She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: Champion!

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Amid all the question marks filling the screen, someone finally wrote something different.

I cant describe it any other way than thisshes too d.a.m.n impressive!

Shes amazing! Cheryl Smith took first place in the qualifiers!

I suspect that the two of them have the same name. How can anyone not only excel at gaming but also at shooting?

Sudden thought here, but what if Cheryl Smith turns out to be the champion?

Thats right, Cheryl had taken first place in the qualifiers and successfully made it through to the finals. Once the finals were over, which would be held the next day, she would receive the medal.

Cheryls fans started chatting in the forums.

Dont go around bragging online just yet, guys! Stay low-key! Low-key, you hear?!

Yeah, the girl might have lucked out in the qualifiers, thats all. If we start bragging and she doesnt win tomorrow, itll be really embarra.s.sing!

Cheryl is still young! Its okay even if she doesnt win this time! She can always try again after four years!

Yeah! Youre right!

As for the Club HS members, after they easily won the match, the host couldnt help but ask Lionel during an interview, Do you have any comments about Ms. Cheryl Smiths partic.i.p.ation in the Olympic Games?

Lionel, who was completely unaware that Cheryl had already cleared the qualifiers, smiled and replied, Well, what matters is that she gained some experience by partic.i.p.ating, right? G.o.d C is cooped up in the club with us all the time. Theres only so much energy one can have. Since her talent has gone to gaming, its a given that she wont do as well in other areas Thats perfectly understandable, no?

He cleared his throat and added, Besides, Cheryl is still young, so do be patient with her. Well eventually compete on a global scale after this, so we can clinch a world champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle for everyone too!

The host: ??

Utterly bemused, she looked at Lionel and asked, Uh Havent you looked at Ms. Smiths results in the qualifiers?

Lionel, who was even more lost than her, replied, Yeah, the match just ended, so I havent had a chance to look at my phone yet. I was told to come here for the interview immediately. Whats the matter? Did she rank too low? But thats perfectly understandable, isnt it? People shouldnt be so demanding toward kids!

The host kept quiet for a while. Then, she tried to give him a hint and asked, Seeing that Ms. Smith has ranked first in the qualifiers, how confident do you feel about her taking the champion t.i.tle tomorrow?

Lionel: ???

Lionel felt like he was dreaming even as he walked down from the stage. He pinched himself hard, the pain making him inhale sharply. Only then did he turn to Zac in disbelief. Hey, Zac. Just what kind of genius have we recruited?!

The answer to his question came the next day

Cheryl was the champion!!

An uproar went through the whole country!

Cheryls fans were incredibly excited.

Oh my G.o.d! I only became a fan because shes so pretty. What kind of unbelievable person have I become a fan of, though?!

Nation-wide top scorer in the college entrance examinations, a G.o.dlike player in games, and a champion in shooting? Dear Lord, any one of those t.i.tles is enough to brand one successful in life. G.o.d C is unbelievable!

G.o.d C is no human; shes a G.o.d!

At the same time!

A proud Harvard University official also posted on their Facebook page: We await the champion.

The moment they made the post, people swarmed to it.

The staff of MIT also raised a furor.

Over at the student admissions office, the head of the department sorely wished he could turn back time.

Why on earth had they allowed students to take care of their official Facebook page?!

Great, not only was Cheryl the top scorer, but she was also a world champion now. If she had picked their school, their reputation would have been so much greater than Harvard!

To save the situationas well as to prevent the department head from holding him accountable for the farceone of the teachers in the admissions office smiled and said, Tsk, those things can only help us in terms of our reputation. The student that we recruited this year is the one who will bring us actual benefits. Dont forget, hes from the Stannards in New York!

MIT had recruited the heir to a conglomerate this time. He hadnt even started his studies at the university, yet he had already sponsored a good number of the universitys research projects!

In addition, he had also promised strategic partners.h.i.+ps with MIT that would last numerous years!

Recruiting him had granted MIT tremendous tangible benefits.

When the head of the admissions office heard the teacher, he felt a bit better.

After all, it wasnt like Harvard University enjoyed similar benefits

However, his mood had only just improved a little when the expression of a teacher, who was scrolling through Facebook, suddenly changed dramatically. She stammered, S-sir, someone just revealed Cheryl Smiths background