She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045: Abducted!!

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Mia tried to suppress her pining for Pete.

Soon, she arrived back home. She entered her study unhappily, opened up her practice papers, and began to go through them.

Even if they were not meant to be, she still wanted to chase after him and experience what he had experienced.

Mia began to study seriously.

To others, having a crush might be painful and might get one down. However, to Mia, this was her only motivation in life.

After studying for a long while, Mia gradually started to nod off.

Soon, she fell asleep at her desk.

However, it was at this moment that her cell phone suddenly beeped. On the display, the notification showed that she had received a text message. The sender was Pete.

At the Hunts.

As it gradually got late, people who were supposed to leave left, and people who were supposed to rest went to rest for the night.

Nora sat in the living room and looked at Queenie.

Her aunt had also stayed single the last few years, but she remembered that she had once told her that she had a crush on someone.

Nora, who thought that she had been talking about Ian, said to Queenie, Since youve returned to the States, why not continue staying here, Aunt Queenie?

She didnt mind Ian and Queenie becoming a couple if it meant that it would lessen the pain for both of them.

However, Queenie raised her brows and replied, Nah.


Nora walked up to her. For the first time ever, the lazy woman took the initiative to be a matchmaker. She said, Dad has been alone all these years too. If you want, I can help you woo him.

Queenie was taken aback. Why would I woo your dad?

Nora asked hesitantly, Arent you in love with him?

Queenie: ?

She stared at Nora in a daze. It was only after a short while that she finally recovered. When did I ever say that Im in love with him? She exclaimed.

You told me last time that you have had a crush on someone for many, many years.

Queenie burst into laughter. Even so, that person is not your dad!

Then who is it?

Nora asked curiously.

Queenies cheeks suddenly turned red. After a while, she finally sighed and replied, My feelings are considered taboo in this society, so Ive never told anyone about it before. Besides, the person Im in love with is already dead.

Nora: !!

As it turned out, she had misunderstood!

As Ian had been friendly to Queenie, and Queenie had also treated Ian well and even shown a lot of concern for his health, Nora had ended up misunderstanding.

Queenie, who seemed to notice her puzzlement, smiled and explained, Mr. Smith and I are friends because the people we cared about, cared about us.

People we cared about was referring to Yvette.

Cared about us was referring to Ian and Queenie.

Nora looked at her with a puzzled look.

However, Queenie looked away.

In this instant, Nora suddenly understood who Queenie was in love with

She retracted her gaze at once and said with a smile, Aunt Queenie, I, like Mom, also hope that you can live for yourself.


Queenie nodded. Then, she noticed an unfamiliar-looking man on the balcony nearby.

After a pause, she asked, Is that Trueman?


Nora kept nothing from Queenie.

After the cosmetic surgery, Trueman now looked completely different from how he did back then. He was currently pestering Justin and trying to convince him to agree to a business deal. He said, This is my first time doing business. Whats the big deal about working with me this once?

Justin was about to reply when

Trueman grumbled, Youre my younger brother, you know! And one related by blood, no less!


Despite ten years going by, Justin had never once told Trueman the truth, in case the latter used his position as his uncle to take advantage of him.

Nora, who was aware of Justins devious thoughts, broke into a smile.

While the few of them were chatting, they suddenly heard a hasty knocking at the door.

When the butler opened the door, Tanya and Joel hurriedly entered with Mia, who said, Pete is in trouble!

The look in Noras eyes turned serious at once. What?

Mia said, I I received a text message from Pete earlier this evening. In the message, he asked me how Im doing and said that he misses the pot roast I made but this is our secret code!

Her eyes were wide in fear and shock, and she was shaking all over. This sentence means that he has been abducted!!