She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 106 - Sweetcherry Is Trending~

Chapter 106 - Sweetcherry Is Trending~

Chapter 106 - Sweetcherry Is Trending~

The building management?

They did indeed come to offer him birthday wishes every year, but that was usually in the evening. Surely they wouldn't intrude upon them at noon, right?

Besides, it was almost twelve. Why wasn't Ms. Smith here yet?

Was she not intending to come anymore?

The thought caused a wave of restless irritability to suddenly well up in Justin and he stood up abruptly. His deep-set eyes stared hard at the door and the beauty mark at the corner of his eye flashed with frosty displeasure.

At the sight, Chester, who was playing games on his cell phone, asked, "Are you waiting for someone, Justin?"

"No, I'm not," replied Justin, who denied it without even a second thought.

He had given the woman an opportunity to get close to him, but she hadn't seized it. It was her loss. What did it have to do with him?

That woman was obviously the one in love with him, but why was he instead the one feeling insecure now?

Justin was stunned.

At the door, a smile formed on Tina's face when she overheard their conversation.

She had really thought that Mr. Hunt had invited her over when she saw Nora at the door just now. From the look of things now though, that wasn't the case. She must have heard from somewhere that it was Mr. Hunt's birthday and specially came to appeal to him!

How shameless.

How dare she set her sights on Mr. Hunt when she already had a kid!

In that case, she would make it such that she couldn't even get past the door!

As soon as the thought formed, Pete ran out of his room and said, "Daddy, I heard that you refused to let Mommy in?"

Justin's eyes darkened at once. As if he had suddenly realized something, he strode toward the door.

He abruptly pulled the door open, revealing a bored Nora outside. The empty-handed woman looked at him lazily, her voice low and leisurely as she asked, "I heard it's not convenient for you to host female guests today, Mr. Hunt?"

For some reason, Justin felt a slight tremor in his heart the instant he saw her, and his unhappiness from just now disappeared without a trace.

A smile appeared on his face and he replied, "It is indeed inconvenient to host other female guests because we're expecting a special little female guest today…"

He tore his gaze away from Nora and looked at the little fellow next to her, upon which the corners of his lips started to spasm.

Cherry's face had been painted dramatically to look like a clown. The area around her eyes was painted black and lipstick stretched out from the corners of her mouth.

The child's original appearance wasn't distinguishable, but she nevertheless still looked cute.

The little fellow's big eyes were filled with grievances. She pointed at Tina and said, "But that middle-aged woman said she's not letting us in!"

Justin frowned and looked at Tina.

Tina was dumbfounded.

She clenched her fists tightly. She hadn't expected that the Smith woman had already won over the little mister!

With an awful look on her face, she said awkwardly, "Mr. Hunt, I wasn't lying to you on purpose. It's because you guys said just now that it's inconvenient for you to host female guests, so I misunderstood! As for saying that it was building management staff…"

She looked at Nora, sighed, and said, "Mr. Hunt hates women coming to his place without his consent the most. I was afraid that he would get mad at you if he knew you were here, so I told a white lie. But as it turns out, he had invited you. I didn't mean to overreact!"


Nora couldn't help but let out a 'tsk' at her explanation.

Just look at that fake and manipulative way of speech; she could make even lies sound like the truth. The corners of Nora's lips turned upwards and she said, "Am I supposed to thank you, then?"

"No, it's fine." Tina smiled and said, "After all, I was the one who made a mistake. Fortunately, I didn't cause any misunderstandings.

Nora was about to reply when a voice reached them. "You sure know how to make excuses for yourself, Ms. York! You're obviously trying to hog Mr. Hunt by driving other women away and allowing only yourself to stay. Do you think no one can tell that you like Mr. Hunt?"

Tina's expression instantly changed dramatically. "No, I wasn't. I…"

Nora, "?"

Why did that annoying voice sound kinda familiar?

She looked over to see someone standing in front of her and smiling at her. "We meet again, Ms. Smith!"

Nora was a little taken aback. "Who are you?"

The corners of the man's lips spasmed a little. "Your memory isn't very good, Ms. Smith. We met in California. I'm Lawrence Zimmer, Mr. Hunt's executive assistant!"

Nora asked, "… Why have you become so tanned?"

Lawrence, "??"

Who wouldn't become tanned after being thrown into the tropics for half a month? Let's not expose people leading a hard life, please!

However, he clearly remembered why he had been thrown into the tropics, so he tried his best to force an ingratiating smile.

Nora said, "Please don't smile. Your face looks even more tanned when contrasted with your teeth."

Lawrence, "…"

The few of them walked into the room as they chatted.

Seeing that they were no longer paying any more attention to her, Tina took a deep breath and followed after them. However, when she reached the door, Lawrence stopped in his tracks, looked back at her, and said, "Ms. York, it's Mr. Hunt's birthday, so it's inconvenient for us to host female guests today."

After saying that, he slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Tina, "!!"

She felt as if someone had just given her a few tight slaps across her cheek! She gritted her teeth. It was all because of Nora that she was shut out!

However, the people inside the villa were completely unaware of how angry Tina was outside the door.

Nora spotted the birthday card on the coffee table the moment she entered. She immediately picked it up and asked, "Is this the birthday card that your son made for you?"

Pete, who was staring at his sister's strange clown makeup, was bewildered.

He looked at the birthday card in silence and then at Justin. At once, he saw the tyrant giving him a long look before he replied, "Yes."

Pete, "…"

Nora looked at the birthday card again and again before she finally put it down reluctantly. Her son was the sweetest after all! Look at that stinky little Cherry! All she had was just a crazy bout of flattery!

To that, Cherry would like to express that this was unfair!

After having lunch at the Hunts, Cherry finally successfully gave Justin the birthday gift she had prepared—a crazy bout of flattery. Nora then took Cherry back home.

After the two of them left, Pete finally picked up the birthday card, handed it to Justin, and commented disdainfully, "Daddy, your handwriting is too ugly!"

Justin, "…"

That was him deliberately imitating Pete's handwriting with his left hand!!

Did Ms. Smith forget to give him a birthday gift today though?

He entered the study. Sean and Lawrence followed after him.

Sean said, "Your uncle bribed people to kidnap Pete again. They supposedly even gave them photos this time."


Justin frowned. "Nothing about Pete must be leaked!"

Sean nodded. "Yes, sir!"

Justin instructed, "Create a screening system. This way, if photos of Pete surface anywhere on the Internet, we'll be notified right away!"

This was the only way they could strictly prevent information on Pete from being leaked!

Sean replied, "Yes, sir!"

At the same time at the live-stream platform's studio.

The person-in-charge of the gaming channels said excitedly to the supervisor, "sweetcherry really lives up to expectations! This is just her fourth face-off, but she's already trending!!"