She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034: Whats Important is That She Had Partic.i.p.ated!

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Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

Someone couldnt help but ask, I-is that the same C Im thinking of?

T-thats G.o.d C? No way Is G.o.d C really a girl?

None of them dared to say any more, for fear that they would have to eat their words later on. They had originally only shown up to show Zac support, but in this instant, they suddenly felt like they had made the right decision to come!

The compet.i.tion was streamed live online.

None of them saw that the comments had already gone into an uproar.


Why does that name look so strange and familiar?

Dude, you need a crash course on G.o.d C the dominator.

Why did the little princess of Club HS give herself a name like that? Is she trying to imitate G.o.d C?

What nonsense! Game IDs are unique! Duplicate names are not allowed! Did the little princess buy G.o.d Cs account?

Exactly. G.o.d C was already playing this game ten years ago, but the little princess looks just like an elementary school student. Theres no way shes already 20 years old.

There is information about Cheryl in the club! She is 15 years old this year!

Amid the discussion, the match started.

And then everyone found themselves dumbfounded once more.

The comments went into yet another uproar.

F*ck! Cs moves totally dazzled me just now!

Are those movements even humanly possible?

She was clearly about to die. How did she manage that counter-kill with so little HP?

Club JQ should have realized how powerful she is by now! Thats why four of them tried to surround her just now. G.o.d C, who was terrified at the time, thought to herself, Guys, hurry up! Four of the enemies are on their own! Ive surrounded them!


Off-stage, in the area where the captains were, n.o.body dared to say anything. After all, Cheryls moves in the game were all too familiar. None of them had any doubts anymore.

Still, someone couldnt help but ask,

So, G.o.d C was just an elementary student when she thrashed us in the game back then?

Ugh, shut up. Im so embarra.s.sed that I want to bury myself in a hole right now.

Heres a piece of good news, guys, someone suddenly said.

Everyone looked at him, whereupon he said, G.o.d C took her college entrance examinations this year, so the ones who were thrashed by her during the last three years didnt get thrashed by an elementary school student

Get lost!

I cant imagine how young G.o.d C must have been when she struck fear into all of us back then.

Gradually, everyone started to accept the truth. One of the captains sighed and said, Zac is already difficult enough to deal with. Now that they also have G.o.d C on their side, theres no doubt that Club HS will win the compet.i.tion this season.

Everyone fell speechless for a while.

When Club HS ex-gunner retired, everyone had been ecstatic and thought that they finally had a chance at victory! But Club JQ had beaten them immediately.

Now that the new season had started, everyone was all geared up to vie for the t.i.tle of champion, but in the end

G.o.d C had shown up!

Did they even have any chance left?!

However, someone soon recovered and declared, My team will definitely take second place this year!

Even if they couldnt win Club HS, it didnt mean that they couldnt win against others!

Everyone instantly found back the feeling they had when they first played the game!

Besides, what was the big deal about G.o.d C anyway? She might have given them a beating back then, but it was now time for them to get their revenge on the battlefield!

Pa.s.sion was eternal in e-sports players! They would never admit defeat!

Pa.s.sion surged in the captains once more. Full of fighting spirit, it was as though they had found the aspirations they had when they first entered the industry back then.

Cheryl had absolutely no idea what kind of impact her presence had brought to that group of e-sports players eroded by commercialism. All she knew was Club JQ was awfully weak.

After a month of training, her coordination with her teammates had become so smooth that the match against Club JQ was completely effortless for them.

After winning the third match in a row, Cheryl looked at the others perplexedly. How did you guys lose last season?

Everyone: They felt humiliated!

Why did it feel so good to be humiliated by G.o.d C, though?

Well, it was mainly because their match had simply gone so smoothly this time, so they had given all the coins to G.o.d C and allowed her to groom them further. In the past, they were worried that the gunner would be, but now they could completely trust G.o.d C!

With this battle, almost everybody could foresee what was going to happen in the future.

Netizens were already starting to take notice of Cheryl.

First, she had achieved a score of 1598 in her college entrance examinations. This was undoubtedly the highest score in the country this year. Few could achieve a score like that, even in the New York circle.

Then, there was G.o.d C of e-sports

Originally, only those in the e-sports circle had paid attention to this incident. However, it gradually blew up and started to attract a great deal of attention.

Everyone swarmed to Cheryls Facebook page and began to leave messages.

G.o.d C, whats your secret to having good grades and being a powerhouse player?

Does this mean that even geniuses should work hard?

While they were asking her questions, a number of people also popped up and started to recount Cheryls journey of accomplishments.

Someone made a post on Facebook, which attracted all the netizens attention.

I am Cheryls cla.s.smate. She grew up abroad, so even when she was ten years old, her studies were a complete mess. Every time the exams came around, she either handed in blank papers or got all the questions wrong. She also never once realized that all her knowledge was wrong But when she was ten years old, G.o.d C suddenly turned around and started to study hard. In the first year, she skipped a grade to the fifth, and in the second year, she went to high school. She pretty much did in five years what we would take twelve years to do

As soon as the news came out, all the netizens were astounded.

Wasnt this a cla.s.sic example of a bottom-feeder launching a counter-attack?!

It couldnt get any more inspiring!

Everyone had already imagined for themselves how hard G.o.d C must have worked during those five years. However, at this point, a player in the game stepped forward and posted a record of how much time G.o.d C had spent in the game during the last five years.

Thanks to this, everyone now knew that G.o.d C went online for three hours every day for the past five years Didnt she need sleep at all?

At this point, Cheryl went online. When she saw everyone asking about her schedule, she posted a reply.

Cheryl: Yes, I have been very hardworking all this time. Every single day during the last five years, I only slept ten hours, exercised for two, played games for three, studied for five hours, and practiced shooting for ten minutes

The entire Internet fell into silence.

Hardworking? Yeah, right!

How many people had to sacrifice sleep and wake up at the crack of dawn, spending all their time studying just so they could enroll in a good university? Yet she had achieved that with just five hours of studying a day for five years Was she trying to crush everyones hopes or what?!

People did notice that she had mentioned shooting, though.

Someone asked: G.o.d G, do you like shooting? Are you a professional?


Cheryl: Yeah, I am! I am on the national team! I also like skiing, running, ice-skating

At this point, the national team also made a post on Facebook announcing the list of athletes partic.i.p.ating in the Olympic Games this year. They specially at-mentioned Cheryl in the shooting section.

Everyone: !!!

Fans of the Club HS couldnt help but start to worry.

Considering how many things G.o.d G has to do, the time she has for training will definitely be greatly reduced, right? Can she really do it?


Yeah, next to shooting and studying, gaming doesnt seem that important anymore. What exactly is G.o.d C the best at? Im so worried!

Seeing this, Cheryl replied: Dont worry, my specialty is gaming. The rest are just my hobbies!

When everyone saw her reply, they all reached a tacit understanding:

Yup, G.o.d Cs specialty was gaming. Studying was something she couldnt get out of, while shooting was just a hobby. Also, she was just partic.i.p.ating in the Olympics to make up numbers on the team!

As a result, Cheryls fans couldnt help but start defending her to outsidersit didnt matter whether she won a medal in the Olympics or not. What was important was that she had partic.i.p.ated in it!