She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 112 - It Really Is Pete!

Chapter 112 - It Really Is Pete!

Chapter 112 - It Really Is Pete!

He tapped on the link to Cherry's Facebook profile so that he could send her a friend request.

But when he did that, he unexpectedly saw a message prompt saying: "Sorry, this content isn't available right now."

Justin, "?"

Did this mean that the little brat had also blocked him? Tsk, she was pretty bad-tempered, huh.

"Cherry must have become angry."

A young voice suddenly rang out beside his ear, startling him. He turned around to see Pete standing behind the sofa and staring at his cell phone.

Justin let out an awkward cough and tossed the cell phone aside before he said casually, "So be it if she's angry. She can do whatever she wants."

Pete fell silent for a second. Then, he sighed and said, "Daddy, I'd advise you to coax her. Otherwise, you'll regret it."

He would regret it?

Justin scoffed, "Why would I regret it? Why should I coax someone else's daughter?"

Pete asked, "Are you sure?"


Seeing how he refused to listen to advice, Pete silently said a prayer for him.

To be honest, the tyrant was a good father.

After all, how many fathers who took care of their children themselves were there in the world?

Cherry liked him quite a lot too. However, the tyrant was insisting on upsetting his soft and cuddly younger sister now. He was really just digging his own grave.

He would just watch in silence when the tyrant is forced to eat his own words!

Justin snorted inwardly.

He indeed wanted a daughter, but she wasn't going to be the one that Nora had with someone else.

Instead of pampering her, he might as well pamper Sweetie instead.

After all, unlike Cherry who was so bad-tempered, she was cute, well-behaved, and obedient.

With that in mind, Justin suddenly remembered that he had missed Sweetie's live-stream the day before, and he somehow decided to open the live-stream app on his cell phone.

Elsewhere, Lawrence was currently checking the web for information about the trending topics that Tina had mentioned.

He had given it some careful thought. Tina wasn't stupid; even if she was making up an excuse to approach Justin, she wouldn't use such a lousy one.

Perhaps it wasn't one of today's trending topics but previous days' instead?

Unfortunately, he didn't use social media apps very much, so he wasn't very familiar with them. As such, he could only fumble and randomly try to find his way around.

At the Andersons.

After the moody Cherry was forced to finish her Mathematical Olympiad assignments, the bored little girl started her live-stream ahead of schedule.

Fans poured in the moment she started the live-stream. At the sight of quite a few familiar names, she greeted them excitedly, "Hi!"

In the comments, JH wrote: 'Hello.'

As her second-highest ranked fan, he had special privileges.

His comment was in a larger font size and in bold. His username was also in red text so that it would be easier for live-streamers to notice that their big patrons had entered and interacted with them.

Usually, the moment Justin entered the live-stream, sweetcherry would immediately greet him and call out sweetly, "Hi Sponsor Daddy!"

The way she called him Daddy was as if her voice was coated in honey, making him feel sweet all the way to the bottom of his heart.

However, sweetcherry didn't greet him today even after quite some time after he wrote the comment.

Did she miss it?

Taken aback, Justin wrote another comment: 'How come you started the live-stream so early today?'

Children had screen time limits, and parents usually set it from six to eight o'clock.

But after he sent the comment, he instead heard the little live-streamer's cute voice saying, "Hi Windy! Yes, I've already had lunch, yeah~"

"GreenKite, I'm only good at playing as this hero. Besides, don't you think she's the prettiest and cutest character here?"


Justin couldn't help but scroll up in the comments.

Although she had gained a lot more fans, she hadn't given advanced notice that she would be starting her live-stream early, so there weren't many people in the live-stream at the moment.

Windy's comment was above his: 'Has Sweetie had lunch yet?'

GreenKite's comment was below his: 'Do you only know how to play as that hero? What about other heroes?'

She had replied to both of their messages but missed out on his?

Was he having a bad connection, so his comment wasn't sent?

Right after the thought formed, he saw more comments:

'Did Sweetie fall out with Sponsor Daddy? Why are you ignoring him?'

'Haha! Sponsor Daddy was ignored!'

'Sweetie used to call out to Sponsor Grandpa and Sponsor Daddy all the time, but she is suddenly ignoring Sponsor Daddy today. Why do I feel so good about it?'

'Wow, I've done well today! I'm actually one of the first 100 to enter Sweetie's live-stream! You can put up a notice in advance next time if you're starting your live-stream early, Sweetie~'

'What's the matter, Sweetie? Sponsor Daddy is talking to you. Why are you ignoring him?'

Given all the comments, sweetcherry must have noticed him by now. However, the little girl outright ignored all the comments about Sponsor Daddy and only said adorably, "How do I put up a notice if I want to start the live-stream early? I don't know how to do it~"

Her young and tender voice had a bit of a coquettish charm when she dragged out her words, causing the hearts of everyone who heard it to melt.

The live-stream was filled with comments:

'Sweetie is so cute!'

'Remember to eat more, Sweetie~'

'How can a child be this cute? I really wanna take Sweetie home!'

However, Justin, who was watching the live-stream, instead felt rather hurt.

She was doing it on purpose.

There was no doubt about it.

His expression turned frosty and he suddenly found himself at a loss.

This was the very first time Justin had ever been ignored in his twenty-odd years of life. After all, he was always the center of attention wherever he went.

He frowned and wrote another comment: 'Are you in a bad mood today?'

The seven big red words stayed on the screen for a very long time before they disappeared.

Everyone who wasn't blind saw them, yet it was as if the little girl hadn't noticed anything and continued to ignore him.

Everyone started to joke about it even more in the comments.

Someone even wrote: "It must be because you didn't tip her today that she's ignoring you!"

A tip…

Justin frowned.

In his world, money was just a set of numbers that represented transactions.

If she was refusing to call him Sponsor Daddy just because he hadn't tipped her, then this would no longer be someone appreciating another person but a transaction.

He returned to his usual icy-cold attitude.

At this point, someone commented: 'Live-streamers should be keeping their patrons happy all the time. What is she being so arrogant here for? If I were you, Sponsor Daddy, I would unfollow her and tip her rival instead!'

Her rival?

It was only then that Justin noticed that there was actually also a face-off section in sweetcherry's live-stream.

Meanwhile, Lawrence was still searching through the trending topics on social media.

Unfortunately, trending topics on social media were all in real-time, so he didn't know where to start at all.

While he was lost, the IT security department chief sent him an email: 'The screening system has been completed. Once you upload little Mr. Hunt's photo, you'll be able to check whether his information has been leaked onto the Internet.'

Lawrence felt relieved at once.

He hurriedly took out his laptop and downloaded the program. Then, he took a photo of Pete and uploaded it. Soon, the search results appeared. A webpage of trending topics from the day before immediately appeared on the screen.

Lawrence was stunned. Pete really was live-streaming! On top of that, he was even using some kind of alias called 'sweetcherry'???