She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: A Birthday Party Filled With Big Bosses

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Nora wasnt going to hold it against the netizens, though.

After all, they were just joking.

She was a lot more easy-going these days. Though the sight of the news had angered Justin so much that he wanted to have the trending topic removed and delete the entire discussion online, Nora stopped him. She said, The topic is trending at its peak right now. If you delete it, everybody will find it strange. Its not like they are really ridiculing me anyway, so dont take it to heart.

Justin narrowed his eyes, but then suddenly smiled and said, Fine. Your birthday will be here soon, though. A lot of people are planning to visit to celebrate it. Lets not turn them down.


Honestly speaking, she couldnt be bothered to celebrate her birthday. If she had that much time to spare, shed rather catch up on sleep.

But since Justin had put it that way, if she continued to turn him down, it would make her seem a little unappreciative.

So, she nodded and replied, Okay.

There were still a few days to Noras birthday, so after Cheryl clinched the champion t.i.tle, she hurriedly returned to the club for more training.

On the day of her return, Lionel and the others decorated the clubhouse in celebration of her victory.

Although they now knew that she was a Hunt, they had indeed gotten along very well during the past month, so they didnt shun Cheryl.

Lionel, in particular, even wagged his brows and said, Hey, G.o.d C. Why did you hide your true capabilities? You should have just told us that youre a master marksman!

A surprised Cheryl replied, But Im really not that good at shooting. Dad, Mom, and my brothers all outs.h.i.+ne me at it.

Lionel: ?

He swallowed hard. But didnt you say that shooting was your hobby?

Uh-huh! Shooting is my hobby, just not my favorite one. I also like skiing, jogging, long jump, and swimming. Among those hobbies, Im the weakest at shooting. Thats why I cant really be bothered to spend much time training in it!

The Olympics had age requirements for all the disciplines, but the one for shooting was the lowest, so Cheryl had partic.i.p.ated in that. However, as every partic.i.p.ant was only allowed to take part in three disciplines1 at the most, Cheryl would only be able to sign up for a maximum of three disciplines in the next iteration of the Olympics four years later. She was still considering what she should sign up for.

Everyone: ??

All of them were flabbergasted. What are you the best at, then?

Cheryl raised the keyboard she was holding and replied, Gaming, of course. Didnt I already say so?

Lionels lip corners spasmed a little.

Suddenly, he said, What a shame.

Whats wrong?

Puzzled, Cheryl c.o.c.ked her head to the side.

Lionel gave her a wry smile and replied, Considering how smart you are, its a real shame that youre not spending your time on scientific research beneficial to humanity, instead!

Games could indeed make one a champion.

So could the Olympics.

However, neither had as great an impact on humanity as scientific research.

Lionel wasnt looking down on gaming or the Olympics. He merely thought that if Cheryl had the ability to invent something that could benefit humanity, then wouldnt that be a better use of her superior intelligence?

However, Cheryl said, Nah, its not a shame!

Before Lionel could reply, Cheryl explained, Im already doing that!

Had Cheryl only been studying all this time?


After she completed her studies, she also delved into scientific research.

For one, she was interested in human genetics. For another, the gene serum hadnt been thoroughly destroyed and still existed in the world. Cheryl wanted to study and invent a real, proper gene serum that could bring out a human beings potential yet not harm their genes or reduce their lifespan.

A serum like that would be a lifesaver for a lot of patients.

It could even improve the const.i.tution of someone with poor health or the genes of people with hereditary diseases

Justin had even gotten in touch with Harvard University and sponsored a huge sum of money to set up a research project exclusive to his daughter.

However, all that would only be set into motion after Cheryl won the gaming compet.i.tion.

As they said, slow and steady wins the race!

Lionel: !!!!!

Everyone else: !!!!!

Even Zac, someone seen as a golden boy and one of the standouts in San Francisco, suddenly felt a little small next to Cheryl.

He was an outstanding man, but compared to Cheryls mutant-like family members, he was a far ways off.

A few days later, it was Noras birthday.

A few reporters sneaked over furtively to the entrance of the Hunts residence.

Sigh, Im surprised that news of Mrs. Hunts birthday was leaked. I cant tell if the Hunts were just too careless or what

Who cares? Any photographs we take would trend anyway! Even now, the topic about why Mrs. Hunt didnt study properly is still going viral!

Yeah, what kind of sheer dumb luck was it that allowed Mrs. Hunt to marry Mr. Hunt and even give birth to such amazing kids? This must be because Mr. Hunt has superior genes! Although, Ive heard that mothers contribute a lot to how intelligent a child is!

Haha! The Hunts have totally proven how untrue this statement is.

Mrs. Hunt was a Smith. The Smiths are also very clever and shockingly capable, so in terms of genetics, she must also be very intelligent. Its just a shame because I heard she grew up in the boonies. Her talents must have gone to waste!

Yeah! I also heard that she grew up in a small town in California and has never attended school For someone like her to marry Mr. Hunt, this must be a political marriage between the Hunts and the Smiths. Mrs. Hunt is so lucky! You can pretty much say that shes a winner in life without even needing to do anything!

Shh, a guest is here. Lets see who they are