She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses (5)

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Nora raised her brows. However, before she could answer, Lisa suddenly walked over. The woman, who was full of smiles, was completely engrossed in her life as a surgeon these days. With her life happy and worry-free, she didnt notice the two reporters at all.

She said sincerely, Happy birthday, Nora!

Nora didnt pay any more attention to the reporters.

When she noticed the reporters, she immediately understood something.

Obviously, showing off his daughter wasnt enough for Justin, so he was also showing off his wife now.

The corners of her lips spasmed a little as she nodded at Lisa. Then, she said, I heard you performed neurosurgery last week. Was the patient

She began to ask questions related to the professional know-how of the operation.

Lisa listened to her seriously. Toward the end, enlightenment dawned upon her and she exclaimed, So, thats how it is! Nora, if I had discussed this with you beforehand, those post-surgery problems wouldnt have happened! I shouldnt have skipped discussing this with you when youre my mentor.

However, Nora shook her head and said, If you discuss every operation with me beforehand, how are you going to learn and gain experience? Besides, your operations are already perfect as they are now!

There was no lack of patients in the country, so this was a good opportunity for Lisa to practice her skills and improve.

Although this wasnt very fair to the patients in her care before she fully matured as a surgeon, that was how reality worked. If Nora interfered with everything Lisa did, the young woman would never be able to stand on her own.

Besides, should she really meet with a crisis of life and death, Nora would help for sure anyway.

Lisa was already the top neurosurgeon in the country. She would eventually become a doctor whose skills were on par with Antis!

After the discussion, Solo returned and started to pester Nora.

Lisa wisely stepped back.

The reporters took the opportunity to step forward at this point. They looked at Lisa and asked, Dr. Black, why did you refer to Mrs. Hunt as your mentor? Isnt your mentor Dr. Anti?

Lisa: ?

Upon hearing the question, she looked at the reporters.

Only then did she notice the gadgets they were holding. When she thought of the joke going around the Internet recently, she smiled and replied, Didnt you just answer the question yourself?

The reporters: ?

As they watched Lisa leave, the pair exchanged a look with each other, both their brains malfunctioning for a split second. Suddenly, a realization hit one of them. Is Mrs. Hunt Dr. Anti?

The other reporter replied, I remember now! Anti had come to the States back then! Let me check the news from ten years ago!

With that, the reporter started to look up news from ten years ago.

Cameras were already highly advanced then. So, when he saw news reports from that period

As expected, Mrs. Hunt was indeed Dr. Anti!!

The pair looked somewhere a distance away where Quentin Smith and Lily were standing together. Though Quentin had suffered devastating injuries back then, he had regained the ability to stand now.

As Noras a.s.sistant, Lily was an excellent surgeon. She was good-looking and knew exactly how to handle Quentin.

When Quentin and Lily noticed the reporters looking at them, they leaned closer to each other and posed with victory signs at them, seemingly hoping that the reporters would snap a picture for them.

After posing for a while, Quentin refused to do it anymore. He said, Alright, alright, thats enough! You look so silly doing this!

Lily retorted, No matter how silly I look, Im not going to look sillier than you. Whos the one who claimed that he was going to protect his cousin but ended up being protected by her in the end?

Being reminded of how he had been a teen who harbored delusions of grandeur in the past, Quentin turned as red as a tomato. Ugh, dont say any more

However, Lily stepped forward and pinched his cheek. How rare, youre actually blus.h.i.+ng. You dont even blush when we do it at night anymore Its a good thing that Boss saved you and helped you regain mobility. Otherwise, how boring would it be if Im always the one on top?

Lily really hasnt changed at all, Quentin thought to himself.

He coughed and said, Alright, its your boss birthday today, so quit the dirty jokes already! Go and give her your well-wishes!


The reporters standing in the distance were flabbergasted.

However, they quickly understood what was going on. I see, so thats how it is! Mrs. Hunt is Dr. Anti, thats why she is so popular! Think about it, people can fall sick anytime. Thats why its imperative that people maintain cordial relations.h.i.+ps with her!

It was just that

Although these people were also friendly and polite to Lisa, why did they seem to be more respectful toward Mrs. Hunt?

Just as they were utterly perplexed, they heard the conversation between Solo, the world-famous hacker, and Nora.

Im thinking of hacking into Brennys computer to search for clues and see what exactly shes thinking. Can you disable your firewall?

No, I cant.

Nora rejected his request coldly.

A grumpy look appeared on Solos face at once.

Nora looked at him. You two should talk it out face-to-face if theres a problem. Its exactly because you didnt have any moral boundaries in the past and did whatever was asked of you, as long as you were paid for your services, that Barbarian successfully made use of you to hurt her. Do you want that to happen again?

Her censuring words made Solo hang his head, and he heaved a quiet sigh.

It was true that he acted with barely any moral boundaries in the past. Short of taking someone elses life, he had pretty much been willing to do just about anything.

He couldnt even realize when someone made use of him.

Now that he was officially employed, he faced restrictions in everything he did. He had originally been rather unhappy about that, but Noras words made him realize something.

People shouldnt be allowed to do as they please all the time. Sometimes, restrictions are also a form of protection.

He nodded. Alright.

After Nora left, Solo got ready to approach Brenda again. However, when he turned around, he immediately spotted the two reporters standing next to him. They looked at him hopefully and asked, Mr. Solo, you are a computer expert and champion of a hacker compet.i.tion yourself, so why are you still begging Mrs. Hunt for help?

Solo raised his brows. Dont you guys know who she is? Try looking up the news from ten years ago!