She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses (3)

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When the reporters joined the party, their eyes widened even further.

Big bosses whom they hadnt seen at the entrance were at the party too. This party must be a top-secret one for sure, right? There were so many influential figures here! Any one of them easily made headlines in the news.

The Queen of the UK and Princess Lucy were here

So was Karl Moore, the boss of an overseas security service

Even the internationally famous star Kelvin Hart was here

And that wasnt all

The most renowned hacker Solo was also here!

Solo, who had been active in the United States the last few years, had a.s.sisted the police in solving numerous cases and was currently under employment in the United States. His claim to fame came when he represented the United States in an international network breach and defense compet.i.tion and clinched the champion t.i.tle.

There were also many other familiar faces commonly seen on TV

One of them was Logan Anderson who had represented the United States in a car racing compet.i.tion and emerged as champion.

The reporters were dumbfounded.

Why were there so many people here?!

Had this been Justins birthday party, the guest list would make complete sense, but it wasnt! It was Mrs. Hunts!

It didnt matter how much Justin doted on his wife because those big bosses would never go along with his frivolous demands.

What was going on?

The reporters parked themselves somewhere and squatted down.

They knew that if they wanted to know what was going on, all they had to do was wait. Once the guests started to present their gifts, they would eventually talk. When that happened, all would be clear.

Nora didnt notice the reporters at all.

She yawned and looked at the bunch of familiar faces in front of her.

She had already spotted Kelvin long ago, but she merely raised her brows and looked at Justin.

The cousins certainly bore a striking resemblance to each other. With a bit of makeup, they would look like they were one and the same. Back then, when she had been overseas, Kelvin had even hit on her. However, after everything ended, Justin had explained everything to her.

It was imperative that he did so. Otherwise, it would be awfully awkward if a misunderstanding formed between his cousin and his wife.

Kelvin was exceptionally respectful toward Nora now, and he didnt behave as roguishly as Justin had when he was impersonating him.

Something worth mentioning was that Kelvin was now in a relations.h.i.+p with Sheril Anderson.

After her boyfriend cheated on her, Sheril had thrown herself into her research. For the longest time, there was no love interest in her lifeuntil she met Kelvin one day.

As an international superstar, Kelvin was simply too das.h.i.+ng.

When he confessed to her, Sheril completely fell for him.

The couple had already secretly gotten married. After all, Sheril only wanted to lead a peaceful life as a researcher and coop herself up in the pharmacy to study new drugs. She didnt want reporters tailing her and keeping tabs on her private life.

Both of them were currently focusing on their careers, so they hadnt had any children yet. This greatly troubled Noras aunt, Melissa Anderson. She urged, Youre already 33 years old. If you put this off any longer, youll face much higher pregnancy risks!

Logan, who was next to them, said, Yeah, Moms right, Sheril. I want a niece or a nephew too!

Sheril looked at Kelvin.

Kelvin rubbed his nose and suddenly said, Well try for a kid when Logan finds a girlfriend. Theres no hurry

His words diverted Melissas attention at once. She turned straight to Logan and said, Hes right! How come you havent found a single girlfriend yet?!

Logan: !!

His brother-in-law was as devious as Justin!

The familys banter with one another was a heartwarming sight.

Nora smiled. Suddenly, someone leaned toward her. Solo asked, Hey, Anti. Why isnt Brenny here yet?

Though he had found a proper job and was already in his early thirties, Solo surprisingly still looked as young and handsome as he did back then.

Nora raised her brows at his question.

She asked, Its already been so many years, but you still havent succeeded in wooing her?

A bleak look flashed across Solos eyes.

He scratched his head and replied, Well, you know how it is. Both Brenny and I dont believe in marriage, so theres not much point in obsessing over whether Ive managed to woo her or not. I just havent seen her in two months, so I miss her a lot


The two of them could be said to be star-crossed lovers.

Solo had unknowingly been an accomplice in the events that led to the death of Brendas teammate, and Brenda simply couldnt get over it or let it go.

Nora asked curiously, Didnt she already let it go after that case from five years ago?

Solo and Brenda had worked together that time to catch a criminal.

To protect Brenda, Solo had taken a bullet to the chest.

A tearful Brenda had called Nora in the middle of the night, who then hurried over in a helicopter to operate on Solo. Only then did he manage to escape death.

They had already reconciled in the hospital ward at that time.

Brenda had also finally relented and forgiven Solo!

The two had even gotten engaged

But for some unknown reason, the couple had separated again later.

Solo gave Nora a resigned smile when he heard her question.

At this point, they heard some noise coming from the entrance. The pair turned to see Brenda striding into the room.