She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048: To Help or Not to Help?

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Peter turned serious.

He had always been similar in personality to Justinafter all, the latter had raised him single-handedly. Peter said seriously, The lab is forcibly keeping its employees here.

His words made Nora raise her brows. Forcibly?


Peter explained, They refuse to let the employees leave. Now that you guys are here, I reckon theyll also start monitoring you. They will never let me return to the Statesafter all, Im one of the talents they specially picked. They gave me a lot of benefits and even promised me real estate. The salary is also high

But was he someone short of money?

Peter had never revealed his true ident.i.ty to outsiders, that was all.

Nora said, You didnt make us come all the way here just because of that, did you? Not only was Peter a skilled martial artist himself, but he also had a few other guards by his side. He could easily escape anytime, so he didnt need to have them personally make a trip here if it was just about that.

A disapproving Justin also remarked, You cant even get away by yourself when the surveillance is this lax? How useless!


The corners of his lips spasmed and he glanced at Mia.

Now that he had grown up, he didnt like being embarra.s.sed in front of others. In particular, he was especially unaccustomed to being chastised by his parents in front of Mia.

He touched his nosethe boy had also picked up Justins little habitsand answered, Im not talking about myself.

My colleagues are affected too.

He looked up at Nora and said, Mom, I have 23 colleagues from America who are also facing the same situation. All of them are Harvard and MIT graduates. After they left the country to pursue further studies, they didnt return to America even once. Because of this, they were even flamed by netizens on the Internet, but not all of them had stayed here of their own volition. Its because they ended up becoming exposed to high-end industries under their lecturers guidance when they were still university students, resulting in them being forced to stay here and being forbidden from returning to America.

They want to go back too

There are many others like them.

There were already 23 such cases in Peters school alone. Moreover, most of them had even gotten married and started a family there, so they wanted to return to their country with their wives, husbands, and children.

But there was only so much Peter could do.

He had no problem escaping by himselfin fact, he could even take two or three people with himbut he couldnt take all of them with him.

All 23 of his colleagues wanted to leave this place with him. It wouldnt be right, no matter who he abandoned or took with him.

So In case of trouble, Mom was the person to go to.

He was only fifteen. It was perfectly normal that he wouldnt be able to resolve such a serious problem.


Justin also fell silent.

Peter gave Mia a look.

Mia immediately said gently to Nora, Aunt Nora, those people are so pitiful. Like Pete, all of them obviously want to go home, but not only are they unable to, their own countrymen misunderstood them and even called them traitors Im sure their parents miss them a lot too.

Fine, lets help them, Nora said.

How many do we help? Peter asked.

Nora looked at him. Since weve decided to help, then we must get every one of them out.

Then, she c.o.c.ked her head to the side and suddenly chuckled. Well, would you look at that? Weve got company. Since they have already set their sights on us, lets visit your lab and have a look!


After breakfast, the group went to the laboratory entrance. Peter said, My parents and little sister havent settled their accommodation arrangements yet. Is it possible to let them stay in the laboratorys lounge?

The security guard looked at Nora and Justin and then replied, Give me a minute. Ill have to ask the higher-ups about that.

With a walkie-talkie in his hand, he stepped aside and asked, Do I let them in, sir?

The person on the other end replied, Let them in. Three small and skinny weaklings like them arent going to be much of a threat, if at all. Dont get so nervous just because they are Americans; only the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts and the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts can pose a threat to us. The rest are no problem!

Yes, sir!

Thus, the security guards let them in. None of them knew just what kind of monsters they had allowed into the laboratory.