She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049: Black Cat

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Rather than a laboratory, Peters workplace was actually more like a research center.

As they went deeper into the facility, just on the way to the lounge alone, Nora observed that there were already about a few hundred people guarding the place. From the looks of it, Peter and the others were doing research on something extremely important.

There were also a lot of employeesat least a thousand of themin the research center.

Therefore, the research center had its own employee dormitories and canteen.

The families of most of the people under surveillance also lived and worked there, so they couldnt leave even if they wanted to.

When they reached the lounge, Peter said, Rest here. Ill bring you guys around and let you meet those people when lunchtime comes. Ill give them a heads-up first, too.


After sleeping the morning away, when lunchtime approached, the trio went to the canteen with Peter. There, Nora met the 23 people in question.

The group was both excited and nervous.

But some of them looked clearly uneasy.

Whats wrong? Nora asked.

Peter answered, For some of them, their family members arent here, but would also like to leave with us.

Nora broke into a frown. After a moment of contemplation, she exchanged a look with Justin and then said, How about this? Get their families addresses and give them to me. Ill send people to pick them up.

Peter nodded and went to talk to the others.

After a while, he came back again. The boy, who still looked as troubled as before, asked, Must we act tonight, Mom?


For one, by taking action quickly, it was highly likely that they could get away before the people outside even realized what had happened.

For another, she wanted to go home earlier to sleep!

She couldnt possibly stay here just because of one or two people.

Peter said, Actually, a few of them havent made up their minds yet. After all, taking their families and children with them and leaving the country is a big decision. They are not sure whether their wives would agree to it.

Nora thought for a moment and finally said, Get them to give me their addresses. Ill send people to pick them up at 1 a.m. tonight

She raised her head and looked at Peter intently. If they want to leave, then have their families display the national flag at the entrance of their homes. If its inconvenient for them to display the flag, or if they dont have one at home, they can draw stars and stripes on a piece of paper and put that up instead.

Her words took Peter by surprise.

Stars and stripes

He suddenly smiled and said, Okay, got it.

In this instant, Peter suddenly felt immensely proud of having a mother like Nora.

He looked back and relayed Noras instructions to the others.

Then, he collated everyones addresses and handed them to Nora.

As Nora stared at the addresses, she lowered her gaze.

In the afternoon, when they returned to the hotel, she immediately dialed Karls number. We have a new mission.

Karl immediately asked, What is it?

Picking people up.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Karl answered, No problem.

After hanging up the phone, he gave out orders to Black Panther and Abbott. Both men immediately became excited. Do we get to meet Black Cat this time?

To chase after his idol, Abbott had joined Karls team.

Unfortunately, Black Cat hadnt been in action much these recent years, so he hadnt managed to meet his idol yet. Black Panther said, When Nora impersonated Black Cat back then, she did a pretty good job Never mind, Im going to meet the real Black Cat this time! I wonder whos more impressive, Nora or Black Cat?

As Karl stared at them, the corners of his lips couldnt help but spasm.

Black Cats ident.i.ty was sensitiveafter all, she had taken so many lives, so it went without saying that her ident.i.ty must be kept a secretso he hadnt told these two dummies the truth yet.

Upon hearing what they said, Karl cleared his throat and nodded. Alright, get going now!