She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses (4)

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Brenda hadnt changed much. She merely looked more mature now, which made her even more charming and alluring. Dressed in a short red formal dress, her hips twisted from side to side when she walked, forming a sensual and alluring sight.

The moment she entered, she attracted everyones gaze.

Her lips curled into a smile. However, when her gaze flitted past Solo, she avoided his eyes slightly. Then, she went up to Nora with a smile and said, Happy 18th birthday, Nora!


She glanced at Solo quietly and then yawned and said, Yeah, thanks. Justin is looking for me. You guys go ahead and chat.

Then, she turned and left.

Brenda hurriedly followed after her. Hey, Nora. Its been more than two months since we last met. Dont you miss me?

Nope, but someone else does, replied Nora.

As soon as she said that, an aggrieved Solo followed Brenda at the side. He looked at her innocently and said, Brenny, I miss you so much. Where were you the last two months?

Brenda rolled her eyes. Youre simply so Weve already broken up. Why are you still saying such mushy things?

I didnt agree to it

Even so, weve still broken up. If you pester me any further, youll become a huge nuisance.

After speaking, Brendas gaze swept across everyone in the room. Then, she sighed and said, I thought there would be at least a few hotties at your birthday party, Nora, but they are all people I know. Its not going to be easy for me to hit on them!

Nora hesitated for a moment. Her gaze also swept across the people in the room, eventually stopping when she spotted Morris Ford. She said, I think Captain Ford is still single.

Brendas eyes lit up. Captain Ford is strong and muscular. Hes much better than a certain somebodys tiny weak-a*s physique. What a pity that I still havent had a taste of it.

After so many years of friends.h.i.+p, Nora now understood Brenda very well. The woman just liked mouthing off. She said awfully lascivious things, but she didnt have the guts to act on her words at all.

She didnt pay any more attention to the two of them but walked off to the side instead.

A well-behaved Philip Coleman was currently following after Iris at the back. Both of them had gotten on in years, and Philip had finally become much more at peace.

As he followed after Iris, he said, Um, Iris. Its my birthday next month. Can you come for the celebration?

Iris was gentle but firm as she answered, Its too far. Im not going.

But Im hosting the birthday party right here in New York!


Philip sighed and said, I know I went overboard in the past, and Ive really reflected on my mistakes. Besides, I dont have a successor to my Imperial League account yet. How about I mean, look at how outstanding Cherry, Pete, and Xander are. It doesnt make sense if they dont have accounts in there, right?


The man might have claimed that he had changed, but he could never resist attempting to bribe people with benefits.

She was about to reply when a voice reached them. Its fine, they already have accounts, thanks.

Given that Justin was King, the boss of the Imperial League, how could the three little guys possibly not have accounts in there?

Joels account had been pa.s.sed on to the Smiths.

Noras cat account would be Cherrys in the future.

Xander was already slated to be the next King, so the only one left without an account was Pete. However, they could just add him to the group later.

To join the Imperial League, one must obtain recommendations from three members Alternatively, King could directly add them to the group, too.

No matter which method it was, there wouldnt be a problem.


He couldnt help but glance at Nora. He heaved a quiet sigh and asked, Will you come to my birthday party next month?


Philip lowered his head and sighed. I dont have children and I have already aged. Im already in my fifties this year, and my nephews have started to eye my position I dont have anyone who truly cares for me by my side anymore

However, Iris cut him off. You have a ton of girls willing to bear you children even at your age, dont you?

Philip paused.

Iris said seriously, Once you age, youll find that it really is very lonely if you dont have children. I already have grandchildren of my own, so I really am very content with my life now. But what about you? At my age, I cant conceive anymore. You should look for a young woman instead.

To be honest, this was also part of the reason she had been rejecting Philips requests to reconcile all these years.

However, Philips expression darkened. Those women are only interested in my money. Is there any point in a life like that?! Id rather die old and alone than have a wife and kids like that.

At the bottom of it all, the man was still the same as before.

Iris looked at him. Why do you insist on doing that to yourself?

Philip looked back at her. Then what about you? You have been living your entire life for your mother, your son, and now your grandchildren. When are you ever going to live for yourself? We are already approaching our sixties. Iris, ask yourself thisdo you really not love me at all?

Iris fell silent.

Seeing her reaction, Nora knew at once that Iris still had feelings for Philip.

It was just that everything that had happened in the past had eroded her pa.s.sion.

She took a couple of steps back, thinking to herself that there was still a possibility of reconciliation between the two.

But when she turned her head, she saw two unfamiliar faces staring at her. Puzzled, Nora raised her brows. However, when she saw the cameras in their hands, she suddenly realized that they were reporters.

After keeping quiet for half a day, the reporters had reached their limit. In their opinion, Mrs. Hunt was likely the most easy-going person in the room. After all, among all the big bosses in there, she was the most down-to-earth.

Thus, they asked, Mrs. Hunt, these people Why are they so polite to you?

Nora: ?