She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses (6)

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News from ten years ago again?

The reporters traveling here and there for news scoops these days were no longer the same ones from ten years ago. Therefore, it was perfectly understandable that they wouldnt know of incidents that happened a decade ago.

When the reporters heard Solo, they again buried their heads into their phones to search for news from a decade ago.

And the moment they did

Guess what they found.

Mrs. Hunt was actually Q?

Even though numerous experts had emerged in the world of hackers in the last few years, Q and Ys positions had remained rock-solid!

The reporters swallowed hard. They turned and looked at Nora in unison, finding the whole thing more and more unbelievable.

How did this happen?!

How could this be?!

As they looked at each other, they noticed Logan approaching Nora. He said, A race is coming up in a few days. They would like to invite you to join the panel of judges. Are you interested?


Nora yawned and added, Id rather sleep.

Logan pressed his lips together. Although he was unhappy, he nevertheless uttered an oh. The reporters feigned nonchalance and slowly crept closer, where they heard Logan grumble, A lot of people want to meet you, Yanci, and many of them are your fans. But I guess they just arent lucky enough to get the chance, unlike me who lucked out because were cousins.

The reporters: !!!

Were their ears playing tricks on them?!

Never mind that Mrs. Hunt was not only Anti but also Q. Was she Yanci too?

Didnt she have too many hidden ident.i.ties?

Could she get any more amazing?!

And it didnt end there. The reporters even saw the most influential bigwig of the alternative medicine circle coming over and addressing her as his mentor. Didnt that mean that she was that mysterious disciple of Dr. Zabes?!

When they observed Karl and the others, they noticed that they also treated her exceptionally respectfully

The reporters were dumbfounded.

The social status of Karl and the other guestssuch as the Queen and so onmeant that information on them was already beyond the limits of what the reporters could access. Therefore, no matter how respectful they were to Mrs. Hunt, the reporters would never ever understand why.

Things had gone completely beyond their wildest imagination.

There was no way Mrs. Hunt could possibly be a spy or a special agent, right?

The pair, who were utterly dumbfounded, shook in their boots as they hid in a corner They felt like any of the big bosses in front of them could easily crush them with a mere finger.

Just as they were feeling lost and frightened, Justin suddenly appeared in front of them.

The reporters swallowed.

With his hands in his pockets, Justin glanced at them and asked leisurely, Didnt you want to interview me?

One of the reporters was silly enough to ask, M-Mr. Hunt, when did we request to interview you?

After all, Justin was someone high up in the air and usually remained low-key. The only times he ever behaved flamboyantly were when he showed off his daughter. Therefore, he rarely ever accepted interview requests from reporters.

However, the other reporter suddenly realized something and quickly said, Yes, yes! We wanted to interview you!

Yeah, then lets get on with it.

Justin adjusted his tie and cleared his throat lightly.

The reporters:

They couldnt help but be lost for wordsit wasnt like they had prepared a script!

The more quick-witted reporter of the two asked sheepishly, Uh, Mr. Hunt, what was the topic of our interview again?

Justin glanced at him and replied, Its my wifes birthday today. Didnt you want to know about my relations.h.i.+p with her?

Ah, yes, yes, thats right! What are your comments on that, Mr. Hunt?

Justins gaze s.h.i.+fted to the center of the venue where his wife was surrounded by the big bosses of various industries. As he watched her shuffle among the guests lazily like a big boss, the corners of his lips curled into a smile and he said, Im lucky to have her as my wifebecause otherwise, she would have been out of my league.

Amid the reporters astonishment, the birthday party finally came to an end.

When the dumbfounded pair exited the party, a group of reporters outside immediately came forward and surrounded them.

It was Mrs. Hunts birthday party that day, so it went without saying that all of them would be there.

When they saw the pair, looks of envy appeared on all of their faces. Someone asked, Did you manage to take any pictures?

Yeah! Those big bosses only came because of Mr. Hunt, right?

Someone even made a reference to the joke trending online and asked, Did you guys manage to find out anything? So, why didnt Mrs. Hunt study properly?