She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035: Six Points

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What came next was a fully-packed schedule.

Club HS had regular matches scheduled for the rest of the month. During the course of the compet.i.tion, Cheryl built up an even better rapport and coordination with her teammates.

Club HS won every single match during this one month.


When everyone heard that Cheryl was taking a week off to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympic Games, they were shocked.

Lionel was the first to speak. We can still play as usual during your week of absence by sending in a subst.i.tute, so we dont have to worry about that. But G.o.d C, will you become rusty if you dont play for a while?

Chonk c.o.c.ked his head sideways and asked, Didnt you say that shooting was just a hobby? Your partic.i.p.ation in the compet.i.tion is a formality, right? Youll probably be disqualified in the first round, so you probably only need to take three days off at most. Why are you requesting a week off instead? The compet.i.tion will be over by the time youre back!

Benjamin smacked Chonk lightly. Are you dumb? G.o.d C is still teammates with the other athletes, no matter what. Even if she cant make it to the finals, she should still show support to her teammates! This is a major event. Besides, we havent reached the critical point of the compet.i.tion yet; its just the qualifiers right now. So, dont worry and just go for the shooting compet.i.tion, G.o.d C!

Actually, Im pretty good at shooting, said Cheryl.

Hahaha! Even so, can you clinch the champion t.i.tle? Lionel was the first to laugh. Come on, stop the jokes, G.o.d C. There are so many shooting experts around. You may be impressive here, but your skills wont be much to marvel at in front of others. Still, this is something youre interested in, so we respect your decision!

The head coach also chimed in. Yes, we will respect your decision. We will definitely be fine in the qualifiers!

From how the matches in the past month had gone, it was obvious that Club HS would be the champion this year.

There was no doubt about that!


Forget it, she wasnt going to say any more. Instead, she nodded and reached out for her pink suitcase. However, before she could put her hand around it, Zac had already taken hold of it for her. He said, Ill see you off.

Their compet.i.tion wasnt held in San Francisco, so they were currently staying in a hotel. In order to stay with her teammates, Cheryl had chosen not to move to another hotel. All of them were staying on the same floor.

Justin hadnt expressed any opinion about this. After all, she needed total focus during the compet.i.tion, so it was not quite the same as the training sessions in the villa.

Sure, replied Cheryl.

The pair walked toward the elevator. Before they got in, Lionel called after them, Its alright even if you dont get a medal, G.o.d C! We have a champion t.i.tle waiting for you right here! Dont worry, we will definitely be the champions this year!

Wow, thanks for the encouragement, said Cheryl.

No problem!

Lionel beamed at her innocently.

When the elevator doors closed, Chonk smacked him on the head. What did you say that for?

Lionel replied, Athletes who do not aim to be champions dont make good e-sports players! Everyone that does e-sports aims to win, and Im sure that includes G.o.d C too. Thats why I tried to comfort her!

Chonk sighed. To be honest, when you consider that she can still make it onto the national team when she spends so little time training If she used all the time she spends playing games on shooting practice instead, do you think she could win the champions.h.i.+p?

As soon as he said that, everyone fell silent.

Come to think of it, what he said made sense.

Everyone was terribly moved.

G.o.d C definitely had the utmost dedication to e-sports!

She was giving up the chance to become a world champion for the gaming compet.i.tion! In that case, they must get the gold medal for G.o.d C!

Lionel, Chonk, and Benjamin instantly became pumped up. Dont worry, G.o.d C! We will be fine while youre away!

At the door.

Zac loaded Cheryls suitcase into the trunk.

Cheryl got in the car and waved to him.

When she was about to shut the door, Zac suddenly said, Good luck!

Hm? Cheryl thought.

She was about to speak when she saw Zac smiling at her. He said, You can do it.

Cheryl blinked in surprise and then returned the smile with one of her own.

In order to avoid creating a stir, the club did not make any announcements about Cheryls partic.i.p.ation in the Olympic Games.

However, when a different gunner showed up instead of Cheryl during the next match, her absence caught everyones attention.

The fans panicked.

Whats going on? Why did they change the gunner? Wheres G.o.d C?

The match feels so dull without G.o.d C!

What are they trying to do by subst.i.tuting someone else for G.o.d C at this point in time? Do they look down on their opponents that much? Are they trying to say that they can win against their opponents even if they didnt use their trump card?

Of course not! Have all of you overlooked a certain upcoming event?

Most people into e-sports were homebodies, and it was to the extent that some werent even concerned about real-life events and spent all their time in the game. However, there were still some who paid attention to popular topics in current affairs.

Some people commented:

The Olympics have started! I remember G.o.d C saying that shes part of the national team, so she will be representing America in the Olympics! Did she go to the Olympics?

What? Youre right! Come on, lets see if G.o.d C competed today!

She probably did, right? The womens qualifiers are taking place today. I wonder how G.o.d C fared and whether she made it to the finals!

Haha! Tell me the outcome after you guys check it out! Im just waiting to laugh at G.o.d C now! There are over 100 athletes in the compet.i.tion. Do you really think G.o.d C will make it into the top 8?!

Well, if she does, then she can continue with the games tomorrow. If not, she can return to us and continue with the compet.i.tion.

Everybody went to check out the results of the Olympic qualifiers.

Twenty seconds later, a comment appeared:

kay, Im back from checking the results. Regarding this, I have six points to raise.

Everyone: ????