She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053: They Cant Be Together

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Abbott and Black Panther stared at Nora in shock and astonishment.

Both of them were incredulous.

Honestly speaking, they had already found Nora very impressive when they realized that she was the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Among all the women no, among everybody they had ever met, including the men, she was the most impressive one ever.

In that case, how much more impressive could Black Cat possibly be?

Now that they suddenly realized that Nora was, in fact, Black Cat herself, even though the discovery was certainly surprising, it also made perfect sense to them.

At the same time, they also felt rather bad for looking down on Nora back then.

How could they have been so clueless?!

While the two men were plagued with guilt, Nora looked intently at her cell phone and wordlessly tapped the Activate b.u.t.ton.

To hide their embarra.s.sment, Abbott and Black Panther asked, Whats the emergency plan, Black Cat?

Yeah, this is the ocean. Youll have to cross the ocean if you want to go back to America. How are you guys going to get there?

Abbott wasnt an American, so he didnt feel much of a sense of loyalty to the United States.

While the two were talking, they suddenly heard a whirring sound. Then, the coast started to shake a little. The next moment, a black, ma.s.sive object suddenly emerged from the ocean.

Shocked, the two quickly looked over warily, whereupon they realized that it was actually a submarine!!

On top of that, it was a huge one that could seat up to a hundred people!

Abbott and Black Panther were astounded. The two men stared at the behemoth in disbelief.

When did the organization get an ultimate weapon like this?!

With this around, they wouldnt have to fear even if they created a huge ruckus in the UK!

This was also Noras first time seeing the submarine.

She and Karl had prepared this as their backup plan in the past.

At the bottom of it all, the organization was still an illegal business. Moreover, Karl still had an official ident.i.tya spyin the United States.

The two had hit it off immediately and prepared the submarine. In case there ever came a day when they could no longer bear the pressure from foreign authorities, they could use the submarine and escape to anywhere in the world in it.

Energy supplies were also replenished regularly. At the very least, there was definitely enough to last till they got to the United States!

Nora stepped forward and unlocked the system with a scan of her thumb. The submarines door opened and everyone went in one by one. After everyone had entered, Nora and Justin finally went in and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, Justin put his cell phone away.

The submarine started sinking into the waters and began its journey to the United States.

The submarine featured a lot of advanced technology, including even a counter-reconnaissance system. This more or less gave them a veil of invisibility and prevented radars from detecting them.

The submarine started moving in the ocean.

Everyone inside also quietened down.

From the UK, it would take roughly a week for them to reach the United States. Everything outside in the vast ocean was covered in darkness, making the pa.s.sengers rather scared and panicky.

When Black Panther sensed their apprehension and anxiety, he started to chat with them to pa.s.s the time.

He looked at Peter first. Do you have a girlfriend?

This boy was Black Cats son!

When Peter was about to answer, his colleagues next to him said, Oh, Peters super popular with the girls in the lab! Even though hes still young, there are a lot of women throwing themselves at him!

Black Panther immediately remarked jokingly, Ooh, you lucky chap!

Peter, however, glanced at Mia subconsciouslytrue enough, a fl.u.s.tered look appeared in the girls eyes. Yet when he looked over, she hurriedly lowered her head to hide her emotions.

Peter heaved a sigh inwardly.

He had been diagnosed with mild autism when he was a child, but as the son of Justin Hunt, he was extremely prideful.

Among all the girls he had ever met, only Mia and Cherry were good enough in his eyes.

Cherry was his younger sister whom he doted on a lot.

As for Mia Initially, he had found the girl weak and frail, so he couldnt bring himself to bully her at all, and he also started to subconsciously protect her. When he found out that she was his younger cousin, it became all the more natural for him to do so.

When had those changes in his feelings for her suddenly changed?

He couldnt quite recall anymore.

All he knew was that in his family where everyone was a big boss, Mia was the one who cared for him the most.

Yet, in spite of that, the two of them were not allowed to be together.