She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 114 - He Actually Has A Daughter!!

Chapter 114 - He Actually Has A Daughter!!

Chapter 114 - He Actually Has A Daughter!!

Justin stared at the screen coldly.

He, a true blue patron, had actually become a tool in their eyes? On top of that, they were even making claims about a management company?


What a huge joke.

They were just a bunch of naive kids on the Internet. They sure jumped to a lot of conclusions when all they had was insignificant evidence, and easily believed everything that others said. The comments section was in total chaos now.

He picked up his cell phone. He was about to say something and defend sweetcherry when she said, "Sponsor Grandpa isn't a tool. Don't you spout nonsense. Otherwise, I'm gonna get mad!"

Justin, "?"

She had only mentioned Sponsor Grandpa but not Sponsor Daddy…

Justin had always thought of himself as a tolerant person ever since he was a child. His upbringing had never allowed him to lose his temper in front of outsiders, either. Moreover, apart from Pete, no one had been able to really anger him all these years.

But he actually felt a little hurt at this moment.

That little live-streamer! She was too much!

To think he was always thinking about her and even occasionally came in to watch her live-streams. This was also the first time he had tipped anyone like that in his life…

Justin made up his mind—he was going to unfollow her!

He was about to leave the live-stream when he saw someone asking in the comments:

'Is Sponsor Daddy a tool, then?'

sweetcherry fell silent for a while. Then, she replied unhappily, "No, he isn't. Sponsor Daddy is even less likely to be a tool!"

Seeing that she was finally talking about Sponsor Daddy after so long, all the motherly fans began to express their concern for her.

'Sweetie baby, did you argue with Sponsor Daddy? What's wrong?'

'Sweetie cutie, did someone make you upset?'

The comments were also interspersed with attacks from haters.

'Hah, how is he not? He hasn't shown you a single cent of support or given you any tip today. Doesn't that show that you've automatically given up on the face-off today?'

sweetcherry ignored the haters and said unhappily to the people who truly cared about her, "Because I hate Daddy!"

The motherly fans: 'Do you hate Sponsor Daddy? Or your real Daddy?'

sweetcherry replied, "They're all the same!"

The fans, "??"

Justin, "??"

So, the little fellow was just venting her anger on him because her real father had upset her?

Suddenly, his heart softened a little.

Justin coughed and wrote: 'What did your father do?'

As her other fans were also asking the same question, sweetcherry answered, "Daddy is horrible. He ignored me~ I will never talk to stinky Daddy ever again!"

The comments were filled with fans scolding her father.

'Your father is so horrible. It's bad enough that he doesn't want you and your Mommy, but he's even ignoring you now?'

'Sue him. He is obligated to raise you. What gives him the right to ignore our cute and innocent Sweetie?'

'He's too much! What a scumbag!'


Justin, "…"

For some reason, he suddenly thought of Cherry and felt a little guilty.

But right after, he found the thought ridiculous. What was he guilty about? He wasn't Cherry's father anyway…

As a man though, how could he not take care of his own child?

Justin looked down and wrote: 'Your father is such a scumbag!'

The words in big and bold font appeared in the comments and even stayed there for several seconds…

Cherry felt much better.

Having Daddy scold himself was also a way of punishing him, right?

She was still thinking about it when another bunch of haters poured into her live-stream.

'This is so disgusting. I've finally seen what a bully looks like. Why didn't you give up yesterday when you were up against our favorite live-streamer? Aren't you just giving up today because Ika is a rich second-generation heir, so it's not easy for you to bully him?'

'She's just an image that a management company is selling. What are all of you being so worked up for her for?'

'The No. 1 and No. 2 fans are too fake. Both of them must be the management company's accounts.'

'I'm seriously dubious about whether the one playing the game is really a young kid? Everyone only saw her holding a cell phone when she revealed her face the other time. No one saw her actually playing it, right?'

'She must be hiding something for her to refuse to turn on the camera all the time.'

'Don't you think that the No. 1 fan is very ridiculous? How can he not keep a close watch on the live-streamer's activities during such a critical moment? It's already been half an hour since the live-stream started, yet he still isn't here… He probably isn't coming today, right?'

Cherry didn't care about them scolding her, but the one they were scolding was Sponsor Grandpa? She wasn't going to take it lying down!

She was about to let her mouth run wild and slam all of the haters when someone suddenly wrote: 'Quick, Sweetie, take a look at Fantasia's live-stream. She's calling you an unlearned little country bumpkin.'

Cherry, "?"

The five-year-old was totally confused by everything that was happening.

As for the comments, they were filled with things such as:

'sweetcherry is a fake princess! Fantasia is the true princess!'

'Fantasia is online and personally proving someone's bitchiness now!'

'There's a very simple way to prove yourself—either turn on the camera and show us where you live or let your No. 1 and No. 2 fans come forward and compete with Ika. Here, I'll tell you a secret: Ika has prepared $800,000 for this!'

'Exactly. You say that Sponsor Grandpa isn't here because he has something on, but your Sponsor Daddy is obviously online. Why don't you get Sponsor Daddy to tip you, then?'

Seeing how the haters' comments were getting meaner and meaner, the motherly fans panicked. Tips swarmed into Cherry's live-stream one by one.

Unfortunately, they were still too weak. Just as they narrowed the gap by $15,000, Ika received another tip of $150,000. The gap was pulled bigger and bigger.

Everyone felt rather helpless.

Someone wrote: 'Sponsor Daddy, can't you help Sweetie out?'

The corners of Justin's lips curled upward and he replied: 'I'll help you if you ask me to.'

The moment he sent the comment, Sweetie said, "No, I won't."

She would never give in to stinky Daddy!

Justin, "???"

Whose stubborn little brat was she?!

So be it if she refused to give in. In that case, he couldn't be bothered to tip her, either. It wasn't like he was crazy or masochistic; he just wasn't going to demean himself!

In the comments, the motherly fans were trying to appease him: 'Don't hold it against a child, Sponsor Daddy.'

Justin sneered and wrote: 'It's not like I'm her father anyway.'

So why should he baby her?

Justin left the live-stream in a fit of anger.

When he turned, he saw Lawrence looking at him carefully. He asked, "Are you in a good mood now, Boss?"

Justin frowned and replied, "Just come right out and say it if you have something to say."

Lawrence heaved a silent sigh and said, "We discovered that Pete is live-streaming himself playing games."

Pete was live-streaming?

Justin sneered, "Are you still asleep?"

Pete was with him every day. He even knew like the back of his hand what time he woke up and what time he ate. How could he possibly be live-streaming?

Lawrence hurriedly explained, "It's true. His alias is sweetcherry and he live-streams himself playing games for two hours every day…"

Justin was stunned at once. "What did you say?"

Lawrence took out his cell phone and showed him the trending topics about sweetcherry. Seeing how shocked and puzzled he looked, Lawrence said, "Don't be mad, Mr. Hunt. Children are all rebellious by nature…"

But before he finished, Justin stood up abruptly and went straight to Pete's study!

Lawrence followed closely after him. "Boss, don't be angry…"

As soon as he said that, he saw that Pete was currently studying. Meanwhile, Justin reentered sweetcherry's live-stream.

Lawrence was stunned. Wasn't sweetcherry, Pete? Who was that?

Then, he saw his boss suddenly using his cell phone to hack into the live-stream app. Right after, sweetcherry's camera suddenly turned on in the live-stream!