She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051: Get Them!

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Peter stood beside the truck and watched as his colleagues got into the truck one by one. In the end, he looked at Mia and said, Get in, Mia!

Mias eyes were bright and s.h.i.+ny.

This was the first time that the girl, who had always been well-behaved since she was little, was involved in something this exciting. It was an extremely novel experience for her.

However, she couldnt help but be worried about Petes safety. She wanted to say something, yet she didnt dare to, so she merely nodded and grabbed the cargo bed of the truck. Just as she was about to prop herself up, a big and warm arm suddenly held her around the waist and held her up. With that, Mia got into the truck immediately.

Mia: !!

Her cheeks immediately turned as red as a tomato, and she felt as if her heart was pounding faster than usual.

She looked outside

Just as she was about to speak, she noticed that the doors of the main entrance had opened, and security officers were rus.h.i.+ng out of the building. They were about to surround them!

Some even raised their guns and pointed them at the trucks tires. Once the tires were punctured, they wouldnt be able to leave!

It was at this point that she saw Peter, who had been holding on to the cargo bed and planning to get in previously, suddenly jumping back down. He promptly shouted, Go!

Though Abbott didnt manage to catch a glimpse of Black Cat, he knew very well that his mission was to pick these people up today. The man immediately started the truck.

When someone fired at the truck, Abbott quickly changed its speed and direction to prevent the bullet from striking the tires.

Those guys didnt dare to go as far as to take livesafter all, they needed the researchers aliveso they didnt fire at anyone. Just as more and more bullets were fired and it seemed that they wouldnt be able to dodge them anymore, a commotion suddenly broke out in the distance where the security officers were!

Abbott immediately slammed his foot down on the gas pedal. The truck went charging out immediately and disappeared after rounding the corner.

When the captain of the security officers saw the truck disappear from his sight, he immediately knew that it was too late.

Despite that, he didnt panic.

Since he had decided to stay put, it went without saying that he had a plan.

Those guys might be able to escape the research center, but leaving for good? Not so easy!

He looked coldly at the trio who had stayed behind and said derisively, Playing hero? Dont overestimate yourselves! Peter Hunt, you must be the one who stole my key, right?

Peter nodded. Yup.

The captain sneered. Ill make you pay for that today! And give you a taste of what happens when you dont behave!

Then, he took a step back and ordered, Go, get them! Teach them a good lesson! I want Peter Hunts legs broken!

They certainly couldnt kill the researchers, but once their legs were broken, it would be even harder for them to escape, no?

As he gave the order, over 20 security officers rushed over and surrounded the trio.

However, Nora was looking at an overland vehicle nearby. They might have missed the truck just now, but look what they had here? Their escape route had just presented itself!

Ill hold them here. Which one of you is going to steal the car?

Ill protect you, Mom. Dad can go steal the car.


A grumpy look had already come over his countenance. It wasnt easy for him to have a chance to team up with his wife. What was that kid b.u.t.ting in for?

He scoffed, Nothing but an unnecessary move.

Peter stroked his chin.

He was simply speechless at the tyrant. Did he really have to be so possessive even at a time like this? Never mind, it wasnt like he had the guts to p.i.s.s his father off too badly, either. After all, he was still young. Should the tyrant really decide to make things difficult for him, he wouldnt be able to handle it.

Peter came around to the idea in no time. He said, Dad, Mom, you guys hold em back. Ill go get the car.


Upon seeing the trio still leisurely discussing plans despite being surrounded, the captain was furious. Fools sure were fearless!

Did the three of them really think that he and his team were just your average, run-of-the-mill security officers?

Normal people would never be able to keep those people in the facility.

They were all elites who had been carefully selected!

With a sneer, the captain ordered, Get them!