She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 113 - Sponsor Daddy Is A Tool?

Chapter 113 - Sponsor Daddy Is A Tool?

Chapter 113 - Sponsor Daddy Is A Tool?

Lawrence swallowed hard.

He looked through the content carefully and even specially took a look at the live-stream video featured in the trending post where sweetcherry had dropped her mask…

Even if one were to say that the photo might be fake, Lawrence was almost 100% certain that the face in the video was indeed Pete's.

He looked at Pete incredulously, feeling as if he was going to have a mental breakdown.

The post had included all of sweetcherry's classic live-stream moments, such as her adorably asking another player in the game, "Is your entire family so skilled at doing nothing?"

It also included her calling out "Sponsor Grandpa~" in her young and tender voice.

The way she added 'yeah' to her sentences was also practically brainwashing him.

Was that adorable and lively child in the live-streams really the merciless and reticent Pete who had mild autism?

A silent Lawrence walked over to the entrance to the study and peeked inside.

Pete was still seated and reading seriously in the study. He really couldn't tell that he had a habit of cross-dressing. Nor could he tell that he was someone who would live-stream…

No wonder Mr. Hunt felt that Pete was sick. Wasn't his current self an entirely different person from the one in the live-streams? He definitely had schizophrenia!

Lawrence's scalding gaze was so fervent that it was hard for Pete to ignore him.

He looked up and immediately saw a troubled Lawrence looking at him sadly. He said, "This isn't your fault, Pete. You're just sick, sigh."

Pete, "?"

An expressionless Pete said, "There are vitamins in Daddy's room. If your brain lacks nutrients, you can take some to boost your brainpower."

Lawrence nodded immediately. "Really? I'll take two, then… Sigh, so many of my brain cells died just now!"

Then, he again glanced at Pete regretfully before he left the room.

Pete, "…"

Had Uncle Lawrence been influenced by the tyrant?

He was still so young, yet he had become an idiot. How pitiful.

Pete shook his head. He lowered his head to return to the book, but his gaze shifted to his cell phone instead. Just now, his younger sister had sent him a text message: "I'll never love Daddy ever again! He actually blocked me! I'm so sad!"

When he thought of that, a sympathetic look appeared on Pete's countenance.

Compared to Uncle Lawrence, it seemed like the tyrant was more pitiful? Initially, Mommy was the only one who didn't like him, but even his sister was starting to dislike him now.


A surly-looking Justin stared at the live-stream.

Were all the children so spoiled these days? First, Cherry blocked him on Facebook and now, Sweetie was ignoring him in the live-stream.

He was the great CEO of the Hunt Corporation. Was he someone who would care about two little kids who weren't related to him by blood?

He snorted inwardly and looked at the face-off screen again.

The live-streamers' opponents were randomly selected by the system. Cherry had unfortunately been matched today with a live-streamer who had a million fans. The other party had clearly come prepared, so he already had $150,000 worth of points more than her.

The people in the comments started to panic.

'Quick, Sweetie, do a shout-out to Sponsor Daddy. He just needs to tip you with a round of airplanes and it'll become a tie!'

'Why isn't Sponsor Grandpa here today?'

'I know why he isn't here. Sponsor Grandpa enters the live-stream half an hour earlier every day, but Sweetie started the live-stream three hours early today, so he must not know that Sweetie is live-streaming now!'

'Quick, Sweetie, ask Sponsor Grandpa for help~'


The comments made Justin frown.

sweetcherry's young, tender voice rang out at this point. She said, "No, that won't do. I can't ask Sponsor Grandpa for money~!"

Cherry had always known that she mustn't ask other people for presents. Sponsor Grandpa was an outsider; to Cherry, the airplane tips that he gave her were just gifts.

Even though she had Sponsor Grandpa on her Facebook Messenger, there was no way she could go on Messenger and demand gifts from him!

This was one of Cherry's basic life principles.

Besides, this was just a contest. Did it make any difference whether she won or lost?

She had only joined the contest because she accidentally clicked on it anyway.

With this thought in mind, Cherry continued to play her game steadily and ignored the comments.

At the same time, Fantasia also started a live-stream.

Fantasia was a young woman around 20 years old. Her image was that of a young lady from a wealthy family. She was currently live-streaming herself shopping for luxury goods.

She sat in a Gucci store's VIP room as she waited for the service staff to bring her clothes and newly-released bags to choose from. Afternoon tea had also been served to her in the store. The pastry plates had gold borders that made them look exceptionally luxurious.

She sat on the sofa with an exquisite teacup in her hand. As she sipped on the fruit tea, she said, "The fruit tea here is delicious. It's very suitable for women…"

While chatting, she suddenly saw someone commenting: 'sweetcherry is in a face-off with Ika right now. Do you think she can win this one?'

Fantasia burst into laughter and said, "Ika is a famous rich second-generation heir in the gaming channels. I'm acquaintances with him and we've met at several parties before. He won't lose even if his opponent is a big-name live-streamer with ten million fans. He'll definitely be one of the top ten live-streamers. Let me see how the live-stream is going…"

As Fantasia spoke, she picked up a cell phone that she wasn't using for live-streaming and entered sweetcherry and Ika's live-stream face-off. When she saw the number of points they had, she smiled and said, "Is there even a need for them to compete anymore? sweetcherry's fans are very smart though. Fighting with Ika will only result in both parties suffering losses. In that case, it's better to just give up right from the start."

Someone asked: 'What do you mean?'

Fantasia laughed and said, "Didn't you notice that sweetcherry's No. 1 and No. 2 fans aren't doing anything today? Oh come on, surely you guys aren't still thinking that those two are really patrons?"

Someone asked: "Aren't they? But they are really very generous!"

Fantasia's lip corners curled upward and she drawled, "Here, I'll teach you guys a way to distinguish between real and fake patrons. Real patrons usually follow quite a few live-streamers and also tip a few different live-streamers. Let's take a look at sweetcherry's No. 1 and No. 2 fans' profiles. Tsk, what a coincidence. They are both new accounts registered right before and after sweetcherry started doing live-streams. That's fine and all, but both of them have only tipped sweetcherry before. Now, that's interesting."

In the comments:

'I get it now! Her No. 1 and No. 2 fans are both tools! No wonder sweetcherry became so popular immediately after she started live-streaming. So that's what it is!'

'So Sponsor Grandpa and Sponsor Daddy are all just her hyping up herself~ I gotta say that management companies really know what they're doing these days!'

'I just wanna know whether the one playing the game now is still that five-year-old cutie or not?'

The group of them who had been led around by their noses by Fantasia swarmed into sweetcherry's live-stream and started to lambast her.

'Sweetie? It's nothing but just a fake image! How gross!'

'Hahaha, are you retreating just because you're up against Ika? Do you have too much self-awareness or what? Your No. 1 and No. 2 fans are just tools! The former doesn't dare to show up while the latter pretends to fall out with you after he shows up… Tsk, you're real smooth, huh!'

At the Hunts' villa, Lawrence walked over and saw that his boss was staring at his cell phone with a frown.