She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 109 - Don't You Want To Be My Daddy?

Chapter 109 - Don't You Want To Be My Daddy?

Chapter 109 - Don't You Want To Be My Daddy?

When Cherry saw the words "I'm not your father", she secretly covered her mouth and giggled, but soon she found herself unable to laugh anymore.

She had used the voice-to-text converter and sent him a message: "Don't you want to be my Daddy?"

But when she tried sending the message, she saw a big exclamation mark in front of it!

At the same time, a message prompt also appeared: "This person is unavailable on Messenger."

A dumbfounded Cherry's big round eyes widened.

She turned to Nora who had just taken a bath. The young woman had already put away her phone and was resting quietly on the bed with her eyes closed. Upon seeing that she was about to go to sleep, Cherry anxiously pushed her and asked, "Mommy, can you take a look at this for me? Why isn't Daddy receiving my messages?"

Nora lazily opened her eyes. After glancing at the phone, she replied in amusement, "Oh, he's blocked you."

Cherry, "??"

As someone who had always been everyone's favorite person in all her social circles, Cherry would like to say that she had never ever suffered such injustice before in all her five years of life!

She pouted and asked sadly, "Why did he block me? I'm so cute!"

Nora yawned and replied mercilessly, "It's because you called him Daddy."


Cherry felt even more like crying and she threw the cell phone aside.

The heartbroken little Cherry closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep while thinking "Stupid Daddy. I will never like you ever again".

Unfortunately, there were also some who found themselves unable to sleep that night.

Tina tossed and turned repeatedly on the bed, her mind preoccupied with thoughts of what had happened in the villa.

Justin hadn't even looked at her when he noticed her. Not only did he have a cold look on his face, but his attitude was also distant, just like how he usually was at work. However, the look in his eyes obviously changed the moment he saw that woman.

On top of that, he had even said something about a 'little guest'…

In her opinion, they looked more like a family of four on a blind date.

But why?

Nora already had a daughter. How could a woman like her be worthy of a man like Justin?

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't sleep. Thus, she picked up her cell phone and opened Facebook, intending to distract herself by surfing through the trending topics.

What was that ranked third in the list of trending topics?

Tina tapped on it casually and started to read the post about sweetcherry.

After realizing that it was about an unknown live-streamer, she took a couple of random looks at the post. She was about to go back to the list when she suddenly noticed the photo in the post. Was that… Pete?

Tina had never thought much of Pete. In her opinion, he was just a pitiful little boy without a mother. Once she married Mr. Hunt, they would definitely have children of their own. She would raise him and then just send him away after he grew up.

Even so, she had to admit that Pete had completely inherited his father's looks. Given his impeccably exquisite facial features, he was the prettiest child she had ever seen during the last few years.

He was probably wearing a wig in the photo, so he had two little braids which made him look like a girl. There was no way she would mistake him for anyone else, though.

Tina felt as if she had just discovered a whole new world.

She studied the post carefully, upon which she finally understood what was going on with sweetcherry.

She was actually a five-year-old gaming live-streamer.

Even their ages matched!

A gaming live-streamer, though… So, as it turned out, the reason why the Hunts' little mister didn't go to school, and why there had been rumors some time back that his grades were deteriorating was that he had become addicted to games!

Based on Tina's understanding of Justin, she was very sure that he had absolutely no idea about Pete's live-streams. Justin would never allow his children to do such things.

Therefore, Pete must be doing this behind Mr. Hunt's back… No wonder he was pretending to be a girl. This way, the probability of him being discovered would indeed be smaller.

Tina's eyes lit up and she suddenly smiled.

Everything had originally been fine after she drove away Nora and her little bastard. It was all because Pete had suddenly run out of his room. On top of that, he had even insisted on calling Nora Mommy and being in cahoots with her.

That woman sure was smart to win over the kid first though. With his help, she could then go on and try to win over the adult… Tsk, how scheming.

Ah well. It was her fault for playing too much by the rules, being too haughty, and finding it beneath her to win over a child…

Tina felt much better now. She put away her phone and fell asleep.

It was Sunday the next day.

Tina went straight to the Hunts' villa after she woke up.

She was an attending doctor in Hospital Finest, so she often went over to the Hunts as a doctor when someone was feeling unwell. In particular, after it was said that she had saved the elderly Mrs. Hunt's life, she went in and out of the Hunts' as if it was her home.

She also did the same for Justin's villa.

This was one of the reasons why she was able to go to the villa the day before.

She drove to the villa's entrance. However, the gantry barrier at the entrance didn't automatically lift even after she waited for a while. Surprised, Tina rolled down the car window. Right away, she saw the security guard asking sternly, "Do you have an appointment, Ms. York?"

Tina, "?"

She was dumbfounded for a moment. Then, she pointed to herself and said, "Do I even need to make an appointment? It's not like you're new here. Did you forget who I am?"

However, the security guard replied just as sternly as ever, "No, but Mr. Hunt has specifically left us instructions saying that you're not allowed to go in and out at will anymore."

Tina, "!!"

An indescribable sense of embarrassment arose in her and she clenched her fists tightly.

Even her eyes had reddened in anger. "Is this a misunderstanding?"

The security guard replied, "Mr. Hunt personally gave us the instructions. Isn't your full name Tina York?"


Tina took a deep breath. Then, she said, "I'll give Mr. Hunt a call right away. There may be some kind of misunderstanding."

After saying that, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Justin's private number.

Justin had two mobile numbers. One was for work while the other was his private number.

During the period when Mrs. Hunt had been hospitalized, she was her attending doctor, so Justin had given her his private phone number. She had always been able to get through previously.

However, when she dialed his number this time, she instead heard the intercept message: 'Hello, the number you have dialed is not in service.'

Not in service? What nonsense! She just wasn't on his list of contacts anymore, that was all!

Tina clenched her fists tightly. She stopped the car at the side and struck the steering wheel angrily.

No, Mr. Hunt would never do this to her! That woman must have said something to him!

She suddenly thought of something and called Pete.

In no time, someone picked up. Pete's young but serious voice came from the other end: "Hello, who is this?"

Tina forced a smile and said, "Hi Pete, I'm Aunt Tina."

"You must have called the wrong number. I don't know any Aunt Tina… beep… beep… beep…"

The other party had hung up.

The expression on Tina's face became even more awful!

As expected, Pete was still just as unappreciative of her kindness as ever.

She took a deep breath and let out an icy laugh.

Fine. She was originally intending to talk to him nicely and coax him to help her, but judging from his attitude, it looked like he was determined to help Nora.

In that case, he didn't have any right to blame her even if she told Justin about his live-streams!