live-streaming for, if not for tips? She's so fake!'

'Hahaha, her No. 2 fan is really ridiculous too. He left the live-stream so openly after pretending to fall out with her. This way, no one can say anything about it!'

Fantasia smiled again after reading the comments. She said, "You're right. Her opponent today is Ika, who's a well-known young man from a wealthy family, so she started her live-stream ahead of time today. This way, she can say that her No. 1 fan didn't come because she started her live-stream early. As for her No. 2 fan, they also supposedly fell out. What a coincidence, huh? Her management company is really smart though. With this, she'll probably trend again…"

At practically the same time she said that, the comments suddenly went crazy.

Fantasia calmly took a look:

'Quick, go and look at sweetcherry's live-stream!'

'Oh my gosh! I can't breathe!'