She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses (2)

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Eh? Isnt that Lisa Black, the famous neurosurgeon? Why is she here?

After her stint as Antis postgraduate student, Lisa joined the medical field immediately after graduation. She was now a well-known doctor specializing in neurology in the country.

With her and Lily around, Nora had more or less stopped performing operations.

She only had one operation scheduled per month.

To keep her life quiet and peaceful, she gradually removed her ident.i.ty as Anti from the public eye and slowly became low-profile. Apart from the cohorts of students from Lisas schooling days, there was n.o.body who knew about Noras ident.i.ty as Anti now.

However, what made Lisa well-known was that to date, she was Antis one and only postgraduate student. She could be said to be Antis direct successor.

The reporters were astonished to see her.

Lisa was very well-respected in the medical field and she had innumerable people in line hoping for her to operate on them or treat their illnesses. She had become particularly famous over the last two years and coincidentally had been interviewed recently, so both reporters knew who she was.

One of them said, I seem to recall that Dr. Black is married to Louis Smith, the sixth son of the Smiths. So, its not surprising that she would turn up, right?

Thats true. I heard that Dr. Black and Mrs. Hunt both lived in the same town in California back then. They are probably old friends.

Hm, yeah, its perfectly normal that she would show up

As the two reporters conversed with each other, another car approached. Through the window, they saw that the pa.s.senger in the car was the most famous doctor in alternative medicine practice in New York at the moment.

He was Dr. Silvester Zabes grandson.

Eight years ago, after Dr. Zabe pa.s.sed away from poor health, his grandson took over the helm and began to study alternative medicine, eventually becoming the chairman of the Alternative Medicine a.s.sociation in New York.

He held an esteemed position in the circle.

However, he had no relations to either the Smiths or the Hunts, so why was he here?

Both reporters were dumbfounded.

Due to Dr. Zabes position in the alternative medicine field, everyone in New York respected the family a lot. Thus, the chairman also held a highly esteemed position in the field. It was said that he had learned all his skills from the only disciple that Dr. Zabe had ever taken. Dr. Zabes disciple was said to be younger than him, but n.o.body knew who they were and they rarely made an appearance.

The Hunts are the number one family, after all. Its understandable that the chairman would show up to support them.


The two reporters continued to converse between themselves.

Then, they saw more people approaching. Some were famous personalities and some were celebrities. To sum it up, all the big bosses from various fields and circles had turned up, making the reporters jaws drop.

The two exchanged a look. One of them said, The Hunts really are impressive, huh. I heard that big bosses only hang out with fellow big bosses, so its understandable that those people would be on good terms with the Hunts

When you think of it that way, Mrs. Hunt sure has it tough. She definitely wouldnt have anything in common with any of them. Also, even though all those big bosses have turned up because of Mr. Hunt, deep down, they must secretly look down on Mrs. Hunt

Just as the two were speculating, a butler suddenly walked toward them.

Shocked, the reporters hastily turned to flee.

But the moment they turned, they found that the Hunts bodyguards were right behind them.

The reporters panicked and hurriedly apologized. Sorry, sorry! Well leave right away

However, the butler smiled and said, Please dont misunderstand, sirs. Mr. Hunt would like to invite the two of you into the house.

The reporters: ???

They were dumbfounded. However, the butler didnt look like he was joking, so they followed behind him in trepidation and entered the Hunt manor.

In a show of goodwill, the reporters promised, Dont worry, we wont make up any stories in our articles!

However, the butler said seriously, Oh, you have it wrong. Mr. Hunt would like the two of you to truthfully report what you see here!