She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: Why Didnt Cheryls Mom Take Her Studies Seriously?

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When the head of MITs student admissions office heard her, he couldnt help but turn to her. Whats the big deal? Its not like her background can possibly be more amazing than our students?

For her to train in shooting since she was a child, she must come from pretty wealthy family background.

Not many had the chance to try shooting as a sport.

However, the thought had only just formed when the teacher jumped to her feet. Close to tears, she said, It certainly is more amazingshes a Hunt.


The head of the department exclaimed at once.

The almighty netizens had indeed dug up Cheryls family background.

However, this wasnt to the netizens credit but that of a certain somebody who couldnt resist showing off his daughter. This said person had accidentally spilled the beans.

Mr. Justin Slave To His Daughter Hunt, who had now transformed into Justin Proud Daddy Hunt, had outright given all the employees of Hunt Corporation bonus pay equivalent to a months salary.

When asked about the reason for the bonus, he merely replied cryptically, Im in a good mood.

Why are you in such a good mood?

Someone asked cautiously.

Hed initially thought that the cool and aloof CEO wouldnt answer him, but unexpectedly, Justin smiled and asked, Have you heard of Cheryl Smith?

Yes! Shes our first gold medalist this year! She

The man, who was also watching the Olympic Games, was about to sing Cheryls praises when Justin said, Shes my daughter!

The subordinate: !!!

He immediately launched into a crazy bout of flattery, which made Justin so giddy with glee that he nodded and said, Exactly. Neither of the two lousy boys at home can compare to my daughter! My little girl is the best.

The subordinate:

Peter had only joined the company this year, and judging from the CEOs actions, he was intending to have him take over the company next year!

He was such an outstanding young man. Not only did he achieve a perfect score on the college entrance examinations at the tender age of ten and complete his university education in two years, but he also completed his double Masters degree in three years. On top of that, he even successfully applied for a doctorate!

In addition, it was said that the AI system designed by Peter was equipped with the ability to think autonomously. This would undoubtedly revolutionize the world of IT engineering!

Was there anyone who wouldnt be impressed by someone like that?

Though Cheryl had clinched a gold medal and brought glory to the country, Peters achievements had allowed the countrys technological advancements to progress beyond what was thought possible!

But if the CEO said so, then

With that, every Hunt Corporation employee now knew that Cheryl was Justins daughter!

Had it just been the core employees in the know, the secret wouldnt have spread. However, it was obvious that Justin wanted people to know, so everybody automatically began to spread the news about Cheryl to outsiders.

Just to celebrate their little princess victory, the Hunt Corporations official Facebook page even held a giveaway that rewarded 1,000 lucky winners with $1,500 each.

Given the fanfare they were making, wasnt it obvious that Cheryls family background would be exposed?

An uproar went through the Internet.

There was a Facebook post introducing all the members of Cheryls family:

Heres an introduction to Cheryl Smiths family.

Im sure everybody already knows this, but Cheryl herself is a Harvard student.

Cheryls father is the CEO of Hunt Corporation and the holder of three Masters degrees.

Her elder brother, Peter Hunt, is the valedictorian who achieved a perfect score on the college entrance examinations at the age of ten, five years ago. After graduating from university in just two years, he went on to further his education. It is said that the young man, who is a genius in the IT field, will soon take over Hunt Corporation!

Alexander Yale, also her elder brother, was admitted to Harvard University at the age of thirteen and has graduated with a degree in medicine. He is also the youngest surgeon ever and his hands are said to be insured for millions of dollars.

Her paternal grandfather

Her paternal grandmother

Her maternal grandfather

Her maternal grandmother

Although Justins father was somewhat of a jerk, it was undeniable that he had graduated from an Ivy League university back then. Iris, Ian, and Yvette didnt need further elaboration, eithertheir academic qualifications were no secret. It wasnt difficult to look them up.

This information was all on Wikipedia, and someone had collated and publicly posted it.

When netizens saw the post, they became incredibly excited.

As expected, intelligence ran in the family for star students!

What a family of geniuses!

However, among the envious and idolizing comments, a joking comment appeared:

Why didnt Cheryl Smiths mom attend school properly?

Compared to the group of big bosses with excellent academic qualifications, there was indeed nothing about Cheryls mother. n.o.body could even find out which schools she had attended.

After all, Nora had never officially attended school her whole life. Therefore, she didnt leave any academic records.

The person who posted the comment was actually just joking, and it should have blown over after eliciting some laughter.

Alas, people found the joke especially amusing, so the comment instantly garnered more Likes than the actual Facebook post itself, continuing all the way until it reached over a million Likes!

The hashtag #WhyDidntCherylsMomGoToSchool started to trend.

When Nora suddenly saw the news after she woke up, she was utterly bewildered.