She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047: Mia Cares For Me the Most in the Whole Family

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The moment they arrived at the laboratory, they happened to run into a group of people who had just woken up and were getting ready to go for breakfast.

The group stopped the trio at the entrance and asked, Our company is not a place where any Tom, d.i.c.k, or Harry can enter. Who are you?

Mia replied, Were here to look for my elder brother. Hes in there right now. These are my parents. Were here on vacation

The security guard glanced at Nora and Justin and then sneered, Are you kidding me?

Mia: ?

The security guard said, These two look so young. The woman can only be your elder sister at best! How can they possibly be your parents?!

Mia: ???

In order to minimize potential trouble, she was pretending to be Cheryl.

That was why she had claimed that Nora and Justin were her parents.

Yet the security guard wasnt taking her word for it?

The security guard then pointed at Nora and said, She looks twenty years old at best. How can she possibly have a child as old as you? And this guy

The security guard pointed at Justin and said, Hes probably only about thirty years old?

Justin was wearing a suit and had a stern look on his face. Even though his facial features looked young, he didnt look like a twenty-year-old lad still wet behind the ears.

Therefore, while the security guard might be persuaded to believe that Justin was Mias father, there was no way he was going to believe that Nora was her mother.

A grouchy look took over Justins face.

The security guard had outright made him and Nora people from two different generations. They were about the same age, alright?!

Mia explained, Its true They just look younger than most other people, thats all.

She took out their ID doc.u.ments and showed them to the security guard. My mom is already 34 years old this year. She gave birth to us when she was 19

The security guard examined the ID closely, flipping it over and over as he stared at it. At last, he believed Mias words and said, Alright, I guess. Security is strict in the lab, so outsiders are not allowed into the premises. Ill call Peter Hunt outside instead.

Asking him to come out?

Then this would at least mean that Pete was free to move about.

Mia heaved a sigh of relief.

The security guard then went into the reception room and summoned Peter. About five minutes later, Peter jogged over to the main entrance.

The fifteen-year-old young man was tall and handsome.

As he was going through a growth spurt, his height made him look awfully skinny as though he didnt have much strength.

He wore a loose t-s.h.i.+rt, and one could even faintly see the protruding shape of his spine.

Upon seeing the smile on the boys good-looking face, Nora was relieved, and she felt that the tiring night was all worth it.

Dad! Mom! Mia! Youre here!

Pete stopped and panted for a while. Then, he returned to his usual calm demeanor and greeted the trio.

He looked at the security guard and said, These are my parents and younger sister. They already notified me long ago that they would be here for a vacation. Surely I can go for breakfast with them, right?

The security guard stared hard at Pete and then replied, Yeah, go ahead. It must have been a while since you guys met, so Im sure you miss your family. Have a good chat with them.

He emphasized the word chat.

Peter, however, seemed to understand something. He nodded and said, Sure.

Then, he went up to Nora and pointed at a caf opposite the road. Lets have breakfast there!

The group went to the caf.

After ordering food, they settled down at a table. Justin asked coldly, What on earth are you up to?

Not only was Peter able to leave the laboratory for breakfast, but judging from how he looked, it was obvious that he hadnt run into terrible trouble. In that case, hed best give him a good explanation for sending such a text message to Mia in the middle of the night. Otherwise, Justin wasnt going to let him off for disturbing Noras beauty sleep.

Peter was still rather scared of his father.

After all he couldnt beat him in a fight yet. He was still too young!

But once he could beat him ahem.

Peter dismissed his thoughts and looked at them. I really have run into trouble!

If youve run into trouble, couldnt you just come to us directly? Why did you send Mia such a text message late at night and frighten her so badly?

Nora frowned in displeasure.

Mia had been awfully pale the whole way there and had looked terribly frightened.

Peter coughed lightly and gave Mia an apologetic look. Then, he couldnt help but heave a quiet sigh and say somewhat resentfully, If I had sent you two the message instead, would the two of you have come over? In the entire family, Mia cares for my safety the most. If I contact her, you guys will definitely come.

Mias cheeks turned red when she heard the words cares for my safety the most.

She subconsciously looked at Nora and Justin. When she saw that neither of them had detected the hidden meaning of the words, she breathed a silent sigh of relief and then looked at Peter with infatuation in her eyes.

As for Nora and Justin, both of them were rather speechless.

Come to think of it, It was true that had Peter contacted them directly, they might not have come over once they learned of the situation!

Nora felt somewhat guilty.

Justin, however, was thick-skinned enough to continue pulling a long face. Alright, thats enough. Get to the point.