She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 108 - Daddy, Are You Asleep?

Chapter 108 - Daddy, Are You Asleep?

Chapter 108 - Daddy, Are You Asleep?

Night had fallen.

The little Pete was currently reading at the big desk. Upon hearing what Justin said, he looked up from the book silently and glanced at the bottles. He stretched out his arms, opened the bottles, and took a couple of looks at it. Then, he said, "I'm not taking them."

Justin replied, "…These vitamins are nutrition supplements. You have to take them."

Pete fell silent for a moment before he asked, "Can they boost brainpower?"

"… Probably?"

As soon as he said that, Pete pushed the bottles to him and said, "You'll need them very much, then."

Justin, "?"

His expression instantly darkened and he said sarcastically, "Peter! Hunt! I have an IQ of 301!"

301 was the highest IQ among human beings thus far!

It was just that he was a low-key person who never behaved ostentatiously. Neither had the test results ever been publicly announced.

Pete, however, glanced at him disdainfully and said, "It's said that people with high IQs have low EQs. True enough, you're really very stupid. It's been so long, yet you haven't landed Mommy yet."

They were supposed to be reunited today, but he had displeased Mommy again.


Poor tyrant.

He pushed the two bottles of vitamins toward Justin again and said, "Remember to take them every day. They can boost both your brainpower and EQ."


Justin walked out of Pete's room sullenly. The man, who had always been shrewd and unreadable, often found himself so exasperated by Pete that even his chest hurt.

He couldn't help but think of the little girl that Ms. Smith had brought today…

To be honest, before meeting Cherry, he had been somewhat averse to her.

He couldn't help feeling somewhat uncomfortable whenever he thought of how she was a child that the woman had with an idiot. He had thought that even if he did accept Nora, he wouldn't be able to accept a child that she had with another man.

But for some reason, even though the little fellow had been painted to look like a clown, her voice was so young and tender. She sounded just like how his son did during his occasional bouts of abnormality.

Did all children add a 'yeah' at the end of their sentences?

Then, he thought of the unceasing flow of praises that had poured out of her mouth that had been painted big and red. The things she said—such as how he was 'even more handsome than Prince Charming' and how his 'good looks were out of this world'—were clearly very explicit, yet they sounded so nice when she was the one saying them.

After that, the little fellow even naturally held his hand.

Children were all soft and tender. He wanted to push her away, but what he instead did was carefully hold her, for fear that he might accidentally break her hand if he was too forceful…

After comparing them like that, it seemed like a daughter was more lovable after all.

For some inexplicable reason, he was actually starting to miss how Pete had behaved during his relapses.

Justin felt that he must be out of his mind. Otherwise, why would he possibly think of having his son turn into a girl again?

His gaze fell onto the two bottles of 'vitamins' that he had brought back with him. In the end, he actually really opened the bottles and took a couple of pills.

He laid down casually after taking the pills. Then, he realized that he had missed Sweetie's live-stream today.

Come to think of it, there were some who addressed sweetcherry as Cherry, too. It was actually the same name as the little girl who had come over today…

Why was he thinking of that little girl again?

She was a child that Nora had with another man! Why was he caring about and missing her so much?

Justin felt that he must not have taken enough medicine.

He suppressed his irritability. When he took a look at his cell phone, he accidentally opened his Facebook account and saw that Chester had posted a photo of the gathering that afternoon. The photo was captioned 'Happy birthday, Justin! Do you like my gift?'


Why was it back to the topic of gifts again!

Justin coughed. He had suddenly thought of a way to remind Nora about the gift!

He got up, entered the storage room, and took random photos of a few things in his own collection. The man who had slight obsessive-compulsive disorder arranged the photos into a nine-box grid collage. Then, he wrote: 'Thanks for the gifts today, everyone.'

After that, he set the post's privacy level so that it was visible only to Nora.

After posting the photo, he tossed the cell phone aside. The man, who had originally decided not to work that evening so that he could spend some time with his son, couldn't stop himself from picking up his laptop and using work to distract himself.

A minute later, he picked up his cell phone and glanced at it.

There weren't any notifications.

Thinking that he wouldn't get a response so quickly anyway, he put down the phone.

Besides, what was he being so nervous for? He just wanted to give Ms. Smith a reminder and another chance to send her birthday gift for him over, that was all.

For example, she could leave a comment saying 'Oops, I forgot to pass you the gift'.

Then, he would reply: "It's okay, I'm on a business trip nearby. Go get it."

Oh, but it didn't seem quite right to tell her to go and get it. That would make him seem like he was asking her for a gift.

He would just say that he was on a business trip nearby, then. She would definitely say that she would bring it over…

While thinking about it, another five minutes went by. Justin picked up his cell phone again, but there still weren't any notifications.

He frowned and stared hard at the phone.

Half an hour later!

He finally got a notification—there was a red '1' at the alerts!

The corners of Justin's lips curled upward and his slender and well-defined finger tapped lightly on it. His heart even skipped a beat when he tapped on the notification.

Then, he saw the words 'Nora Smith likes your post'.


Justin stared at the notification for a very long time until he was sure that that was all there was. Then, he chucked the phone aside angrily.


At 8 pm.

The person-in-charge of the live-stream app called the supervisor who had just knocked off. He said, "Sir, hurry and take a look at Facebook!"

The supervisor, who had only just got home, suddenly had a bad feeling. He hurriedly opened Facebook to see that another hashtag, #fantasiaclaimssweetcherryisfake, was now trending.

Fantasia was also a live-streamer registered with them. However, she wasn't in the gaming channels but in the entertainment channels. She was supposedly a young lady from a wealthy family.

During her live-stream today, someone had asked her about sweetcherry in the comments. She had immediately replied, "Oh, sweetcherry? Do you guys actually believe that a princess-y background like hers is real? Real wealthy families will never allow their children to show their faces in public like that when they're just five! I only managed to start live-streaming after fighting with my family for a really long time!"

Her words suggested that sweetcherry's background was fake and that it was just an image that a management company had created in order to hype her.

Due to sweetcherry's popularity, the post about what she said had shot straight up to the top 20 trending topics!

The person-in-charge asked nervously, "What should we do about this?"

The supervisor frowned and replied, "I suppose you can also say this is a different way of trying to get popularity. But Fantasia really just leeches off the popularity of whoever is a hot topic at the moment. Issue her a warning."

The person-in-charge said, "Okay, got it. sweetcherry is the most promising live-streamer in my opinion this year. Besides, she's only five; the things that children say are the cutest. I mustn't let Fantasia ruin it."

Cherry, the topic of their discussion, was currently tucked snugly under her covers at the moment. After sending some stickers to 'Grandpa' on Facebook Messenger to maintain their spark of friendship, she said happily, "Mommy, I added Daddy on Facebook today! What should I say to him?"

After thinking, she typed a message seriously: 'Daddy, are you asleep?'

Her message filled Justin's mind with question marks right away: ??

He was still in the midst of being mad at Nora for being so heartless, yet she had thrown herself right into the line of fire. Who had given her permission to call him Daddy?

Justin replied coldly: "I'm not your father."

Then, he blocked Cherry on Facebook.

He wasn't going to accept the child that woman had with an idiot! Not even if she was free of charge!