She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 107 - Little Cherry Is Famous Now!

Chapter 107 - Little Cherry Is Famous Now!

Chapter 107 - Little Cherry Is Famous Now!

The supervisor was a little taken aback to hear that. "How come?"

sweetcherry wasn't a huge celebrity. It was a little hard for even the big-name live-streamers on their platform to trend on social media, let alone sweetcherry when she was only in the top 80?

The supervisor picked up his cell phone. At once, he noticed that a hashtag, #whoselittleprincessisthat, was actually trending at 49th place.

Although it wasn't ranked very high, for someone like sweetcherry who only had 250,000 followers, the number of engagements it had was very impressive.

One must admit that sweetcherry's ability to attract followers was superb. They didn't even promote her much, yet she had already gained 50,000 followers on her own just by relying on the face-off contest's popularity and the way she dissed people without repeating any of the jokes.

Her follower count in the app had been visibly increasing ever since she started to trend.

The supervisor checked the hashtag. Right away, he saw that more than 100,000 people had actually started to follow the keyword 'sweetcherry'.

One of the top posts under the hashtag

#whoselittleprincessisthat was:

"Make no mistake, Sweetcherry is definitely a little princess from a wealthy family!

"To be honest, you can tell just by the way she speaks! In one of her game rounds, she said to a teammate, 'Why is your horse slower than even my Whitey?' A fan then asked who Whitey was, to which she replied, 'My little pony, of course. It's currently in the stable. Speaking of which, I kinda miss it!' Horseback riding is a very expensive sport. Of course, it's true that anyone who's rich can take lessons, but! sweetcherry actually has her own little pony! Think about it! Think about it veeery carefully!"

There were almost 10,000 replies to the post.

Everyone became Sherlock Holmes and started to piece together Cherry's daily life through the bits and pieces of information that she revealed whenever she dissed someone.

After much analysis, everyone finally concluded that sweetcherry was definitely a little princess from a wealthy family!

Otherwise, there was no way a five-year-old would have people like Sponsor Grandpa and Sponsor Daddy tipping them so generously!

Whenever someone who didn't know what was going on clicked on the trending topic and asked who sweetcherry was, everyone enthusiastically filled them in and even affectionately nicknamed her Sweetie.

The photo featured in the post was a screenshot of her live-stream when she revealed her face.

Although it was blurry, one could still tell at a glance that she looked very sweet and adorable. This gave her even more bonus points!

The supervisor looked through the posts one by one. At once, he said excitedly, "I wanted to keep her low-profile and wait until she got into the top 20 before I start promoting her, but I didn't expect her fans to make such a good showing. She's actually become popular on her own! This child is meant to be famous!"

Right after the supervisor said that, the corners of the person-in-charge's lips spasmed a little. He said, "Sir, she's in a new trending post."

The supervisor was surprised.

When he looked at the trending topics again, he saw that a new post had appeared at 45th place and was even showing signs of going further up the rankings. The hashtag was #weonlyhave75milliondollars.

A video of a live-stream was featured in the post.

In sweetcherry's live-stream, a follower who saw the trending post had asked: 'Sweetie, are you from a wealthy family?'

The video was of the game. sweetcherry asked, "What's a wealthy family?"

The follower replied: 'People who are rich.'

sweetcherry said, "We aren't rich. Mommy says that we're very poor. We only have 75 million dollars, so she told me not to overspend. If not, we'll have to ask my Grand-aunt for money."

Everyone was utterly bewildered.

'Only' 75 million dollars?!?!

Amidst the rows and rows of '???' in the comments, Sponsor Grandpa gave her a tip of 9,999 airplanes. The comment that came together with the tip was bold and capitalized: "Your family is indeed very poor. Buy some clothes for yourself with this."

Everyone, "!!!"

The big boss was here again!

As a result, #weonlyhave75milliondollars started to trend.

The supervisor's hands were shaking from excitement.

He looked straight at the person-in-charge and instructed, "Contact the relevant social media platforms and get this post into the top three trending topics!"

The person-in-charge laughed and said, "Got it."

The bonus that the company got from the big boss' tip alone was enough for them to put the post into the top three trending topics!

He had a hunch that sweetcherry would definitely be the rage all over the world!

Cherry was in the midst of her live-stream. The only thing she intuitively felt was that she was receiving more and more comments in her live-stream. It was to the extent that she couldn't even keep up anymore. Thus, she stopped interacting with the comments and focused on her game instead.

It was only when she glanced at her follower count two hours later when the live-stream ended that she received a huge shock—she had actually gained 500,000 followers in two hours!

On top of that, even though the live-stream had ended, her follower count was still soaring. Each page refresh saw an increase of a few thousand followers. She swallowed hard. She had a bad feeling about this.

… If she told Mommy about this, Mommy definitely won't let her live-stream anymore!

But Sponsor Grandpa was waiting for her every day…

Little Cherry made a big decision at this moment—she wouldn't tell anyone about this. After all, her face wasn't shown during the live-streams, so no one knew what she looked like, right?

Cherry, who wasn't on any social media platforms, was completely unaware that one could replay live-streams, let alone the fact that she had already gone viral.

In the study at the Hunts' villa.

The psychiatrist placed two pill bottles in front of Justin and said, "Let him take one pill a day for this one, and two a day for this one, Mr. Hunt. I've made these pills for mental disorders look like vitamins. Have Pete take them for a while."

Justin stared at the two pill bottles.

To be honest, he had wanted to take it slow. After all, Pete's 'condition' had improved after they returned to New York. In fact, he hadn't had any relapses for a while.

However, his personalities were starting to switch back and forth frequently again during the past few days…

Yes, that's right. The psychiatrist had re-diagnosed him after Justin told him about Pete's behavior. Children with mild autism weren't very mentally stable after all.

Therefore, the psychiatrist had made a bold deduction—Pete had schizophrenia!

One of his personalities was a boy.

The other was a little princess.

After some discussion between the two, they decided to try putting him on medication. However, it was imperative that patients with such disorders not be resistant to treatment, so the psychiatrist came up with a solution to disguise the pills as vitamins and have Pete take them unknowingly. This way, everything would be fine!

Justin took the bottles and nodded.

After the psychiatrist left, he walked out of the study to see the nanny sorting out the gifts he had received. At the sight of him, the nanny said, "Mr. Hunt, this watch is from Mr. Chester. This is from Mr. Sean, and this is from Mr. Lawrence. There's also this—it's a scarf from Ms. York…"

Justin frowned and said, "Put everything in the storage room. As for the scarf… It's getting cold. You can wear it when you go out for groceries!"

A troubled Justin stood in place after the nanny left. What could he do to remind Ms. Smith that she had forgotten his gift?

While thinking, he went to Pete's room, placed the two pill bottles on his desk, and said, "These are vitamins.. Remember to take them every day."