She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052: Black Cat is Over Here!

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Ten minutes later.

Security officers lay all over the ground as Nora and Justin stretched their arms and legs.

Stretch a little more. You havent exercised for too long. Take care not to hurt yourself, said Justin.

Peter who had driven over and was waiting for them to get into the car:

Fine, compared to his father, he certainly still had a long way to go!

Nora did as Justin said.

He was right. Her life was becoming more and more relaxed and leisurely these days. All she did every day was sleep and go for strolls. She was completely leading the life of a retiree. Given all the activity today, there was indeed a need for her to cool down properly.

She stretched her arms and legs seriously.

The captain, who was on the floor, stared at them in shock. He stammered, W-who are you?

He already had a vague idea of their ident.i.ties by then

At his question, Nora hesitated for a moment and then suddenly said with a straight face, Were Americans.

I know that, of course! The captain thought.

Annoyed, the captain retorted, Do you have any idea who we are?! How dare you do this to me! I will tell the Queen about this! I dont believe we cant catch you guys if the UK goes all out!

Oh, okay, Nora replied.

The captain: ?

After the two were done stretching, they got into the car. Peter sped into the distance at once.

Black Panther had personally gone to pick up the researchers families at the places specified by Nora. Whenever they spotted a house with the American flag hung on the door or window, they would knock out the hidden agents monitoring the occupants, rush into the houses, and then escort the researchers family members into the transportation vehicle.

To be honest, after Black Panther started working for Karl and began his career as an, the man, who had grown up in Switzerland, had become someone who confounded right and wrong. He was someone who lived with his morals in the gray area.

But when he saw the star-spangled banners fluttering in the breeze, a feeling of patriotism suddenly arose in him.

However, he didnt dwell too long on it. He quickly took his charges to Black Cat and met up with her instead.

Though the two teams were working separately, both ultimately raced toward the same destination.

When Black Panther arrived at the pier where they were supposed to meet up, he saw Abbott and a group of people there. They were craning their necks anxiously and looking into the distance.

Wheres Black Cat? Black Panther asked.

Abbott shook his head and replied, Black Cat isnt here yet. They are going to find us very soon, though. If Black Cat doesnt get here soon, we wont be able to get away anymore.

Black Panther broke into a frown as well.

Neither of them knew that a certain security bureau was currently trying their hardest to find them via the traffic cameras on the roads.

However, someone hacked into the system at that moment

In the cyber-security central bureau of the UK, Q and Y easily stopped the bureau from accessing the system.

In fact, they even blocked the satellite signal. As a result, the bureau could only use the most traditional method to search for them. Because of this, even though five minutes had already pa.s.sed since Abbott and the others reached their destination, the bureau still hadnt found their way over yet.


While the group was waiting anxiously, a car stopped in front of them.

Peter, Nora, and Justin then got out of it.

Nora and Justin were both tapping away on their cell phones

With cyber-security technology getting more and more advanced, even Q and Y couldnt afford to look away from the UKs cyber-security system for even a second if they wanted to stop them from finding their whereabouts. As soon as they stopped, the other party would be able to restore the system. Should that happen, it would only be a matter of mere seconds before their whereabouts are exposed.

The trio got out of the car and approached the group.

Black Panther panicked at once. He shouted, Wheres Black Cat?! Do you know that the vehicle were about to use is absolute top-secret in the organization?! Only Boss and Black Cat are authorized to use it! Without Black Cat here, we wont be able to leave at all! What have you people done? Did you abandon Black Cat and leave Black Cat there to bring up the rear?!

An anxious Abbott also asked, Yeah. Wheres Black Cat?


The corners of her lips spasmed as she said, Shut up.

Then, she closed the hacking program on her cell phone and opened a program that only Karl and she could access.

Abbott and Black Panther: ?????