She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046: Going to Peter

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He had been abducted?

Nora narrowed her eyes and looked at Justin immediately.

Both of them reacted the same way.

Others might not know that much, but Nora knew this very wellPete had been learning martial arts from Quinn for years and was already a skilled martial artist with pretty good moves by now.

Otherwise, Justin wouldnt have had the peace of mind to let him go abroad for further studies while hiding his ident.i.ty.

But why had he been abducted?

Who had abducted him?

Nora immediately turned on her computer and searched for the location where Petes cell phone signal had been when he sent the text message. When she did, she discovered that the location from where he had sent the text message was the laboratory where he was studying and doing research work.

Noras expression turned solemn.

After a moments hesitation, she finally said, Pete is likely fine.

Justin nodded. If someone wanted to capture him, they would need at least a dozen people attacking him at the same time, but this would cause too great a commotion. Since there is no sign of Pete putting up resistance, there are two possible scenarios.

What are they?

Mia asked anxiously.

Justin had already sent his men to the laboratory to investigate, but they hadnt found any signs of struggle there. This was also the case a few hours ago; all they found were people reporting for work and knocking off work as usual.

He lowered his gaze and replied, Pete either gave up resistance because there were too many enemies, or he deliberately allowed himself to be captured.

Nora was also of the same opinion.

However, Mia was still very anxious. Why would he allow himself to be captured on purpose? Its not like he doesnt know better!

Even though she was terribly anxious, the adults were not surprised by her reaction.

After all, next to Nora and Justins trio of mutants, every other child seemed a little immature. Besides, Mia had always been timid since she was little.

Nora said, Think about it carefully. Since he could send you a signal before he was captured, what does this mean?

Mia paused for a moment and then answered, It means that Pete didnt completely lose the freedom to move and act.


Nora continued to gently explain things to her. She said, If he wanted to resist the other party, he could have just texted Justin or me and told us directly that he had been captured, as well as who the abductors are, but he didnt. What does this mean?

Mia thought carefully for a while and finally realized what she meant. She replied, It means that Pete has temporarily fallen under someones control, but he can still access electronic devices. His freedom has not been fully restricted, but he is unable to report the situation to outsiders. Thats why he decided to use the secret code method!

Yes, Nora nodded and said, This means that he is not in a life-threatening situation for the time being.

Mia breathed a sigh of relief. Even so, she was still awfully anxious. She said, Aunt Nora, hurry up and save Pete!


Actually, she didnt think that the situation was that serious.

Moreover, Justin had also a.s.signed Pete secret bodyguards when he went abroad. However, the bodyguards hadnt reported anything out of the ordinary so far, which meant that Pete was definitely still in the laboratory.

She nodded. Okay, tomorrow, Ill

But before she could finish, Mia said, Ive already asked Dad to get a jet ready. Why dont we go over right away?

Nora: ???

The corners of Justins lips also spasmed. He said, We dont have to be in such a hurry. Ive already received news from the secret bodyguards. They have confirmed his presencehe really is working overtime in the lab.

However, Mia said very seriously, Aunt Nora, Uncle Justin, dont you understand what Pete is like? If he hadnt been captured, he wouldnt have texted me! Also, Pete always comes back for Aunt Noras birthday every year, yet he suddenly skipped it this year. This is already very odd in itself. So, lets go over there right away!

Under Mias urging, the group set out in the jet overnight and headed to Manchester in the UK, where Pete currently was.

In the jet, Nora slept the whole way there.

However, the jet was awfully uncomfortable. After they got off and she confirmed with Justin once more that Pete was not in any danger, she decided to go to a hotel and catch up on sleep.

However, Mia kept urging the two of them. Aunt Nora, lets go to Petes lab right away! Even just a glance at him would do!


What could she do? Mia was timid and soft-spoken. She usually didnt have much presence at home, yet for some reason, be it Nora, Justin, or even Tanya and Joel, none of them could say no to her.

No matter what request Mia made, all of them would agree to it.

Thus, the group went straight to the laboratory where Peter was.