She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 111 - Pete Is A Live-Streamer?

Chapter 111 - Pete Is A Live-Streamer?

Chapter 111 - Pete Is A Live-Streamer?

Justin had always been very careful whenever he went out, especially when he had Pete with him.

He had been kidnapped before when he was a child, so he placed great importance on making sure that his son was safe.

That was also why he had hired home tutors for Pete instead of sending him to school.

No information about Justin's son could be found on the Internet at all. There weren't even photos, let alone his name.

In fact, not many in New York had even seen Pete before.. Justin wanted his son as well-protected as possible before he gained the ability to protect himself.

For example, he was currently just taking his son out for lunch, but he had brought as many as eight bodyguards with him.

The eight bodyguards were separated into two cars. One was in front of them while the other was behind them.

Tina got out of her car and stopped in front of the cars in her high heels. She said, "Mr. Hunt, I have something to tell you!"

The door of the middle vehicle's passenger seat opened, upon which a leg clad in suit trousers came out. Tina breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she thought it was Justin, she instead saw the tanned Lawrence getting out of the car.

He neatened his suit and walked over. Then, he grabbed Tina by the arm and pulled her out of the way to the side.

Tina shouted at the car, "Mr. Hunt…!"

However, she only managed to shout two words before the two cars in front started and left. The third car stopped beside Lawrence.

Lawrence said to Tina, "Mr. Hunt hates people pestering him the most, Ms. York."

Tina narrowed her eyes and shook off his arm. She straightened her back and said, "Mr. Zimmer, please relay a message to Mr. Hunt for me. I really have something to talk to him about. It's about his son, so I have to speak to him in person."

Lawrence said mockingly, "Ms. York, what is there that you have to say to Mr. Hunt in person? I've seen too many people with ill intentions trying to approach him under the guise of caring for his son. Can't you put in a little more effort and use a different excuse?"

At this point, Lawrence pursed his lips and added, "Or you can just tell me and I'll convey it to Mr. Hunt for you. There isn't any difference!"

Tina, whose intentions had been exposed, immediately became furious. However, she knew that it was probably useless even if she insisted on seeing Justin, so she decided to give in. She said, "Mr. Zimmer, I discovered by chance last night that Pete is live-streaming games. Mr. Hunt has always been very strict with Pete. It doesn't seem quite appropriate for him to do live-streams online, right?"

Lawrence scoffed and replied, "You sure are doing everything you can to get close to Mr. Hunt, Ms. York! Isn't the credibility of your claim too low?"

"It's impossible that Pete would play games! Moreover, he doesn't talk much. There's no way he would live-stream!"

Seeing that he didn't believe her, Tina panicked and said, "It's true. He's already trending on social media!"

He was trending on social media?

Lawrence raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh, is that so? Show me, then."

Tina, however, narrowed her eyes and said, "This concerns Pete, so I can only show it to Mr. Hunt, Mr. Zimmer. Let Mr. Hunt know about this; once we add each other on Facebook, I'll send him the information. How does that sound?"

Lawrence smiled and replied, "Okay, I will let him know."

After saying that, he turned, got into the third car, and caught up to the cars at the front.

When he got into the car, a bodyguard asked, "Is what that woman said true, Mr. Zimmer?"

Lawrence sneered, "How can that be? Pete is a live-streamer? Are you kidding me?"

However, the moment he said that, it suddenly occurred to him that he seemed to have said something similar when he was in California the last time? He hadn't relayed Ms. Smith's message to Mr. Hunt, which resulted in him being sent to Burundi…

Lawrence shuddered.

He hurriedly said, "I'll check if it's true."

He picked up his cell phone, opened the social media apps, and checked the trending topics. From the first to the last one, he looked through them all, but he didn't see anything related to Pete.

Nevertheless, he didn't dare to risk overlooking anything, so he called Hunt Corporation's IT security department and asked, "Is the screening system that Mr. Hunt asked for done?"

The IT security department chief replied, "We've been working overtime since yesterday on it. I reckon we'll finish it tonight."

"Okay. Send it to me when it's done."

Lawrence hung up.

As an executive assistant, it was imperative that he learned to filter certain content by himself.

From now on, all of Ms. Smith's messages must be relayed to Mr. Hunt.

But for everyone else, he had to verify the authenticity before relaying them to the boss.

Otherwise, was he supposed to subject his boss to Tina's threat and have him add her as a friend on Facebook? He wouldn't be a qualified executive assistant anymore if that happened!

By the time the car caught up to the other two cars, Justin and Pete were already in the restaurant.

Lawrence observed his boss carefully after he entered the private room.

Justin had had an awful expression on his face since the previous evening. He gave off a chilly aura all over, so no one dared to approach him. As such, Lawrence gave it some thought and decided to conduct a thorough investigation before telling him about it.

He had no desire to get into the line of fire while the tyrant was in a bad mood. It was hard to say who the unlucky ones would be.

After lunch, they returned to the villa. Sure enough, when they were turning the corner, they saw in the rearview mirror a few people behaving sneakily. Justin frowned and ordered, "Get rid of those flies."

Lawrence replied, "… Yes, sir."

They had already received news about these people's presence the moment they arrived at the villa complex. In fact, they already knew the moment they undertook the mission. After all, the security personnel around Justin was the best in the world.

In order to ensure Pete's safety, the bodyguards around him were all retired special forces officers!

Justin had only kept them around in order to lure out the people hidden further behind. After all, apart from his uncle, there were also many others who seemed to be eyeing his boss for reasons that Lawrence didn't understand.

Five minutes later.

Scarface, who had wounds all over him, was brought over to Justin in the living room of his villa.

Scarface was so aggrieved that he was about to cry. His face was swollen and he had even lost a tooth in the fight. His speech was unclear as he begged for mercy.

"Mr. Hunt, your female bodyguard has already taught us a lesson. We really don't have the guts to kidnap your son anymore. We've been protecting him all this time! We even drove away three groups of people over the last two days!"

Justin, "?"

Taken aback, he asked, "My female bodyguard?"

"Yes, she was driving a jeep yesterday. The one who's protecting your son."

A jeep… Nora Smith?

Justin sat up straight. The cold look on his face mellowed a little.

Nora hadn't given him any birthday gifts the day before, which made him feel as if he had been neglected, so he had been in a bad mood all day. But as it turned out, she did care about him, right?

Otherwise, why would she quietly teach Scarface a lesson but not tell him anything?

As expected, she was indeed deeply in love with and devoted to him… Everyone else was dying to let the whole world know whenever they did something for him, yet she didn't even mention anything about what she did.

The corners of Justin's lips curled upward slightly and his mood, which had been gloomy all day, became much better. With a wave, he got his men to take Scarface away. Then, he suddenly thought of Cherry…

Was it a bad move for him to delete Cherry from his Facebook? In that case, maybe he should add her as a friend again?

He opened Facebook, intending to unblock her and add her back as a friend with the excuse that he had accidentally deleted her. But he instead saw that…