She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050: Escape!

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At 4 a.m.

The hour right before daybreak was when people were the sleepiest.

In spite of that, Nora opened her eyes punctually. When she sat up, Justin, who was beside her, also sat up.

After exchanging a look with each other, Nora went to wash up leisurely. She put her hair up into a ponytail and stretched as she remarked, Its been a while since I last did anything taxing. I should go get some good exercise tonight.

Yeah. How do you want to go about it?

A doting Justin asked.

Nora blinked and replied, Itd be really boring if we just leave quietly by ourselves. We should make them pay for what theyve done. After all, they kept Pete captive for so long. We shouldnt let them off the hook that easily, right?

Justin smiled. Got it.

Justin hadnt pa.s.sed down his social connections to Pete yet. As for Pete himself, he was only fifteen years old, so he hadnt established his own connections yet. He was still in the phase of looking for reliable subordinates of his own.

Therefore, it was indeed rather hard for Pete to save his colleagues.

But to Nora and Justin, the same task was as easy as ABC.

The couple stepped out of the room and went next door to look for Mia. However, when they went over, they realized that she wasnt in the room.

Oh, right. Mia said she would be with Pete tonight to help him with the logistical arrangements, said Nora.

Yeah, okay.

The two then headed down leisurely.

The security guard at the lounge entrance had already fallen asleep. The middle-aged ladys head nodded forward again and again as she dozed. Nora and Justin, who had decided to openly leave through the door, then took out their cell phones and held them up to the scanner at the entrance, where the gla.s.s doors immediately opened.

The two stepped out.

The sky was dim and gray as daybreak slowly approached.

The two went to Petes dormitory.

As soon as they arrived, they saw that Pete and the others had already a.s.sembled on the ground floor. All of them looked tired and weary. It was obvious that they hadnt slept the whole night because they were too nervous.

Nora yawned and signaled to Pete.

Pete immediately nodded and led the way in front. As he walked, he explained, Ive already scouted out the area nearbythere are no security cameras along this route. Theres an iron gate in front, though, and the key is with the captain of the security officers.

Nora raised her brows. If you had told me earlier, Id have gone to retrieve it.

When Pete heard her, he let out a sneaky chuckle and fished out a key from his pocket. I already swiped the key a long time ago and duplicated it.

Well done, thought Nora. As expected of her son, indeed.

In this instant, it occurred to Nora that Pete did have the ability to bring his colleagues out of the research center. It was just that he couldnt ensure their successful escape once they left.

When Justin saw the look of approval in Noras eyes, he immediately poured cold water and said, They must have realized what you were up to, right? Thats why you panicked and got us here to clean up your mess.


Unfortunately, that was indeed what had happened. When he stole the key and duplicated it the other time, the captain of the security officers had sensed something amiss and had been tracing the culprit recently. The clues would probably lead him to Pete in another couple of days or so.

While he could certainly leave by himself, two days were too short a period for him to bring so many people with him.

He touched his nose and grumbled, Cough, quit it, Dad.

Seeing the boy embarra.s.sed, Justin was satisfied.

Ha, that little brat. Dont even think of showing off in front of Nora. Youre still too young!

Nora glanced at the people behind them. When she realized that there were fewer than 20 people behind, Pete explained, A few of them changed their minds at the last minute and decided to stay.

Yeah, okay.

Nora didnt press for details.

With Pete familiar with the terrain, the group managed to reach the main entrance without any problems.

Pete stopped in his tracks. Mom, Dad, Im sure that there are surveillance cameras at the entrance. If I open the door, they will find out immediately. We only have 30 seconds before they get here. Are the people who are supposed to meet us already outside?

Yeah, they are.

Alright, lets go, then!

Pete did a tuck-and-roll and tried his best to hide his presence as he rushed over and opened the gate.

When the gate opened, everyone dashed toward it!


Abbott, who had personally driven a truck over, craned his neck when he spotted them. Wheres Black Cat?